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  1. Its not supposed to convince anyone...I saw it posted elsewhere and wanted to see what others thought...nope not seen any replays of the game...saving myself for Sportscene later...😳
  2. Dixon was honking and should have been hooked before Anier or Rankin...1st player out the door in the summer...
  3. The guy who scored 2 goals and ran tirelessly despite zero support after you went down to 10 men...OK then...😳
  4. I did not mention any particular incident...I was talking about the entire game...was talked to 3 times by the ref and escaped a card...
  5. Nope no pitch invasion...disappointed we didn't take all 3 points...Kane Hemmings is the Dees best player by a country mile...Stewart is good but a dirty b*****d...fair play to the boy Mitchell coming off the bench and making some good saves after Bain's red card...hope remains, but time and games are running out...
  6. Disclosure Mike Douglas and Demi Moore, in a sexual harrasment at work caper...remember when it came out in 95 and was a fairly big deal at the time...enjoyed it the first time and it was still pretty good this time, if a touch dated... 6/10
  7. The Freemasons featuring Katherine Ellis - When You Touch Me
  8. Guy X Jason Biggs is a soldier in the US Army in 1979, mistakenly transferred to Greenland, to a base run by the crazy Colonel (Jermey Northam) and his smokin Sergeant (Natasha MacElhone). Although everyone just seems to get drunk and watch "Invasion of the Bodysnatchers", there is something more sinister going on... Weird, but very enjoyable...Biggs proves his worth as an actor, rather than just some clown wi his cock in a pie... MacElhone is gorgoeus and puts in a good effort...Northam, is a great pyscho Worth the watch 7.5/10
  9. Die Hard 4.0 It was actually pretty good!!! Bruce was his usual "couldnt give a shit shouldn't really be here" Maclean type self, Justin Long was a decent enough sidekick, his daughter was smokin, Timothy Oliphant was not too shabby a baddie either. My burrd came away with a cracker at the end, saying "that was good, but I much prefer it when his partner is in it" She got Die Hard mixed up with Lethal Weapon... 7/10
  10. Into The Wild Directed by Sean Penn, starring Emile Hersch, with a few interesting small part appeareances, this is based on the true story of a college graduate, who wipes out his identity, Christopher McCandless, and becomes Alexander Supertramp, wandering across America... Must watch film...absolutely tremendous in every way shape and form...I would go as far to say this is now in my top 10 fave films of all time...makes me want to get up and go somewhere...anywhere...spectacular scenery... B) 9/10
  11. My Super Ex-Girlfriend Terrible. How Luke Wilson and Uma Thurman got themselves involved in this drivel is unbelievable...not quite Kiss of death bad, but pretty fuckin close... 3/10
  12. Not a single scene of him wearing sunglasses... They might have saved this film now you mention it...
  13. Midnight Run Bob De Niro and Charles Grodin in a quality late 80's road movie about a bounty hunter who has 5 days to get a crooked accountant from NYC to LA and claim $100,000 dollars without gettin caught by the feds or the gangsters who want the accountant dead... Funny stuff, with De Niro on good form...the guy who plays Agent Moseley is quality too...well worth the watch 8/10 Kiss of Death David Caruso, Nic Cage and Samuel L Jackson cant save this dire, turgid excuse of a movie...badly acted, badly scripted, badly directed, no plot...there is nothing good to say about it...I am only giving it marks because it is laughable in places... 1 hour and 40 mins of my life I will never get back... 2/10
  14. The Contract John Cusack and Morgan Freeman in a straight to DVD flick about Cusack taking his son on a camping trip to try and bond, only to stumble upon a dying cop who asks him to take handcuffed Freeman, a contract hitman, to the nick...Freeman's mates are looking for them though... For having a couple of top actors in it, this was poor and easy to see why it was straight to DVD...Deadly Pursuit with Tom Berenger and Kirstie Alley was much better... 4/10
  15. I have to say, I thought at 2-0 he was done for, but what a comeback... Gasquet shat it big time, and he had the gall to complain about the partizan crowd, after what went on at the Paris Indoor Open when he met Andy in the final, he can go and get himself to f**k... I am extremely proud of Andy as I always believed he had the talent to improve...No doubt he faces a hell of a match against Nadal, but whatever happens, he has raised himself to a new level...Scotland is proud of you Andy B)
  16. American Gangster Super stuff...my mate thought it was too long, but I was absorbed by it...Denzel is a top class actor and thats the best performance from Crowe since Gladiator...8/10
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