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  1. Due to my age, I only managed a couple of Meadowbank games so I'm not as hung up on Livingston as proper Thistle fans like yourself. I can understand it though. My Dad never forced me to support his club so I've followed suit and let mine go his own way. He's only 9 and loves going to City aswell so he might come to his senses!
  2. Took my Livi supporting lad to the game today. As a neutral I agree with liviforever's comments. Until Kelly was introduced, the Livi defence was comfortably dealing with everything Hibs were throwing at them. His defending for the 1st goal was schoolboy stuff. Hibs had all of the ball but didn't really create anything. On the flip side Livi could have played untill the season's end and still wouldn't have scored. Overall a poor game with few highlights. The one brightspot was Boyle's finish for the 2nd.
  3. My understanding is that the Manager made the decision on who left the club. Finance was not an issue. We have a backer I believe, but he keeps us ticking over and no more. In the last 2 seasons we have had Cove and Queens massively out spend us. This year it's Kelty's turn. Of the 3 teams who have been promoted through the pyramid we have, without doubt, been the smallest spenders.
  4. I doubt they are paying £2k a week either, but they are definitely paying out more than they bring in. Fun for now, but when the belt gets tightened by whoever is paying in, they will drop like a stone to wherever their natural level is.
  5. In fairness, we are pish based on his signings.
  6. https://keltyhearts.co.uk/kelty-hearts-v-edinburgh-city-matchday-information/ Info for those going on Saturday. No live stream available.
  7. To be honest until the new 'football' stand is built on the opposite side from the sports centre, I've a feeling it's going to be a grim place to watch a game. It's our home though and i'm sure the club will be working on ways to improve the matchday experience for everyone.
  8. Any idea on attendance? From twitter it sounded like we missed some chances aswell.
  9. I should make the majority. I start nightshift at 10.30pm every Friday in the South East of the City. I'd make it back just in time from Ainslie I reckon but it's tight. Meadowbank is much closer so should be easier for me. My biggest dissapointment is that my son who loves going to games will probably miss more. As he plays Football and Ice Hockey he usually has something on early Saturday morning and I can't justify the late nights for him.
  10. My son now has a game with his team at 7pm Friday so thats me out. Ainslie on a Friday night was never going to be popular.
  11. https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/sport/football/edinburgh-city-ready-for-new-era-of-friday-night-football-as-target-date-set-for-meadowbank-return-3342631
  12. Highlights up. We really need to be taking those chances first half. Just listened to Naysmith's post match interview bemoaning the fact we lost our spark and attcking intent when Robertson and Shanley went off. If only we had a proven goalscorer at this level..........
  13. After much humming and hawing, I eventually decided to go to the game at about 12.55. Made kick off just and no more! Made my way round to behind the end City were shooting towards, just in time to see Forfar go one ahead! Great start. Fearing the worst, I was pleasantly surprised to see us take the game to Forfar. Playing Danny Jardine more central, with with John Robertson and Shanley ahead of him, seen us create a number of good chances. Robertson looked particularly strong yet again getting into great positions and working the opposition centre halfs. The downside to our swashbuckling forward play was our inability to stop Forfar from hitting us on the break with a decent degree of success. Whenever a long ball was played in behind our centre halfs were struggling to deal with it. This lead to Reekie being caught wrong side and giving away clumsy penalty which, luckily for us, was crashed against the post by our old pal Sheps. The game continued from end to end until the half time whistle with City both lucky not to be 2 down and also unlucky to not be on the score sheet ourselves. Second half and Forfar came out with more intent playing some decent stuff. City huffed and puffed but struggled to get a foothold back in the game. We then lost our goalie Goodfellow to injury replaced by Schwake, both of whom struggled to distribute the ball throughout the game. Any chance of grabbing a leveller virtually disappeared when Robertson was forced off injured mid way through the half. A slack pass by the new right back Brian, who had been solid up until this point, led to Forfor confirming the win late on. Poitives - an improvement from last week. We played some incisive football. Robertson looks a player. Forfar steward let me lift my lad over the turnstile. Negatives - Both Goalies not good enough IMO. We look soft at the centre of defence. For all our chances created we still haven't scored. Wee group of Forfar teenagers abusing my laddie for wearing a City shirt. He's 9 FFS. Onwards to Friday night football
  14. In two minds about going up for the game on Saturday. On one hand we have missed so much football, I just want to squeeze in as much as possible. It's just great being able to go to games again. On the other, last weeks game has knocked the stuffing out of me a little. Add to the fact i'd have to drag my backside out off bed early after a nightshift, it's making it a little less appealing! Convince me Citizens!
  15. We really were poor 1st half yesterday. No game plan, no cohesion and no desire. We looked really vulnerable down our left with the penalty and 2nd goal both coming from that side. The worst performance from City in a long long time. The introduction of Robertson 2nd half made a difference and the team seemed to have a lot more purpose and drive but it was too little, too late. The missed penalty summed up our day.
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