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  1. the_bully_wee

    FIFA 21

    That Tavernier card is very good, but it's a lot of coins to drop on a full back with poor links. Klaiber is better than him overall, and came packaged with Robben for a little over 200k. The one glaring weakness Tavernier has for me is his defensive awareness, which isn't going to get to a good level without 3 rating upgrades. Was in a masochistic mood earlier so decided to enter Champs again, mainly to use Hernandez before I end up selling him. He is very good and his passing is much better than Mendy's, but there simply isn't 500k of a difference between the cards. To get him in on chemistry I punted IF Carrasco for Dembélé, who remains the most underpriced card vs performance on the game (run close only by Pope and Gomez). I've started off 11-1 which is good going, but it really ought to be 12-0 as I had severe lag in the one I lost. The lads I've played (admittedly, not up to much) haven't been able to handle it when I have subbed on Atal, Deulofeu and Dos Santos with the games tight or me behind. Cannot recommend completing the latter two as super subs highly enough; Dos Santos in particular is such a good attacking CM, with great passing and through balls which I just don't get from my starting duo of Frenkie and Gravenberch.
  2. the_bully_wee

    FIFA 21

    After 4x Elite 3 and 2x Gold 1 finishes, I've finally been rewarded somewhat. Packed HL Theo Hernandez, which will net me a cool 550k this evening I imagine!
  3. Lloyd Robertson is of a similar age and profile to Munro and, frankly, I can't see this signing panning out any differently to that of the former. Whatever money we are giving these guys (unless they are on literal pennies and are regarded ones for the future) would be best saved and used on trying to immediately improve what is a pretty poor squad overall, given our current circumstances. It probably tells a story that after his mediocre spell with Stenny last season he wasn't loaned out again, either to them or another side. May he confound my belief in his ability!
  4. the_bully_wee

    FIFA 21

    Was Martinez not in the TOTW last week? Their policy is that you can't have two in a row. In fact, this year they've stuck pretty rigidly to a five-week gap between IFs. Stops guys who are stat-padding week in, week out from racking up an inordinate amount of special cards.
  5. the_bully_wee

    FIFA 21

    Started off the weekend with the same team of frauds that were miles off it a few weeks back, playing a 4-4-2 primarily with Deulofeu and Felix up top and Van Bergen and Promes on the wings. Didn't feel good at all though in the first few games; Deulofeu seems to have a lot of rather fake stats and doesn't feel as good as he should in game, so I brought in IF Carrasco instead which gave Llorente full chem (he has been much better himself since). Mendy also (sadly) in to replace Berchiche, who was consistently getting roasted despite his 93 pace. On the right side of defence, the enormous fraud that was Mukiele has been swapped out for Klaiber - he is absolutely sensational even without an upgrade, and I would strongly recommend him to anyone who can fit him in (even on 8 chem). These changes and a switch to a 4-2-3-1 have brought me great success, though, and I'm currently 15-2. Only entered this week in an attempt to get 18 wins for the final Swaps token, so to be playing so well despite the relative weakness of my team is most pleasing. The boys are now as below, as we seek to get 3 wins from 13 games tomorrow. Hopefully sneak Gold 1 too, but I think Elite is beyond this lot.
  6. To be fair, it is rather mystifying that Queen's have been given back-to-back televised games in their first two ties in the competition. The only logical conclusion is that Lord Haughey has given the BBC a financial incentive to provide coverage on his mercenaries.
  7. Queen's Park really are a diabolically poor full-time outfit. The uncertainty Covid brought about offered them a wonderful opportunity to build the core of a squad which could take them to and then establish them in the middle of the Championship, but it seems that Raymond's massive hard-on for certain players and reputation for being a complete and utter fraud has rendered that a pipe dream. The vast majority of this squad consists of players who've been granted a reprieve from part-time football only by Queen's abandonment of their entire history, and it shows in their hapless performances. Hopefully their next managerial appointment is as clown-car as this one, but I suspect the Lord might dig deeper into his pockets when Raymond gets the bullet. QotS, on the other hand, looked a competent outfit there; fair play to them for turning around what looked like an utterly doomed situation just a few weeks ago. I fulsomely agree with the praise ofConnor Shields and in young Fitzpatrick you've a player with plenty of talent who will only get better the more he plays.
  8. the_bully_wee

