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  1. After a dreadful first half we played much better in the second half and deserved the win, but we NEVER make it easy for ourselves. Morton were just thuggish, indulged by a wildly inconsistent referee. How we ended up with the same number of bookings as those dirty b*****ds in yellow is a total mystery.
  2. Even with a fully signed-up squad Cove away on the opening day was a banana skin. It was a big day for them and we always give teams a chance even when we're at our best. We are 4 key players down already and hopefully Murray isn't finished getting players in yet. Let's see where we are after Queen's Park away when a quarter of the season is done.
  3. Thoroughly enjoyable performance tonight. Peterhead were very limited but some cracking play from Raith, and no exaggeration to say we could have had double figures. McDonald could have sat in a deckchair in his goalmouth with a flask of tea and some sandwiches and just enjoyed the sunshine. Easton looks a player on first impression but there will be far harder challenges ahead.
  4. Behind the scenes they're beavering away on the fixture list. Who would you like first up? I'd like Ayr at home. Would like to avenge that 0-4 at the beginning of March.
  5. If he's leaving us Spencer can do a whole lot better than Falkirk
  6. Which with the imbeciles currently in charge is nailed on.
  7. It's going to be a tough old league 1 next season. Not a gimme the Pars will return at the first attempt especially if Yogi sticks around.
  8. Now changed to sent to the Chairman rather than CEO. I don't suppose there's any great significance to this but you never know.
  9. Season tickets are going to be even harder to shift now.
  10. More spectacular incompetence from our spectacularly incompetent board.
  11. Yeah he's probably lined up for the first Caley game next season. The referees' dept at the SFA do have a sense of humour.
  12. One of two options for me; McGlynn and Smudger get another year or JM goes upstairs as Director of Football and Smudger mentors Berra . Needs resolving pronto now the last ball's been kicked. Think we can take it Frankie's away from the extravagant farewell, and I assume Tumilty's off too. Would love to hold onto Spencer but not confident of that either. Give Bene one more season, especially with Lang months away from returning. There's the nucleus of a good side there if we can steer clear of crippling injuries and Colin Steven.
  13. Well that's th season over for me too.... am in Glasgow and was going to head to Firrhill on Saturday but I think I'll keep my £20 in my wallet. Saturday killed the season stone dead for me. As a game it embodied much of this season. An inability to fill the bench again due to yet another injury crisis, a team that had promise they consistently failed to deliver, and a feeling, certainly from Christmas onwards, that everything had gone stale on the pitch. Off the pitch the whole Goodwillie shitshow that was our BoD taking a 12 bore shotgun and blowing both feet off. A win in the cup was welcome but papered over everything but at least it made me smile until Wednesday at East End. Much as I'm grateful for JM's contribution to the club overall during his two spells, and he should always be welcome back with open arms at Stark's, I think it's time he and Smudger moved on. We've been completely sussed out by the rest of the league and I think we need new voices for the players to listen to. This close season is an opportunity for a reset on the pitch and in the Boardroom and I hope it happens . I usually hate the close season but I'm glad of the break this time round to rediscover my enthusiasm.
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