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  1. Probably our best result and performance in the last year was drawing 1-1 with Rangers at East End. Is it any coincidence it wasn't Jefferies team that was playing that day.
  2. The stats for last season are most likely a bit misleading due to Sevco bringing a couple of near full houses. Our core support probably hasn't changed much but we don't have decent away supports swelling the figures like previously. Anyway Airdrie are utter w**k.
  3. I didn't pick any holes in any statements, you simply quoted Geggan and claimed he said something completely different despite the quote being right next to the words you typed. Strange really.
  4. Where in those quotes you have picked does Geggan say anything like you are implying?
  5. I thought McAllister was meant to be decent. He looked like a shite fat cant to me.
  6. They bells are living off one decent album anyway. You made the right choice.
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