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  1. the_bully_wee

    FIFA 21

    I saw earlier that the price of Renato Sanches' IF has gone through the roof, he was at 150k despite having been 59k when I bought him the other week. Some player, mind. Cannot recommend him or the narrow diamond formation highly enough.
  2. the_bully_wee

    FIFA 21

    I'm sweating profusely, but I have just secured an almighty *Elite 3* finish in this week's Champs. Quite how every man and his dug has Mbappe at this stage of the game, I'm unsure, but I managed surpass my target of Gold 1. Had to win my last 2 to get to Elite 2 and failed to do so, but the only extra reward for getting there is 30k coins. I look forward to letting you all know which variant of (f**k all)1/2 I get in my rewards in three days' time.
  3. Come on guys, we can't legislate for heavy rainfall in the west of Scotland. Let's all lay off poor Dumbarton!
  4. William Haughey frantically googling the cost of Ladbrokes League Two points this evening, no doubt.
  5. I'm really enjoying our midfield set-up at the moment. That position and role is where we'll get the most out of Cuddihy, and he put in a fine performance again today. Looking forward to seeing what Henderson can add when he's back available; we have fantastic energy all over the place now, and some real competition for places too. A word for Shiels too who, although not directly tested much today, had a right steady game.
  6. We will have to raise our game for the Dumbarton game next week - some very poor finishing there. We really have to be making it easier for ourselves against the sides at the bottom end of the league - Thistle could've sucker-punched us there.
  7. Fair play to 'Partick Thistle', they look as though they may have enough about them to stay in League One this season!
  8. You'd have to hope that you guys aren't done in terms of your recruitment, but the biggest problem for you is in the midfield where you're really light on legs but already stocked fairly well with numbers. Injuries look to have ruined Wardrop, confidence-wise at the very least, so I can see Hamilton back there soon enough. If there's a manager in the league who would get a tune out of that squad then it's Duffy, but on this evidence you lot look set for a bit of a struggle.
  9. Yep, have to agree that the commentator's doing a very good job and *trying* to remain as impartial as possible. Has a good handle on the Dumbarton squad as well, which is good. We are looking good here, but Dumbarton have absolutely no answers to our mobility in the middle of the park. Sterner tests are ahead no doubt, but all of the new recruits look pretty good.
  10. That is incredible vision from Jack. Looks a really tidy player.
  11. Looks to me more like a 4-1-4-1 with Cuddihy sitting and Cunningham and Jack both ahead of him in the middle.
  12. Can see the value getting even better. Dumbarton are not good!
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