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  1. We've been that shite I'm sitting hoping VAR give us a penalty for nothing
  2. Isn't that pretty standard for the radio seeing as there's no scoreboard to look at it when you turn it on?
  3. I think @Donathan made the mistake of thinking -7 was a better GD than -4. I can say that confidently because I done the exact same thing.
  4. "beatable" = "we would win that easy" Folk desperately finding stuff to moan about; easily found on the TA forum.
  5. I don't think anyone's ever described a single drink - alcoholic or otherwise - as "out drinking", I was actually starting to wonder if there was another clip I haven't seen.
  6. Just seems like a PR move, done a decent job of it tbf. Wouldn't surprise me if the SFA jump on board and let them in if they can.
  7. Imagine seeing a 10 second clip of someone enjoy a possibly alcoholic beverage and angrily punching your keyboard over it 4 months later.
  8. Some pleasant boos there. Now get right fucking into them.
  9. Would personally have Taylor/Tierney on the left, Patterson on the right, and Porteous in his house.
  10. Never heard of this guy before - has he hit his head? Does he think it's a minutes applause to celebrate football? What a fucking walloper.
  11. Aye, Livi went the shitebag route to try and drown out any boos. There were a few I could hear but I was too busy sticking silly bets on to notice
  12. All he's said is we can't keep offering improved terms; i.e. we're probably losing a few players in the summer (or January if we're taking the extra dosh) Have the Edinburgh Evening News or the s*n put out a story that we're about to be liquidated yet?
  13. Find that a weird comparison. Great player but not quite on Halkett's level
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