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  1. That picture, assuming it’s real, is very encouraging to see. I noticed they’d stopped CPR while they were carrying him off the pitch and assuming it was a cardiac event, the AED had re-established a normal rhythm. Obviously we still know very little and the next few hours are crucial for Eriksen. Thoughts are with him and his family. Agreed with everyone that the feed should have been cut, or at least shown a wide shot of the stadium while the medics worked. Felt very wrong and voyeuristic to see his family especially in bits.
  2. That Colorado side are too good not to win a cup, if they can keep their big hitters. Vegas when they're on it and with the crowd behind them, are almost unbeatable in their own barn. It was a hell of a series to watch.
  3. Still getting used to hearing the new signings names. For a moment I thought Arbroath had maybe announced they were going FT.
  4. Big Fernandy will do okay. Hope he stays in Scotland.
  5. Going to have to put that decision behind us if we have a hope in this tie. We’re playing okay but Dundee are solid and Adam’s shown he can pick a defence splitting pass out his arse on a whim.
  6. No sure about “fine” unless you’re holding a séance later?
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