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  1. Its not supposed to convince anyone...I saw it posted elsewhere and wanted to see what others thought...nope not seen any replays of the game...saving myself for Sportscene later...😳
  2. Dixon was honking and should have been hooked before Anier or Rankin...1st player out the door in the summer...
  3. The guy who scored 2 goals and ran tirelessly despite zero support after you went down to 10 men...OK then...😳
  4. I did not mention any particular incident...I was talking about the entire game...was talked to 3 times by the ref and escaped a card...
  5. Nope no pitch invasion...disappointed we didn't take all 3 points...Kane Hemmings is the Dees best player by a country mile...Stewart is good but a dirty b*****d...fair play to the boy Mitchell coming off the bench and making some good saves after Bain's red card...hope remains, but time and games are running out...
  6. Disclosure Mike Douglas and Demi Moore, in a sexual harrasment at work caper...remember when it came out in 95 and was a fairly big deal at the time...enjoyed it the first time and it was still pretty good this time, if a touch dated... 6/10
  7. The Freemasons featuring Katherine Ellis - When You Touch Me
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