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  1. If we didn't have money to sign an actual left-back after what unfolded throughout pre-season and August, we sure as hell won't have the money required to make sweeping changes in January. Our only hope is in punting Wallace back to Annan, striking lucky with Syvertsen and Rankin and maybe getting a couple of decent loanees in.
  2. I note with limited interest that we have signed another diddy to try and fix the left side of our defence. Last seen in Scotland not getting a game for Pollok - prove me wrong, Michael!
  3. Unless I'm missing something here, and having conducted several searches, Malcolm in the Middle doesn't appear to have its own thread on this forum - that's just not on. Surely there are plenty of cultured frequenters of "US TV" with a massive appreciation for the show? It is absolutely fantastic, and I'm coming towards the end of it having committed to watching it, start-to-end, for the first time, having seen plenty of the show in dribs and drabs from my childhood through to my mid-teens. It's not the easiest thing to find online to watch, granted, but it really is quite stupendous.
  4. In a society shorn of morality, it would be a tragedy to see such a bastion of it wilting irretrievably.
  5. All the very best to the all-too-small contingent of the QP support voting to preserve the club's raison d'être. It would be a crying shame to piss away 150 years of history (admittedly, the past 20 have been questionable in terms of staying true to the club's roots) just to remain in a less-shite league.
  6. Fair play to the lads, that is an utterly horrific result!
  7. It's always a pleasure when the real Clyde return for a day
  8. the_bully_wee

    FIFA 20

    WL Gold 1 rewards - Player picks (4 options): #1 Martinez, #2 Troost-Ekong 2 x 100k packs (48 rare gold players): Douglas Costa. Yup, that was the only player with a value above a few thousand. 9k, he's going for. You love to see it!
  9. the_bully_wee

    FIFA 20

    For those Rivals objectives, what worked for me (admittedly, I had a decent number of 75-79 rated first-owned players as I store guys that are discard price) was setting out the four most usable first-owned cards I had from the bunch, working them (along with three of the guff ones) into whichever formation suited chemistry best and buying four fairly cheap but usable cards from that league for the remaining positions. Fire three of the best players from your main team on the bench, set up a game plan within custom tactics with your preferred formation under "attacking", then go "attacking" straight from kick off. Sub off the three guff players for the three better ones from your main team, and you're pretty much good to go. Of course, you'll still probably not be as strong as you usually would but doing this for all the leagues saw me right.
  10. the_bully_wee

    FIFA 20

    Finished 20-8 last night. Fuming about a vast array of factors outwith my control.
  11. the_bully_wee

    FIFA 20

    15-2 for now, so should manage Gold 1 at the very least, depending on how many I can be arsed playing later. Pray 4 rage quits please everyone.
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