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  1. I've got 0-0 for Croatia v Belgium on Super 6 which would win me the monthly pot. Very happy that VAR ruining football is finally working in my favour (for now).
  2. Only a friendly and all that but great to see the youth system starting to pay off and seeing him getting a game, nothing better than getting overexcited about someone playing well/scoring a few goals against other youngsters. More Marc McNulty less Matthew Knox pls.
  3. Did they not just ignore their 2nd pick when they were drawn against each other too, and only picked that one game? There is a chance I've made that up but seem to remember it.
  4. We're in a pretty good place in that there isn't really anyone we're all actively wanting punted - Isma the closest to an exception but there will still be a good number thinking (hoping) he'll come good. Isma - he might well have a sudden JET-like burst of form but he doesn't do enough when he comes off the bench for me to want to keep him. Bin. Longridge - we have Montano and Penrice who have both been superb here IMO, and Sean Kelly if they're both out. Would be near the top of my list for wages to free up if someone wants him. Cancar - loan (to Arbroath/Morton) seems most likely. I've been impressed with him but also recognise he has a bit of madness in him, loan to get some minutes and more used to the game here probably best for everyone. Konovalov/Hamilton - despite Martindale saying he wants 3 keepers in, seems pretty obvious Konovalov will be away at the end of the season at least, would prefer to keep him over Hamilton though. There's also Tom Parkes, who had potential to be a very good signing but just seems to be broken, whether or not we'll just release him while he's injured until the summer(?) is another question. I think the above four could be out without it impacting us too much, after that you're probably looking at guys who we'd need to find a replacement for.
  5. Nice to get a more interesting tie for a change. Other than playing Glenafton Athletic at home (boo!) the last interesting tie I can remember us having was away to Irvine Meadow about 11 years ago. Think we've had St Johnstone or Raith in every season since then. Anyway, we don't really do the Scottish Cup, so congratulations to Stenny on their giant killing.
  6. Apologies if this has been mentioned and I've missed it. I'm assuming Saturday's game is good ol' pay at the gate? Was checking the prices and spotted an app for buying tickets, thought I'd check if that's how they're done or just an alternative.
  7. That's where the problem is IMO, if someone decides in a couple years to watch TWD and they make it to the end, how pissed off will they be at the ending without knowing about any spin offs? Add to that how we all knew about Rick leaving the show and how heavily reported every death was about 2 seasons in advance, I can imagine the last 3 or 4 seasons being confusing as f**k and very annoying. You could watch Breaking Bad and be content it's done without knowing/needing to watch El Camino or Better Call Saul, for example. I'm still going to binge the last season when I get the chance, not making it as far as I did without finishing it, but am I f**k watching all the spin offs
  8. All 3 parties to get financially fucked please and thank you.
  9. It's been that long since we played a friendly I forgot how fucking shite they were
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