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  1. Matt Elder tweeting that Ian Murray wont be offered the Dundee job.
  2. And his 2 year 8mill extension hasn’t even kicked in yet! What an amazing piece of foresight that was. With Treliving gone too we’re a bit of a shambles at the moment.
  3. I realise that. I meant in this current roster that’s been consistently making it past the first round for 5 years now. I have some die hard Oilers pals here, I’d go into hiding for a month.
  4. Wide open now the big hitters have all been dumped. I quite fancy Carolina to finally do it. Been a fairly consistent, well coached side for a few seasons now. As long as it’s not the fucking Oilers.
  5. Kinghorn’s finishing today showing he should be ahead of Hoggy at 15.
  6. I thought Steyn was excellent today. Definitely seems a much more complete player and a hell of a lot more reliable in defence.
  7. For such a massive man he can’t tackle to save himself.
  8. Hogg looks done as an attacking threat. Would like to see Kinghorn start against Italy.
  9. Desperately disappointing second half performance from us. All went to shit when Duhan decided not to to jump for the kick chase. I’m not going to say anything about the ref cos he’s absolutely not the reason we lost today. Fair fucks to the Irish with all the injuries they sustained to take the game by the scruff of the neck. Mack Hansen especially was exceptional.
  10. Considering how that game started I didn’t think i’d be sitting here burst that we lost that..
  11. Oh you cannae slam yer granny..
  12. Means nothing if we can’t pump Wales next weekend. It’s time to start building on these performances.
  13. I’ve been to see my fair share of Cavalry games and Shermanator’s being wildly generous. The quality of the CPL is a lot worse than the Championship.
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