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  1. When everybody walks in and he says the same joke then Michael buts in. "The eh spys this cook book and he says a canna cook!"
  2. Bobby Moore viva Bobby Moore!


  4. OH THE ACCIES ARE Gaaaaaaaaaaaay

    OH THE ACCIES ARE Gaaaaaaaaaaaay

  5. Fucking hate airdrie and killie the b*****ds :@(8) WE WILL FOLLOW THISTLE OVER LAND AND SEA AND SEA

  6. Party on Wayne!

  7. To be fair theres time's I've came in really drunk but I still manage to log into facebook and put music on....takes me a while but I manage it.
  8. "As of the 1st of May you will no longer be able to listen to Spotify for free" . . . . Baws!



      on screamer if you like blues check the bellyuo4blues station.

  9. As long as we can actually get our kits out more than a week before the season starts and have them in the shop before Christmas it would be a welcome change.
  10. God bless number 12 on roulette!

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    2. Super Hans

      Super Hans

      Took £45 today thanks to it but it always seems to come up for me, gotta love it!

    3. dave258


      Ah, but you've not heard my fool proof system yet...

    4. Super Hans

      Super Hans

      Dave258 that's the exact words I hear all the time before I lose a load of money haha

  11. A botto of mad dog 20/20 ana' smelly fingur!

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