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  1. Listen, if only those Brazilians had got their fingers out then we would be flush with cash rn
  2. Ludere Causa Willie Haughey's Fat Stacks. Fair play!
  3. Announce some players who can run to go alongside those two now, please.
  4. Failed to get Connor Stevenson's surname, then Willie Kinniburgh and Grant Dickie also. Daniel Thomson and Paul Mulrooney - what a double loan swoop that was!
  5. I'm not sure why Barry would have an axe to grind with Clyde when he objectively failed miserably throughout his time at charge of the club. Unless we get relegated twice, I really can't see Kelty taking up a place in the third tier while he's in charge. Actually seemed like an alright guy at times, contrary to the wider perception of him when he first arrived, but not a good football manager by any stretch of the imagination.
  6. In happier news, happy 6th anniversary of Barry Ferguson's appointment, everyone! At times like these I yearn for the days of craning my neck and praying that JP McGovern and Scott Linton could pick up a second ball and create something.
  7. While communications since the onset of the pandemic have painted far-from-rosy pictures, this one is the most stark yet and far more ominous in its detail and message. Is there something going on in the background which has changed things in the last few weeks, or were initial estimations about the impact this entire situation will have wide of the mark? Serious questions have to be asked about the running of the club, particularly in these last few years. Strides made on the pitch - strides which have been expected of the club for a decade now - seem to be being framed as "ambition", when the reality is that we have quite clearly spent beyond some way beyond our means to become a middling League One club. You cannot gamble on a fairly fixed-number fanbase, which has historically given a huge amount of relative time and resource to prop up the club's financial performance, further increasing their level of financial commitment to allow the club to operate at a different level. True ambition would be launching initiatives which source external outcome, though I will cede that this is something far easier said than done. To complicate this, you've got our ongoing employment of Goodwillie and Love who, while I don't personally disagree with having at the club, have undeniably damaged the club's standing in the game and will undoubtedly act as a pretty large dissuasion when it comes to sponsorship from businesses and individuals. Achieving such organic growth as a club at our level is always going to be extremely difficult when you've no assets - training equipment totalling less than £1000 was, I believe, all we had on the last balance sheet I looked at a few years ago - but flinging money at improving the club's league standing in the short-term and hoping to get lucky somehow is utter lunacy. Expecting that the club's fanbase would naturally rocket up, or that existing fans would dig even deeper into their pockets, is arguably even worse.
  8. I still play this from time to time, Champion 1 rank myself in Standard which is the only mode I tend to touch. I think it's either four or five years it's been going now, yet it remains as easy as on day one to get a rise out of folk on quick chat. Mad.
  9. Taylor Swift's 'Style' is, as suggested by an earlier Clyde poster, the single-finest pop song. Honourable mentions for Lorde's 'Green Light', as well as All Saints' 'Pure Shores'. Close thread IMO
  10. Happy to settle this debate; Dumbarton are utter teargas and will be straight down next season once Jim and his dodgy knee/hip retire to Clyde SSB appearances only.
  11. Taking up some very good positions here, Cunningham and Goodwillie especially, but the final ball has been absolutely shite. Good to see that Jim has chucked it for the season!
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