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  1. Any games off today?
  2. Sad way for it to end for paul but a great achievement in taking cambuslang from 2nd div to premier
  3. Yous and glencairn blew an opportunity last season. A possible 6 teams had chance to get promoted and neither of you could go up. So why would glencairn be favourites for the league?
  4. Well i hope you do bounce back. Just doesnt feel right without arthurlie in the top league.
  5. Ive been critical of arthurlie in the past but so sad to see how far they have fallen. 2 wins in the league all season isnt good enough. Would they have got more wins if they hadnt changed manager early in the season? Billy had plenty of time to change things around surely. Worrying times ahead for the 'lie supporters.
  6. The play offs will be a miss the largs ashfield was a cracker
  7. How is it a great appointment? He failed miserably at sba.
  8. He also got to semi final of scottish cup. Lost by a goal over 2 legs and you were on social media slaughtering his tactics. An embarrassment. You hired the manager after john brogan left because of your interference. You should let your next manager do his job. All the guys that have come after you when you were manager have done a much better job. You are a committee man, so concentrate on that
  9. So the last 6 managers have left for their own personal reasons. How many of those have completed a full season? It certainly looks from the outside that their is something drastically wrong at this once huge club. I fear this looks like a club thats on the slide. If the custodians are not to blame for this who is?
  10. So changes on both committee and management. Doesnt exactly sound like a stable working environment for the players.
  11. Manager turnover has been excessive. Would that not suggest there is a problem committee wise?
  12. Good 1st win of the season for thorniewood. Port glasgow a tough place to go and come away with 3pts. Cotter will be delighted with that.
  13. Probably better to give you both a free week as you cant get games on at home or give you away games until the weather gets better
  14. Thanks for running the competition brian. A lot of time and effort put in to it. I watched enviously last season and finishing 8th this season just shows im a lucky git. Well done to cabbage the new champ
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