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  1. Horrible news. Hope the treatment goes well for him.
  2. I love it when we don't even need to show up to stroll to a 3-0 win. Some team.
  3. If Holts getting booked for diving there then O'Halloran is in big trouble *definite dive and deserved booking btw, but unsurprising inconsistency in the rules being applied as always
  4. This was a bit optimistic. Looks like the usual 4-3-3. Worst part about our poor start to the season is that looks like a good team on paper, but you just know the defence will look unorganised and we'll be shelling long balls up to Anderson.
  5. Rangers fans love sticking their fingers in their ears and pretending it's all innocent. That club is genuinely like a cult.
  6. Do we have to? Is it normal to prefer watching Scotland than your club side?
  7. It's almost as if people just pick players to have a go at all the time. Dykes has been consistently good for Scotland.
  8. How come only some of the Faroese players have names on their back?
  9. Drawing lines for an offside that didn't even lead to a goal. VAR. Bin. Get.
  10. He's probably already at the stadium. He'll do well for Arbroath.
  11. Can't believe there was genuine clamour for Nathan Patterson ahead of O'Donnell.
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