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  1. There's not a single one of those I wouldn't take. Doubt we will end up with any of them, mind.
  2. Martin McNiff is a handy signing for any promotion-chasing League Two club, but that's very much his level. He's best at centre-back, but banished a few seasons of pretty average fayre there with a freakish season of goal-scoring form in our promotion season, which saw him filling in at the problem area of left-back. It worked really well for us because we generally bossed every game and as a result he was never really doubled up on, but pace-wise and in terms of distribution he clearly wasn't the best out there. After coming up, his square-peg-round-hole status as a full-back was exposed as brutally as it was quickly, and he went on to perform adequately enough at centre-back up until his eventual departure. If the plan is to play him left-back then I'd be a bit concerned, but he'd partner McGeever well by dint of having a bit more football in him.
  3. A big "fair play!" to the club for the coming campaign's season ticket offerings. Some good ideas in there and a real commitment to trying to get young arses on seats.
  4. I doubt Scott Allan would command as much as Dominic Thomas' £1800 a week, in fairness.
  5. I'm fair chuffed for the 300 Queen's Park fans who bothered to make the long journey to [checks notes] Airdrie today!
  6. I've never been a man to shy away from winding up QP fans but, in all seriousness, that is a genuinely dismal following they've taken to Airdrie today.
  7. Bonnyrigg really weren't up to much today at all and, although that's kind of understandable given they didn't have to get out of first gear, the profile of their squad simply doesn't equate to a serious tilt at promotion from L2. Extremely workmanlike, no pace, very much a team that plays off first and second balls. If they're to achieve anything more lofty than mediocrity next year it'll take at least a couple of smart additions, so I think it'll be a fairly open league next term. Forfar perhaps have the jump on the rest as things stand with Slater and others already contracted, but they really fell off a cliff in the second half of the season. Annan will lose their best man in Moxon - who's aeons ahead of the rest of their squad - and likely their big focal point up top too, so I can't see them being serious contenders. Stirling, if they maintain their level of spending, could well be in the mix and much will depend on East Fife's recruitment as they endure a significant squad turnover for the first time in some years.
  8. There were literal tractors interrupting the Bonnyrigg celebrations to remove oversized tyres from the perimeter of the pitch and accommodate the post-match stock cars at Central Park. Then again, the entire Cowden support seems to have departed the stadium long before then!
  9. I have no affection for Cowdenbeath whatsoever and this relegation has been a long time coming, but I must cast some sympathy in the direction of their fans today. That team really is outrageously bad, one of the most listless and pathetic collections of jobbers I've ever seen on a football park. The penalty they conceded today was a soft one, but to have created so little against a fairly limited and one-paced outfit in Bonnyrigg is shameful. 3-0 was obviously nigh on impossible to come back from but the lack of quality, desire and composure from Cowden today was embarrassing. I'm also unsure why Coulson - the only player other than Ompreon who looked like doing anything positive - was introduced so late. A stinking game of football all-round!
  10. There's quite a disparity between the implications in this meltdown and simply not wanting to see man-and-dog clubs with a backer doing a tinpot Gretna.
  11. I'm not sure why Edinburgh City fans are in tears so soon after the biggest night in their club's very short history. I've nothing against them whatsoever, but it would have been preferable for a club living within its means to come up, particularly when it adds another derby to the league and also a significantly better stadium than what the new Meadowbank looks to be.
  12. Went along to this and it was a good watch and atmosphere; Edinburgh were garbage throughout but their individual quality sealed it in the end. Would've much rathered Annan come up than City, who have about 50 fans, a diabolical stadium and a fair bit of finance behind them. A shame for Annan who'll no doubt lose their star man in Moxon and struggle again next year. He'll not be short of offers at all.
  13. Mark McGuigan, perhaps? I'm struggling to think of another name who remotely fits that description and would end up at Dumbarton in their current state.
  14. If he can replicate his performances in a Clyde shirt on 'Football Manager 2014', he will be an absolute star. The sort of signing we all love to see.
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