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  1. A big "fair play!" to the club for the coming campaign's season ticket offerings. Some good ideas in there and a real commitment to trying to get young arses on seats.
  2. I doubt Scott Allan would command as much as Dominic Thomas' £1800 a week, in fairness.
  3. I'm fair chuffed for the 300 Queen's Park fans who bothered to make the long journey to [checks notes] Airdrie today!
  4. I've never been a man to shy away from winding up QP fans but, in all seriousness, that is a genuinely dismal following they've taken to Airdrie today.
  5. Bonnyrigg really weren't up to much today at all and, although that's kind of understandable given they didn't have to get out of first gear, the profile of their squad simply doesn't equate to a serious tilt at promotion from L2. Extremely workmanlike, no pace, very much a team that plays off first and second balls. If they're to achieve anything more lofty than mediocrity next year it'll take at least a couple of smart additions, so I think it'll be a fairly open league next term. Forfar perhaps have the jump on the rest as things stand with Slater and others already contracted, but they really fell off a cliff in the second half of the season. Annan will lose their best man in Moxon - who's aeons ahead of the rest of their squad - and likely their big focal point up top too, so I can't see them being serious contenders. Stirling, if they maintain their level of spending, could well be in the mix and much will depend on East Fife's recruitment as they endure a significant squad turnover for the first time in some years.
  6. There were literal tractors interrupting the Bonnyrigg celebrations to remove oversized tyres from the perimeter of the pitch and accommodate the post-match stock cars at Central Park. Then again, the entire Cowden support seems to have departed the stadium long before then!
  7. I have no affection for Cowdenbeath whatsoever and this relegation has been a long time coming, but I must cast some sympathy in the direction of their fans today. That team really is outrageously bad, one of the most listless and pathetic collections of jobbers I've ever seen on a football park. The penalty they conceded today was a soft one, but to have created so little against a fairly limited and one-paced outfit in Bonnyrigg is shameful. 3-0 was obviously nigh on impossible to come back from but the lack of quality, desire and composure from Cowden today was embarrassing. I'm also unsure why Coulson - the only player other than Ompreon who looked like doing anything positive - was introduced so late. A stinking game of football all-round!
  8. There's quite a disparity between the implications in this meltdown and simply not wanting to see man-and-dog clubs with a backer doing a tinpot Gretna.
  9. I'm not sure why Edinburgh City fans are in tears so soon after the biggest night in their club's very short history. I've nothing against them whatsoever, but it would have been preferable for a club living within its means to come up, particularly when it adds another derby to the league and also a significantly better stadium than what the new Meadowbank looks to be.
  10. Went along to this and it was a good watch and atmosphere; Edinburgh were garbage throughout but their individual quality sealed it in the end. Would've much rathered Annan come up than City, who have about 50 fans, a diabolical stadium and a fair bit of finance behind them. A shame for Annan who'll no doubt lose their star man in Moxon and struggle again next year. He'll not be short of offers at all.
  11. Mark McGuigan, perhaps? I'm struggling to think of another name who remotely fits that description and would end up at Dumbarton in their current state.
  12. If he can replicate his performances in a Clyde shirt on 'Football Manager 2014', he will be an absolute star. The sort of signing we all love to see.
  13. Aye, I made the Jones comparison in the sense of "underwhelming attackers signed from Dumbarton". We've gone through some really rough spells in the past few seasons of having a complete lack of pace in our team so between that, his physicality and Lennon's coaching/management he should do alright.
  14. The fact he can run and put himself about makes him an immediate and considerable upgrade on Rob Jones. Not a Hollywood signing but as with anybody, I have a good level of faith in Lennon getting the most out of him.
  15. I'm sure my favourite team, Queen's Park FC, will vindicate me in the final!
  16. I'm not sure devotees of [checks notes] Craig Thomson's employers can talk too much about other clubs "stooping low" when it comes to player recruitment.
  17. In the unlikely scenario that sacking Farrell and his staff would set you back even £15k, that's likely to be around 10% of your playing budget or thereabouts. That's a big blow of course but would you rather entrust Farrell with that £15k or roll the dice and give a different manager a smaller budget? It's a nonsense argument to suggest that it can't be done, and if the same logic was universally true then no manager would ever be sacked in the lower leagues.
  18. I mean on a purely sporting level it'd normally be a GIRFUY job from me for any relegated team, but it's hard not to be sympathetic when Dumbarton are teetering through no real fault of their own. A flimsy relegation into the bottom tier is usually a daunting enough prospect post-pyramid without a bunch of shysters in the background trying to shaft a club out of key income streams and its home.
  19. Tough luck Sons fans, hope things improve across the board for you and sharpish. Things looking really bleak for you through the dealings of shady arseholes; never nice to see a diddy wee club like my own being strangled by such characters.
  20. Has Ian Murray brought Jay Cantley on yet? Need to keep Currie fit for another spectacular play-off bottle job next season
  21. Don't think McGeever is realistically attainable, as much as he'd be a decent addition. We should absolutely be asking Craig Howie what he's planning, though. As far as other Dumbarton players go, I'd hope we would be making serious enquiries about Joe McKee as soon as the final whistle blows tomorrow. I'd like to see Syvertsen back too, but it would really have to be a contract structured heavily towards appearances for that gamble to be worth taking. Duthie and Pignatiello are others who'd be good pick-ups IMO, both quite versatile and two of Dumbarton's better players. I don't have enough of a recollection of George Stanger to argue for or against a sniff around him.
  22. Andrew and McGrath confirmed as away, while it sounds like Kennedy will be staying. Can't complain about the former two - if Andrew was on absolute buttons, would he maybe have been worth holding on to? - but I'd be more than a bit concerned if we end up with all three of Gomis, Grant and Kennedy signed up.
  23. Lovely stuff. Didn't expect his career to have stalled quite like it has, and he's not a world beater, but I'm sure Lennon will get the best out of him again. Absolutely loved him in his first spell with us!
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