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  1. Like asking why someone would buy a Bugatti Veyron as opposed to a Ford Fiesta
  2. This is one of few occasions where I would be looking at playing Cunningham wide right and pushing Cuddihy up to try and exploit this left side of theirs, should Boyle (as expected) not make it. I fully expect us to start with Goodwillie playing wide left and Jones and McGrath up top.
  3. A man involved in the production of many of the 2010s' most anthemic pop songs teaming up with The Boss? It might just be crazy enough to work! -
  4. I, like many, strongly suspect Kelty will be this season's first-class passengers on HMS Piss the League. I must stress, though, that I would quite strongly fancy Stirling Albion for contention were it not for their being managed by Barry Ferguson-lite in Kevin Rutkiewicz, who I'm surprised is still being backed to this extent at Stirling after some really mixed campaigns. If they hit a sticky patch early doors then it'll be interesting to see what the response is, but they've added some very fine players for that level indeed and have overall strengthened markedly despite the departure of Andy Ryan. It's a very interesting league this season and one I'll be keeping a close eye on (particularly if my own team transpire to be, as looks likely, complete cannon fodder), because there are several teams it really could go either way for. In addition to Stirling, you've got Gary Naysmith's pretty brutal clearout policy at Edinburgh City making them a bit of an unknown, the recent returns of some Annan Agricultural stars of yonder, Broomhillmuir's wet-around-the-ears gaffer with his attractive footballing principles and even Stranraer, whose new charge Jamie Hamill seems to be hoping the peculiarly studious aura derived from his bespectacled new look results in a promising debut season in management. I actually think Forfar could be dark horses this term, with the pretty profound caveat of them managing to keep what looks a fairly thin squad, and in particular permacrock Craig Slater, free of injury. It's good to see that Albion Rovers are in better shape these days and, while they won't challenge the promotion playoffs, they'll fancy themselves to avoid that trap door again this season - the Stirling cast-offs they've signed will improve them. You always know what you're going to get with Elgin which is rank inconsistency and a lot of goals both for and against; if Kane Hester can avoid his inevitable stint in the chokey until next year then you wouldn't bet against them for the play-offs. Overall I can't find much fault with the above ranking, although I do genuinely believe that this year will be the one which sees Cowdenbeath finally and deservedly flushed out of the national league system. I recall conducting my immediate post-season reconnaissance in this forum in May and seeing a quite bewildering take from one of their fans (who must've gone particularly hard on the baths salts that day) which elicited a bit of a belly laugh from myself. The chap seemed to inexplicably believe that keeping together the squad which hauled them to a *checks notes* ninth place finish in the 2020-21 Ladbrokes would result in a promotion charge this season. Perhaps I'm blinkered somewhat by my dislike of the club but I do think they'll have a torrid campaign this year. Tl;dr - I am a fan of nine of the sides in this division and will be running with an ABC policy week-to-week
  5. We had away fans at our pre-season games; I'm not sure what our Level 0 max capacity is but certainly don't foresee it being a home gate only. Robert Jones hat-trick in a 4-3 defeat.
  6. Dear lord, I thought there'd have been 15k in it tops but that is stark. ~£30k of a difference is two new players on decent money.
  7. Can someone find out the prize money, crunch the numbers and enlighten us all about what those two goals have cost us financially?
  8. Indeed, it was just an absolutely mental signing. He's not even that young and had played a maximum of about ten senior games as a right back before, having been essentially shunted there out of desperation because he offered so little further up the park. It's the kind of addition that - at best - you'd be looking to make late in a window out of sheer panic after failing to get other targets.
  9. For all the chat about learning lessons from last season, we look just as soft. The manner of the goals we're conceding is very concerning
  10. Take a good goal to beat that in the goal of the season standings. Lovely strike.
  11. Between the 240p Hesgoal stream and this stinking Clyde performance, this is one of the worst things I've ever had the displeasure of watching.
  12. The old midfield diamond, eh? That's how I would line us up personally, with a few personnel changes.
  13. Say what you will about Ferguson, but he is magnificent at shifting players he doesn't rate. If I was going to rock the boat RE: Parry, though, then I would personally be looking for a better replacement than Hutton who's always been prone to a howler and is past his prime.
  14. In the game against Killie he was being walked past by a 500 year old Chris Burke in addition to the penalty he conceded and the goal he gifted. I've got nothing against the guy and he was a very good part time level player in his day - you can still see from his work on the ball that was the case - but his legs have totally gone and that was evident over a year ago when he was chased from Forfar and wound up at Annan. We found out the hard way with McNiff that week-in-the-jail full backs are bad juju at this level, so he should never have been signed. That's not to say people don't wish for him to be a roaring success with us, but we've seen this story before at LB.
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