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  1. Clyde vs Albion Rovers

    Neither pretty nor particularly convincing today, with the defence in particular looking a bit shaky and guilty of poor and naive distribution at times. Three points is three points though, and with us having to rely on a debutant centre-back being deployed up front, that's all you can ask for. We created plenty of decent openings and chances but were guilty of not taking them, with the ever-impressive Morrison making several good stops. While Fitzpatrick obviously wasn't brilliant - and might not be good enough for this level - he worked his socks off today and did precisely what nobody else in our squad can, and that is to provide a direct physical challenge to Rovers' centre backs, disrupt them and drag us up the park with a combative style and, at times, decent hold-up play. He was absolutely puggled late on, but completely not worth the abuse he was receiving from a highly tedious older gentleman located in my vicinity. If he's billed as a midfielder then, given his build, he may well be able to fill in for Kevin Nicoll, who I can't imagine we will be seeing any time before April after that nasty fall. Banks looks like a good addition; seems to be pretty comfortable with both feet, quick and willing to face defenders up. Boyle was more effective than he's been for a while, Lamont produced a fine finish with some other decent play, Rankin (and Cuddihy and Grant) continued their fine form and Currie's distribution was at times excellent, with his save from the Spaniard's lob a great display of positioning, anticipation and reactions. McStay had one of his poorer games, but those are becoming fewer and fewer, and McNiff was as effective as you can ask for at left-back - Stewart in for next week's game, though, please. I expected more assurance from the Lang/Cogill axis; hopefully today was just an off day. I actually thought the conditions were pretty difficult today, with a deceptively strong wind and what looked to be a very sticky pitch. Seemed to take a lot of getting used to for a fair amount of players.
  2. Clyde vs Albion Rovers

    Who needs a striker?
  3. Clyde vs Albion Rovers

    Weird looking line-up, that; harsh to see Rumsby dropped, as what he lacks in panache he makes up for in raw defensive instinct. Intriguing to see that Fitzpatrick is starting. If Clydebank were playing him as a defender, as claimed, why is he strolling into our midfield? Should be an interesting one. Can only imagine that McNiff is being given a wee run for now so he isn't bench warming, as Stewart is almost always the better option there. A game out might do Lamont some good.
  4. The Clyde FC 2018-19 Thread

    I would say it's been a potential problem all season, but not really one which has seriously materialised at any point (Edinburgh at home and tomorrow, if the injury rumours are true, excepted). Syvertsen did well enough against Cowden in what was his first proper outing as a lone striker, then scored a great goal down at Annan in his second despite a poor overall team performance. Love is being championed for a start by some, but he doesn't really fit the profile of the type of attacking midfielder Lennon seems to want in the team at the moment, so he's the third choice striker I would say. Three players who can play there is fine by me - everyone would obviously rather a better quality, bonafide striker came in, but they are hard to come by without paying money of the sort we likely don't have available. Peterhead play with two or sometimes, it could be said, three up front and they only have three strikers in their squad (with Dow being a winger/attacking midfielder who can play there). Edinburgh are similar; they have two strikers, and then one more who generally plays wide but can fill in. Belmokhtar came in to mass relief at the time, but after a few promising cameos established himself as dross. If we were to add a striker then it would have to be someone who is a clear and obvious improvement on Love, if not Syvertsen too - again, not easy to find cheaply. It's also hardly as if many clubs would be willing to loan us a promising young striker for buttons in the knowledge that he would be warming the bench whenever Goodwillie was available. I'm happy enough that we've brought another body in as, other than Syvertsen when Goodwillie returns, we didn't previously really have any serious competition when it came to Lamont and Boyle. As regards the striker situation, it's worth remembering that this run of games (other than one isolated game when his daughter was born) is the first Goodwillie has missed for us. Despite the kickings he routinely takes, in almost two years he has never missed a game through injury before the last couple, and he will most likely be back after one, if not two, more.
  5. The Clyde FC 2018-19 Thread

    With Boyle and Lamont struggling to find any sort of consistency, I'd actually say that an attacking midfielder is a smart acquisition. I read earlier that Banks was the top scorer in his age group last year at United, so hopefully he can provide a goal threat - one apiece for the aforementioned pair isn't a good return. Syvertsen has, in my opinion, shown that he can provide adequate cover for Goodwillie if required, particularly against Cowdenbeath. As for tomorrow, I've no idea what Lennon will end up going for if Syvertsen and Love are both out. Boyle's deployment as a striker earlier in the season - albeit against markedly better opposition - was a miserable failure, but I don't really see any other option for us there. A change of system and fluid rotation between attacking midfielders is probably our best shout, maybe with Rankin playing a bit more advanced. If anyone was to compile a list of ideal teams against which to have such a problem, though, Rovers would be pretty high up on it.
  6. Annan Athletic vs Clyde

    A very decent result, you'd have to say, given how the game appears to have unfolded. It's never an easy game down there these days (or ever, for Clyde), illustrated by the 3-0 skelping Annan issued to Peterhead last week. Disappointing not to ride it out in the last five minutes and take full advantage of what was, in my opinion, the perfect result for us at Balmoor, but 19 points from 21 is still ridiculously good form and we've not lost any ground today. Good to see Syvertsen grabbing a goal too, hopefully that gives him a boost.
  7. Peterhead vs Edinburgh City

    As I understand it, finance was made available for a marquee capture but subsequent targets after Harkins weren't keen on the move, particularly towards the end of the window when you started to wobble a wee bit.
  8. Annan Athletic vs Clyde

    No team that gets slapped 3-0 off Annan should be considered automatic title favourites, with all due respect.
  9. Peterhead vs Edinburgh City

    The Big Spender derby. Score draw, IMO.
  10. Obsessive or fixated football fan??

    Sounds like you're after someone like @berwick-the-unbeatable who hasn't been seen without his Cowdenbeats® over his head or around his neck since they arrived.
  11. Berwick Rangers 2018/2019 Thread

    Why not? Because you're more than a little donkey-brained? Do you believe that Donald Findlay is an upstanding gentleman?
  12. Why aren't you commenting on the myriad of centre halves better than Marsh in the lower leagues, then? Spare me, Mr. Marsh.
  13. he is a fairly run of the mill League Two defender. Looks like we've found Marsh's da.
  14. Berwick Rangers 2018/2019 Thread

    Cowdenbeath are understandably a target for such "banter" when the person who runs their club is a morally reprehensible character who ensures that the club's colours conform to and indeed represent his hatred of Catholics. However, I can see no reason why a passionately-supported, family-oriented and well-run community football club like Berwick should be a target, too. Their fans have been through enough.
  15. The Queen's Park 2018-19 Thread

    Syd raises some very valid points there, so it's only natural that Queen's fans would rather deflect and make it all about Clyde (as always) than address issues which clearly hit close to home.