    FIFA 21

    Having packed Varane from a 75+ rare player pack tonight, that's me now got untradeable Pope, Varane and Walker/Semedo. EA really are trying to corrupt me here.
  9. the_bully_wee

    FIFA 21

    Folk will have been using him in an SBC, for which the 'cheapest' solution on Futbin would have included him. Happens all the time, people exploit the Futbin mechanics and price fix virtually non-existent cards which show up as minimum price. The fall of the card's price will have been down to another solution becoming cheaper.
  10. Back on Netflix. You love to see it!
  11. You do realise that false positives are proportional to the overall number of positive tests, meaning that genuine cases are still also increasing at a rate of knots? You're right, we don't know how bad it is - despite countless testimonies from NHS workers about a) how stretched they are, b) ambulances queuing outside of hospitals and c) how the Nightingale operation was disbanded due to staffing/resource issues, the government and the media are largely unwilling to come out and admit just how grim the situation is. This is only five days after Christmas as well, and judging by the amount of folk I'm seeing completely ignoring restrictions tonight it could be a very, very bleak few weeks. Another thing to consider is that the more prevalent the virus is, the more likely mutations are to occur. All it takes is one bad piece of luck and you're talking about a variant which we don't have a vaccine for, which has a very different profile of spike proteins and basically means that we have to choose between what we have just now in perpetuity, or just accepting that we have to compromise all the vulnerable in society for the 'greater good'. As for restrictions, it is pretty much entirely the governments' (Scottish and UK) fault that we are where we are right now. You can blame China all you want, and they've obfuscated huge aspects of the initial outbreak and origins of the virus, but once it spread worldwide it then became about the response of each individual country. Ours has failed miserably, perpetually dragging its heels and displaying a reactive strategy throughout, one that's without any consistency in messaging and has left people completely disenfranchised. And that's just the tip of the iceberg regarding their behaviours, particularly in the case of the UK one. To anyone who seriously thinks there is a conspiracy at work here and a "truth" to be found, I ask this: what exactly is there to be gained from measures being tougher than they have to be? There are people winning out of this virus, as there are when it comes to literally any situation, but economies are largely goosed and the fallout from this will last for decades. And to think I was starting to be depressed simply by Clyde fans' over-the-top forecasts of doom.
  12. Calling all Clyde fans! You're in charge of bodying players out of the club and freeing up wages going into January. Esteemed head of recruitment, Graham Diamond, has told you that 3 players must go. Let me kick things off: Scott Rumsby - just not good enough. A solid player in League Two and a man who will be fondly remembered for his important contribution to our promotion. His two-year extension was awful business, based purely on sentiment rather than any logic. Chris Johnston - 'Frodo' has shown in flashes the talent which had us all thinking he would be a marvellous signing for us. A complete lack of end product and rank inconsistency throughout his time here mean, though, that he will best be remembered as a Clyde fraud. Lloyd Robertson - Danny Lennon took a leaf out of The Great Big Jim Duffy Released Youth Prospect Signing Tombola Handbook this summer with this desperate addition. A very beige young footballer who plays in our weakest areas, but can't get a start. That says it all. Who would you unceremoniously release into the wilderness of League Two or non-league football come January, and why?
  13. Goodwillie maintains his innocence; while, as a civil case, it was determined that he was more likely guilty than not, there still exists a reasonable degree of possibility that he is an innocent man. Why on earth would he show remorse and contrition if that's the case? Lithgow literally couldn't protest his innocence, because it was a pretty open-and-shut criminal proceeding for his particular beasty behaviour (fondling himself before strangers, publicly, on four separate occasions across two separate days).
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