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  1. He's been training with us all summer so he won't be completely unfit. Just lacking match sharpness which will increase the chance of him doing Efe things. Definitely going to be the reason you concede a few goals but he's good fun to watch, in a "if you don't laugh you'll cry" or "gets the heart racing" kind of way.
  2. I think it's the "suspension required " rather than "subscription ". That's terrible gossip
  3. McBurnies fee is irrelevant, a big chunk of that is because he counts towards their homegrown players and they need a certain amount in their squad. Dykes would only go for 10m at an absolute maximum and that's if he has a very good season
  4. This ref is going to be a total fucking w**k
  5. 1-0 Livi, J.Domingo with the winner after signing an amateur contract
  6. Cheers, now I'm depressed about that all over again
  7. Shame the game was still on.
  8. How is an attacker able to chest the ball down in the box, from a corner? What a fucking laugh our defence is
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