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  1. Scraping past a team with a much smaller budget than yours and still being raging about them is probably the closest thing to tinpot that's happening here, but that sums up those two horrible little clubs weekly.
  2. Been slightly the better team without looking any more than alright. Hopefully something actually happens in the second half.
  3. It's going to break my heart when Sibbald rips in the winner from 25 yards
  4. Maybe I'm having a slow morning/afternoon because I'm not sure what you're getting at. The Rangers game didn't have the "home supporters only" rule, it's the reason we will for future games involving the gruesome twosome. The Hibs game won't be included because there won't be the same demand, and Hibs fans will easily be able to get tickets to the game without needing to go into the West Stand.
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