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  1. As opposed to the above, it annoys me that he always sounds so confrontational. "Rangers won at the weekend and --" "AYE AND THEY'RE A GOOD TEAM DO YOU UNDERSTAND??? THEY PLAY FOOTBALL AND SCORE MORE THAN THE OTHER TEAM CAN YOU SEE THAT DO YOU UNDERDTAND ME CRAIG???" chill the f**k out man
  2. Is this the first time you've ever looked on that page?
  3. This. Few cans on a Saturday night? Cheers Phil.
  4. Other than our spell immediately after Martindale took over, we've looked really poor defensively. We seem to get cut open far too easily, a well placed shroo ball and we're all over the place.
  5. Some Livi fans probably think he's the reason we didn't win.
  6. Our defence is all over the place far too often this season.
  7. Was wondering how Celtic fans would cope without being able to boo through a minute silence. Fireworks seemed about right.
  8. Most likely utter pish but I seem to remember seeing somewhere that the writers made him more of an arsehole because Helms pissed them off. Something about not giving much notice when going to film one of the Hangover films so they didn't have much of a chance to write him out and he just had to be rushed away. Mainly think it was down to trying to replace Michael though, and they struggled to make him the same kind of loveable idiot. And needing him out while he filmed the Hangover (3?) wouldn't have helped.
  9. "80.3% of Rangers and Celtic fans would watch these matches" Where have they been for the challenge cup matches?
  10. Tbf there's not much of a money spinner this season. Against the OF you'll get no PPV money as it'll be on TV. Anyone else and straight away you're missing out on the usual "attendance" numbers as you'll have families/friends sharing streams, and folk just finding a link somewhere.
  11. Why does the scoreboard say SPFL?
  12. Cant believe Forrest hasn't been booked there tbf, awful dive.
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