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  1. For really long spells that was just awful. Whilst it was a bit smash and grab saying it was the most undeserved win ever is just embarrassing. We dominated Motherwell far more in the first game and lost to a sucker punch. Missing Ayunga and potentially Main and Strain is going to be a nightmare.
  2. Wouldn’t be keen for Kiltie to leave unless Robinson has a replacement lined up. Don’t think he suits the midfield 3 the way we are currently set up. 100% his best work is as a 10. Agree with those above that he allows us to change shape and can have an impact. I would imagine he’s not happy to sit on the bench. Arguably as 5th choice behind OHara, Baccus, Erhahon and Gogic
  3. Find it amazing anyone that watched Gogic last year thinks he’s an average midfielder. Also offers a bit of cover at CH if needed but for me he will be one of the first names on the team sheet.
  4. Disagree with this the current chairman was unbelievably unprofessional at the last meeting by not even having a copy of the accounts with him and not having the auditors at the meeting. SG for all he can be a bit of an arse, asked the same question about 10 times and no-one could answer it. I found it pretty poor from the current board and chairman
  5. St Mirren changed the system last year and we all got cards with barcodes. It’s been confirmed we are getting new cards again however they will now have QR codes which mean they won’t need to replace the cards each year.
  6. Line ups just posted by B&W army, definitely looks like 433 surprised Grieve didn’t have a few extra weeks off after international duty
  7. Is he not another centre half? Seems overkill to have Gallagher, Joe, Dunne, Fraser and one more
  8. Also didn’t Robinson say he worked with Flynn at Oldham? So you would imagine they both know what each other is like
  9. Back to football for a bit…. looking at the squad it’s good that we have the options to play a few different ways. Last pre season Goodwin went all in with the 352 by not signing any pacey wingers. Hard to work out which way Robinson is going to start the season, his defensive signings (Gallagher/Strain) I would say point to a 3/5 at the back with Strain seemingly more a wing back like Tanser. If we go with the expected back 3 it would leave Fraser and Tait as the back up options. But looking at the midfield and up front it points to a 433. Potentially Gogic (or A.N other DM)/Baccus/OHara with Ayunga/Brophy/Olusanya up top, with Henderson, Erahon, Kiltie, Flynn and Reid the back up midfield options and Main and Grieve up top(think Kiltie could start to be fair depending on what type of player Baccus is if Gogic doesn’t sign) so if we are to bring 1 more in I would expect it to be Gogic or another defensive type midfielder and that could it?
  10. Was just looking at Gallaghers wiki page (I know…..) and it says he’s 6ft 6, that can’t be right surely?
  11. Ryan Strain confirmed. seems a real coup on paper, obviously had injury issues last season but hopefully he can stay injury free going forward
  12. Hibs triggered the option on the 2nd June, Johnson was appointed well before that. regardless, I would take Paul back.
  13. Did Hibs not just trigger a clause in his contract for an extra year?
  14. Assume it’s one of the names that’s been widely reported?
  15. I was the same when we signed him last year when he had seemed to go right off the boil for you. He started this season really well to be fair and was a far better footballer than I had ever given him credit for. Has been pretty poor for the last couple of months though, a decent option if he’s a back up for you.
  16. Wonder if Lyness will be given a run if we get a positive result against Motherwell. Even removing the red card I thought Alnwick was really poor today. A few times stayed on his line when he should have been out and came out when he shouldn’t have. Was poor (with the whole defence) against hearts as well. and as for Robinson, the problem he will have is he isn’t the most likeable of managers. So when we go through bad runs he will get it tighter than Jim/Jack and Oran did. I can see him gutting the team in the summer as well…will be interesting
  17. I find it amazing anyone would swap McCarthy for Dunne at the moment. Dunne has been absolutely superb since going to a back 4, and up til he got his injury McCarthy wasn’t on the best of form. Apart from injury I can’t see McCarthy getting back in at all.
  18. Can I just ask where Bair would fit in? From the outside he seemed to be your marquee signing in January. Didn’t look great last night but too harsh to judge anyone for you after that triple sub last night.
  19. He’s outstanding. Charles Dunne has been superb since we moved to a back 4 as well.
  20. Obviously we may all be putting 2+2 together and getting 5, but Wigan are about to get a 7 figure sum from the sale of Burn from Brighton to Newcastle so they may be willing to spend £150k on McGrath that they weren’t willing to do earlier in the window.
  21. Think is is a good move for both clubs. JG clearly rates Gogic as we tried to get him from Accies, and Hibs is a far better move for McGrath than League one in England where he would just get lost in that absolute slog of a league. if we lose McGrath and sign Gogic plus another winger and have some cash left over then I think we will have done well, especially with the emergence of Greg Kiltie as a proper number 10
  22. Big Urminsky away to Stenny on loan. Hopefully he will get a run of games. Looks an absolute monster.
  23. So looks like Cammy has agreed a pre contract With St Johnstone so he’s been brought back to try and get a fee for the rest of the season.
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