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  1. Danny Rodgers? Surely not I did see an Interview with Holmes when he said he wanted to go to a team where he was first choice so that would rule us out you would imagine
  2. Guys what’s the parking like around Dens? Not been for years and getting a supporters bus looks like a struggle!
  3. Seems Dundee United also linked to the Haitian (sp) boy playing in Belgium we were kind of linked to. After signing Pawlett they seem to having a right go at winning that league.
  4. Absolutely this. Their 2nd half performance was embarrassing!!
  5. Played mostly as a number 10 or wide right unlucky with injuries, good short term signing for you guys IMO
  6. Out of curiosity have any of Csabas signings impressed? Seem miles away from where they were before Christmas How bad is the keeper!!
  7. It’s never a foul, defender goes to ground expecting the foul to be given. Reilly does superb to win the ball and then it’s a good finish from a guy in form. Dobbie’s goal is actually superb, Gary Mac not very clever for us but Dobbie still has a hell of a lot to do. Samson does look like he gets down quite slowly but that’s probably nit picking. First goal for saints is a shambles from Queens, Not all his fault but Martin never fills me with confidence.. 2nd goal as above is all about Reilly and his work rate 3rd goal, no idea how McKenzie is left all alone in the 6 yard box. Someone earlier in the thread said there was a foul on the keeper....again no chance, he just looked scared to come off his line.
  8. Also the queens player that the ball deflects off , runs straight into his defensive position for the corner. Doesn't complain at all
  9. There is definitely some ability in there with Shankland. His form and quality of goals he scored in the short spell under Rae showed that. Based on experience I wouldn't fancy him in a team in a relegation fight. Last season he was one of the worst performers in an absolutely abysmal team. Seemed to chuck it early and couldn't motivate himself to do the basics (i.e. Staying fit). Possibly to do with the comfort of a decent contract with Aberdeen. Could be a decent signing if he treats it as his last chance, could also be a disaster going part time and has more time to sit on his arse
  10. Every St Mirren fan knew we would be relegated when this was released.......(add in a Tommy Craig managerial appointment for good measure)
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