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  1. Considering we got beat our last 4 games convincingly 1-0, 3-2, 7-1 and 3-0 believe I wasn't looking forward to this game at all. I would've taken 4/5 nil at the start of the game after our poor run of performances lately. The problem for the Talbot fans were use were thinking this game will be a skoosh ( if i were use I would've been thinking the very same). Then the game didn't start the way u planned it and u basically sh*t yourself. So u tried to use every excuse use could. Dont tell me Talbot dont time waste. Every team does it. I wouldn't blame use for doing it either its part of the game, so be it a negative side but still part of the game. But use thought if largs can take 7 off them then so can we and fortunately for us we turned up with a different attitude. Even at 3-1 I still said Talbot will nick this for 3 reasons. 1 Talbot play until the final whistle and they play there heart out until then. 2 We simply arent good enough defensively to hold a lead at the moment. 3 We are playing the best and most successful junior team in Scotland ( Dont like to say it but its fact). By all means gloat about it but have abit of class about yourselves. It was a hard game. Cumnock gave more in that game than they have in the previous 4 games. Hopefully we might pick up next season once Paul gets his squad of players he wants and we could get back to what Talbot and Cumnock use to be about.
  2. Yeah thats right i forgot pollok were talbots rivals. Ya f**king muppet. Believe me if Talbot won the league at Townhead Park we would never have heard the end of it. Just face it talbot lost the league and you cant take it because you thought it was going to be a breeze in beating us hahahahahahaha
  3. watch urself mate there bitter lol they dont like losing lol
  4. Nothing bitter. Disappointment is a better description. Ask your mum bitter bitter bitter bitter hahaha use werent good enough to beat a wee team
  5. ........... we only have 1 striker mate. Im sure scott anson just signed a contract extension. Might need to get the right position mate. Hes a winger and yeah u could be right......... doesnt take away the fact use threw away the league to a team who is a wee team.
  6. bitter bitter bitter. Its like your raging because u thought use were gonna breeze today and win the league. Such a shame
  7. another bitter one hahahahahaha
  8. I actually pity you. Hollow draw for you lot. Boggles belief so so so bitter buddy hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha All ur faces were a picture when the full time whistle blew haha
  10. Haha Hope u changed it to Eye of the Tiger when willie lyle assaulted a 17yr old boy and burnsy haha
  11. Dont worry Killiepiyo use didnt win today. I sure u will have the highlights up by october haha
  12. boy Talbot78 you are one bitter person haha and so are all the talbot fans. Its not that when use are winning everything use can taunt other teams and players. Use always give burnsy pelters and he takes it but when its the other way round u cant take it. Use came today expecting just to turn up and use would win and because that didnt happen use couldnt take it and before u start ur pish about what use have won, we know we havent won as much as use and probably never will but that doesnt bother me. We werent celebrating drawing 2-2 we were celebrating stopping use from winning the title. The same way use would have celebrated if use beat us to win the league. So away back under the rock u came from and chill out use came with the attitude of use already had the game won before it started and thats what ur downfall was.
  13. easily. when i heard he played with Clyde i was in shock. I said our gk had 1 maybe 2 saves to make so u have supported that comment unlike ur partner who suggested use should have been up 4 or 5 before we scored. what is there to regret. We took our foot off the gas and also missed loads of chances but for ur man to say use should have been up 4 or 5 is nonsense. I heard that coach that was doing all the shouting saying they gifted us 6 goals which was complete sh*t. Are u proud that ur players were wanting to square go ur coach then yeah? Like I said I hope use do well this season but dont come on and make it out use were unlucky. use had a game last week this was our first game back so u had a headstart
  14. First 15 mins we were abit shakey but after that we were in complete control. Our Gk had about 1 maybe 2 saves at nil nil. Was very disappointing from cambuslang as i expected a hard game off them and considering the money that must be getting thrown about for gemmell etc id be raging at that yesterday. we had to take burns and anson off at half time and put one of our 19s on to keep the score down and we missed a penalty could easily finished 10 or 12. the center half was about 5 stone overweight and was blowing out his arse after the first goal went in. Hope use do well this season but dont try and make it out like use were unlucky as use were far from it. Use even had players arguing with your coach who didn't shut up for 90 mins But goodluck to wee paul
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