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  1. Clyde midfield really slow in possession tonight. So frustrating when they turned the ball over and allowed East Fife to get back in behind.
  2. Last time I watched big Bri was for Preston V Tynecastle at Fernieside. He was a few pounds heavier than in those pics🤣 A very capable player in his heyday and a top guy aswell.
  3. New keeper signs on http://www.edinburghcityfc.com/2021/01/30/welcome-ryan-goodfellow/
  4. Anyone else buy the stream today? Thought we were dreadful 1st half untill we scored, then controlled the game untill the last 10 minutes. Need to learn to be more clinical in front of goal. Stream quality wise it wasn't the best. Changed browser and player a few times but continued to freeze every 10 minutes or so. Pretty poor for £10 but hopefully it will improve.
  5. Season Ticket/streaming info https://www.edinburghcityfc.com/2020/10/01/season-tickets-2020-21/
  6. Thoughts on Jardine? Seems to be well thought of by Albion fans
  7. Basically the council designs don't meet SPFL criteria on seating and turnstiles. They refused all lobbying from City to change it unless the club paid for said changes. We politely declined. At least thats my understanding. Happy to be corrected by those more in the know than me.
  8. It looks exactly the same as the honking temporary stands they had at Watsonians. I'm guessing they will just use hospitality and other facilities at Murrayfield and walk over so doesn't need much infrastructure. However they could have been a bit more adventurous with the design.
  9. Looks mega cheap to be honest. Location wise it's better than Ainslie, but not sure 300 to 500 in an 8000 seater stadium is the way ahead.
  10. So considering we will have around 25% less home games this season, how much do we reckon Season Tickets will cost this year? Not sure if the club will sell them soon or wait until we have definite confirmation fans will be allowed in to grounds by October. Also anyone know if we are keeping the same shirts this year? Forgive the random questions, I am missing the fitba and trying to fill the void.
  11. There is enough sewage down there already...
  12. The way the post is written, it sounds as if there will be two seperate embankments for home and away fans? Am I reading that right?
  13. He is one of those Marmite type of players. My cousin and I think he is great, my dad isn't keen. Good player if a little inconsistent at times but tricky on the ball with an eye for goal. I always feel his performance depends on his confidence levels. I think he will do well for you.
  14. Went for a walk past today and I have to say it's looking very impressive, and much further on than i'd imagined. I'd like to think people at the club would maybe ask the question but who knows.
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