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  1. Listen to Ally Moncs contribution on the Wasps nest Alloa podcast from last week. Sums it up pretty well.
  2. I'm 100% cerian that Penicuick will have, at some point, signed and regularly played a player with a criminal conviction. Have you asked your clubs committe if they have vetted each player to meet your moral approval?
  3. Whitehill 2 Lochore 1 Made the short trip up to Rosewell with my lad tonight, and was treated to a very enjoyable game. Given the home teams results so far I wasn't expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised at how well they played with some really good individual performances. The captain Josh Walker in particular was commanding throughout. Despite a late own goal to reduce the deficit, the home team were in complete control really. Lochore had periods of possession, but never created any clear cut chances that I recall. Can't see Whitehill being relegated again based on the strong performance. I'll definitely be back up this season if that's the entertainment on offer. Can also confirm that no protest seemed to be in place outside the ground........
  4. They get a hard time on here, but there aren't many Supports as vocal and passionate in the lower leagues as Clyde. A decent following again in that video to go along with a decent performance.
  5. Well if it good enough for the matchday programme
  6. Great start to the season for the Citizens. I never went, but my 10 year old ventured over with my wife and he was suitably impressed with the performance.
  7. Have to say that is an absolutely shocking result. Club seems to be on an unstoppable downwards spiral.
  8. The club are really plugging season tickets on social media this week which makes me think they may be struggling to sell. I had thought about it a few weeks back but the whole negativity over the summer put me off. Having experienced the view/facilities/atmosphere at the Cowdenbeath game all but confirmed my decision. We can't have shifted many?
  9. Outwith the costs, this is the main reason i'll be picking and choosing games more often.
  10. But that could also help in a strange way once yhe novelty wears off. Alot of folk who are used to Junior/Senior prices shy away from the cost of SPFL admission. I have been a regular at Edinburgh City for a few years and i felt £14 last year was pushing it. £17 this year is robbery!
  11. Whats your gut feeling? Looking at the clubs involved it looks a really interesting and competitive division. About 10 to 12 of the clubs involved will fancy themselves for promotion.
  12. An interesting and varied set of Pre-season results for WW - a real mixed bag making it difficult to predict anything for the upcoming season. I'm only a short bus journey to Rosewell these days so might take in a few games this year. £50 for a season ticket is very good value aswell.
  13. Was dragged along tonight by my son, against my better judgement. I have to say that my worst fears about the new stadium were confirmed. Terrible sightlines, too far from the pitch and less atmosphere than the moon, it's an absolutely souless place to watch football. At least at the old Meadowbank 500 people grouped together could generate a bit of noise, but this new design, stretching the 500 right along the length of the pitch, makes it seem impossible. I genuinely can't see how this 'stadium' will be suitable for league one football in it's current state. Added to that, the playing surface also looked terrible with players from both sides struggling to get any consistency of play from the ball. Seemed to be alot more black pellets coming up than on other artifical pitches.
  14. Think this is the final straw for me after the last few weeks. Might aswell re-name us the Hibs B team. Why try to market us as an alternative to the two larger Edinburgh clubs, then attach ourselves so publicly to one of them?
  15. Anyone venturing to the Caledonian Braves game on Saturday?
  16. https://www.facebook.com/982167901927831/posts/pfbid02Sdkhx8F3EMkaW45Ka7WAwxuUD6k7eVLyFiWwi5dvawsSt2w37P265MN9wQcth77Tl/?sfnsn=scwspmo Looks like Meadowbank is a goer then
  17. Slightly of topic from the last few posts, is there going to be a fans bar at New Douglas park or is there a pub nearby that most home fans will be going to?
  18. As someone on twitter mentioned, one of the largest things that has gone without comment throughout this whole debacle, is the ridiculous price increaces for the coming season. £18 an adult and £5 for an under 12 year old is ludicrous, especially when you consider clubs like Clyde are doing £5 for the whole season for under 12s. We used to be an affordable alternative for families in the city but these prices will drive many away.
  19. I genuinely don't think the owner really cares to be honest. Jim's update was very, very Corporate heavy, which shows where the board/ownerships priority lies. Our core support, although steadily growing, is probably too small to make any impact on their thinking.
  20. If the name had to change, the obvious alternative for me is City of Edinburgh FC Retains the City name and retains the Edinburgh 'Brand' that the club are so keen on. I'm 100% convinced if this name had been pitched to the fans in advance most would have accepted it as a viable alternative. A quick scan on Companies House tells me there is no football club Registered in this name either.
  21. Have given myself time and just re-watched the update for clarity. My thoughts - given that the club have admitted there is no legal challenge at this point from the social club, the name change did not need to happen as quickly and without consultation with the support. In my view this has been a long time abition of the owner to re-brand the club to his preference. The name FC Edinburgh, I am reliably informed, was mentioned in club marking brochure's as early as 2019 although I admit I personally haven't seen these. The running down of the social media and website over the last season also points me towards this conclusion. - why completely change the badge, to something far worse, with no mention of the team name on it? Why not keep the existing badge and just update the name? - the Meadowbank situation is an utter omni-shambles. If the 2nd stand is not given the go ahead, the viability of staying there is completly gone. Even going in as it presently stands hold no appeal whatsoever for watching football. - £18 to watch football at those facilities is farcical, along whith the decision to do away with free entry for under 12s. Thats a £4 a game price rise when people have less desposible income in thier pocket than at any stage for 40 years. - the new strips are smart - I'm undecided what I will do this coming season
  22. According to the chairman on the update, they are trying to arrange standing around the pitch tontake the capacity to 1200.
  23. Rumour on this side of the country is that Harthill are looking to move to the EOS set up.
  24. Is it 2 up, 2 down from each league next season?
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