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  1. It all depends on terms with Nicoll for me. If he has been offered an extension of amateur terms or buttons, then it could be an alright bit of business. Would sincerely hope the idea isn't for him to play any sizeable amount of football, though.
  2. The prospect of another season of Scott Rumsby hurts quite a lot, tbh. No real arguments other than that though.
  3. Dishing out any pre-contract offers would've been lunacy in the past month or so given the very real possibility of us sinking into L2.
  4. Used to have a lot of respect for Queen's as a football club, but that has eroded significantly over the past year and a half. To reward such success with a sacking is truly disgusting behaviour.
  5. Unless I'm very much mistaken, the position of the receiving player is what matters rather than the direction of the pass. It was a pretty tight one, but Goodwillie definitely was in an offside position when it was hooked back in. Not that we didn't deserve that stroke of luck, mind.
  6. Would happily keep on several others if they were relegated to squad player status and paid in accordance with that, but those are the only two I'd be wanting to see back as potential starters next year.
  7. Right then, how are we bottling this one? Completely in control and carved out about five great chances. A lot of mitigating circumstances, but really pretty good stuff from Clyde thus far.
  8. My goodness. Conceding three to this Dumbarton team [emoji23]
  9. Are Dumbarton playing like Del Bosque's Spain or are Peterhead just lying down here? The stats for this so far are quite something.
  10. That back five is screaming "calamitous goals against"
  11. Sounds like more shameful stuff, as it has been in all but a few games all season. Looking forward to our first game back in League Two with Eddie Ferns and Goodwillie up top and Rumsby at right back.
  12. Aye, certainly has all the hallmarks of being him. Never quite worked out if he was radio rental or just constantly at it for nibbles.
  13. East Fife have done absolutely the right thing here, as have Clyde if the JRG did indeed say the fixture should be fulfilled - I highly doubt the club would put out a statement which such an egregious lie, but you never know. If that is the truth, then the only party to blame here is the JRG for what is, on the face of it, an absolutely mental decision.
  14. I will be utterly seething if we re-sign any more than three of these jobbers
  15. Ah yes, we shouldn't judge a (very-well-)paid employee unless their working conditions are completely ideal. Naff off.
  16. Terrible netiquette doesn't lend any more credence to your bizarre sycophancy when it comes to Danny Lennon's recruitment record. When we were racking up a £170k bill getting out of League Two he was even at it, with the likes of Eddie Ferns (the only player I've actually heard a full crowd laughing at), Ross Lyon, Joe Gorman and Karim Belmokhtar recruited in his most successful season alone (I'll spare him Hopkirk).
  17. Oh absolutely, unfortunately we decided to double down on our strategy of shelling balls long and praying that we would get a lucky break somewhere along the line. As soon as we brought on someone who could run we actually stretched your defence a bit in the last five minutes, but that was obviously too radical a ploy to try sooner when the score of *checks notes* 0-1 was so great for us! As has been said, fair play to Dumbarton. The archetypal Jim Duffy performance, that was - if you execute that against us again then I fancy that'll be enough to see you safe.
  18. Danny Lennon isn't blameless in this squad-building mess. Anyone short of Ronald McDonald (the one with the big red shoes, not the ex-chairman) would be able to see that our squad could've been markedly better this season if we hadn't dished out misty-eyed two year deals like sweeties to some bang average League Two players after being promoted.
  19. For all his usefulness to us in this run, keeping Nicoll on after going behind was laughable decision in a string of them tonight. As stated, Cuddihy and the young keeper the only two to escape that shit show with any credit. The painful thing is that the outcome was so predictable, but I honestly didn't expect us to be that dire. Hopefully huge lessons are learned before our huge trio of games against Forfar and Dumbarton.
  20. Good stuff from Clyde here, constantly diving in against a team that only poses a threat from set pieces!
  21. Shaping up to be an all-timer in terms of painfulness to watch, this. We're making Dumbarton look slick in possession!
  22. Lamont only ever seems to play well against Falkirk, so it's worth a shot.
  23. I did fancy that we would win tonight, but not that easily. As soon as that first goal went in, Forfar were utterly hopeless and once the second arrived I had absolutely no doubt about us going on to win the game. The most worrying thing for Forfar was that we were in complete cruise control for the last 40 mins and they created absolutely nothing.
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