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  1. QP fans would know all about having no facilities at the moment, right enough.
  2. He's more of a meat and potatoes clogger than Grant is at least, which - if he can get back to the level he was operating at under Duffy before - is probably of more use to us in our current predicament, wherein games tend to consist entirely of Alamo-esque defensive showings. Suspect it'll end up just being a case of two sides somewhat pointlessly swapping back-up centre halves, though.
  3. Peter Grant can no longer run, which is his big issue. He's fine with legs around him but I'd not want to come up against a quick right-sided player with him and McNiff out there.
  4. Hope this piece of utterly immaterial ancient history makes you feel better about your Gretna tribute act, complete with heftily salaried CEO, being run like a pub team!
  5. Anyone know when QP are turning professional?
  6. Is this the catalyst for the penny finally dropping and "Queen's Park" fans realising that their club has devolved into nothing more than a financially doped mercenary outpost? For their sakes, I sure do hope so!
  7. ... and CB is probably the last place we need another signing, unless Thicot can be shovelled out. With that in mind, welcome back, Alan!
  8. Pat Scullion doing scouting work for us and recommending Rennie to Duffy
  9. Dunfermline have done very, very well to nick a draw from that. First time seeing Clyde's new recruits today. Very impressed with Rennie (bar one cataclysmic pass) but was hoping to see more from Doherty and Salkeld. Both look like classic "hard workers" without much else to show for it.
  10. Given the fact we've signed four players and only offloaded two jobbers in this window, it's also very fanciful to think this move hadn't been in the pipeline for a while. We have absolutely no money and are yelling timber at an alarming volume; I'd imagine any fee will be going towards covering the wages of the lads that have come in.
  11. Extremely hard worker, quite strong despite his size, willing runner in the channels and in behind. His link-up play isn't outstanding but he runs quite well with the ball, although decision making in terms of the pass or shot is lacking a little. His work-rate is definitely his stand-out attribute but he's by no means a ringer. It'll be interesting to see how he gets on at a front-footed team that will actually "play football", hope he does well as he's been one of very few things to enjoy about this season from a Clyde perspective. Hopefully see him again next season, of course.
  12. Did suspect we'd see one of Cunningham or Allan away given we've signed two strikers this month. Definitely weakens us but we can only wait and see how Doherty does now I guess. Better letting Allan go for a fair price now if he wanted away than clinging on to an unhappy player we'd be losing at the end of the season anyway.
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