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  1. Taylor Swift's 'Style' is, as suggested by an earlier Clyde poster, the single-finest pop song. Honourable mentions for Lorde's 'Green Light', as well as All Saints' 'Pure Shores'. Close thread IMO
  2. Happy to settle this debate; Dumbarton are utter teargas and will be straight down next season once Jim and his dodgy knee/hip retire to Clyde SSB appearances only.
  3. Taking up some very good positions here, Cunningham and Goodwillie especially, but the final ball has been absolutely shite. Good to see that Jim has chucked it for the season!
  4. Has there been a game this season that we've been favourites for in which we haven't turned in a largely shite performance? It seems like we only ever perform well in games where we're expected to do naff all. The buck has to stop with Lennon on this - this squad and his overall recruitment record simply isn't good enough, before you even begin to look at his selections and tactics. God help us next season, too, if we stay up with a number of these frauds on two-year deals.
  5. Not sure why everyone on this forum is only here to see the Clyde tbh
  6. The only consolation is that Airdrie have the same chance of playing Championship football next season as Clyde!
  7. Have we been relegated yet? That was absolutely dire, Chapman-level fayre.
  8. Has anyone ever seen Ross Lyon and Eddie Ferns in the same room?
  9. Precisely this. The only thing a formal captain is really required for these days is liaising with the referee on behalf of the team, so it makes sense that one of our most experienced players takes up that role. Goodwillie might enjoy having the armband, but that's about all it is - nothing is stopping others throughout the team from stepping up and being commanding and vocal when it's required.
  10. It's one thing wanting to showcase your own talents, but we couldn't even do that against a pretty shite Forfar side last week. In horrific conditions, and against the best team in the country, it's not really reasonable to expect that we can switch it on and do so. We played some tidy stuff along the ground in possession yesterday, but when every single opposition player is a good distance quicker and fitter than every single of ours, it tended to lead to blind alleys or forced errors. If we had committed too many men forward, then Celtic would have picked us off time and again. In any scenario, we would have needed a huge amount of luck to get a result yesterday; when was the last time either of the OF failed to beat a part-time, third tier side (while they were battling it out at the top of the top tier)? I think there can be a lot of heart taken by the squad from the manner in which we limited Celtic yesterday. A drubbing, even as a "free hit", wouldn't have done them any favours. Johnston has his positive qualities but I think it's fair to say we were expecting much more from him - he was our marquee summer signing probably, and generated more excitement than Mitchell at the time. In yesterday's game, where we needed a great defensive work ethic to stay in the game (with the hope of getting lucky), he's precisely the kind of player you can't afford to carry and is basically a man down without the ball. Even in his five or ten minute cameo at the end we saw him shite out of a 50/50 and let his man past him without any sort of a challenge - I think it's very unlikely he would have been involved enough to offset how much of a liability he is defensively. In the times we've played the OF since the last Celtic game - five games against Rangers, I believe - we have turned in some of the most embarrassing performances I've ever seen from a Clyde team, at times when Rangers were laughably shite. Duffy bottling it against them four times in the league, with us being the only side not to have a go at them when they were very gettable (unlike this Celtic team) and then the 8-1 fiasco while Ferguson had the same stubborn tactical doctrine as Sarri. We worked extremely hard yesterday, and when we did have the ball in decent areas we tried to play the right way - all we can do is hold our hands up and say that we are an absolute mile away from where Celtic are. If that same work ethic is applied to the league games, and the same commitment to playing football at the right times, then we will be just fine come the season's end. Hopefully, at that point, the takings from this match are somewhat intact in order to conduct some serious squad surgery and push for promotion next year.
  11. We were on a hiding to nothing the entire game really, so I'm not sure what more folk were expecting. Celtic are rightly miles ahead of us in every department, particularly technically and physically. The entire game they had both full-backs basically playing as wingers and left Goodwillie up against Ajer and Jullien, who are both bigger, stronger (at least the latter is) and faster than him. We were happy to give them the wide areas, but generally defended the middle well. Still, they did have good chances that they passed up (Elyounoussi's from close range springs to mind) even if the two goals were somewhat preventable and disappointing to lose. We were maybe a touch unambitious in that first half, but the first goal coming when it did was a bit bruising at a time when we were looking fairly comfortable on the whole and feeling our way into it. From that point on, it was always going to be nigh on impossible to get a result and the second goal completely killed it. We showed a bit more enterprise in the second half, but by that point the game had already gone and going gung-ho would have resulted in a complete scudding. By about the 75th minute most of the team were blowing out their arses, too. The starting line-up was the right one for me, as it kept us strong in the middle with plenty of grafters and defensive discipline. Adding a shitebag like Johnston in a game where you are defending 90% of the time would have been complete suicide; he struggles to influence games and do his defensive share in L1, never mind against the best team in the country. Ally Love is a very handy player for us, but I don't think I've ever seen his turn of pace alluded to earlier. The main positive from yesterday for me was how well Tom Lang performed; Klimala is obviously just another total ringer at this point, but he defended really well the entire game. It's a good headache to have he, Howie and Rumsby vying for two positions - a shame that one will probably to be left out. It's very hard to judge Livingstone on that game alone, but it looks as though he won't be rinsed by anyone simply facing him up and running at him, so that's a plus.
  12. We've done absolutely nothing positive and the first goal finished it, but we've defended the middle very well for the most part. Could be a bruising second half though.
  13. How many times have we conceded the first goal this season?
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