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  1. Mullen did cup his hand to his ear towards the Livi fans walking back from his celebration and wee Willie had a word I think. Also for the 3rd you can make out him doing the same just as Jackson turns around and heads to the Saints fans Didn't notice tbh, not surprised either. Hate it when our fans give players stick, usually guarantees they play a blinder
  2. If Bradford weren't such a shambles behind the scenes he could have turned things around there. Kept an eye on what their fans were saying while he was in charge and they generally seemed to support him and believed he was turning things around from what I could see. Team full of shitebags losing every week (sound familiar?), turns into a team who show a bit of fight and can keep games tight and scrape a draw and eventually a team who can win games. They've won 10 league games all season, 7 of them were under Hopkin. They've lost every single game since he left too. RE Martindale, he joined the club in 2014 and we've had John McGlynn and Mark Burchill during that time who were terrible, then it was Hopkin's turn (he was Burchill's assistant) and we were too skint/couldn't be arsed bringing anyone else in so just promoted Martindale to assistant. He was Miller's assistant too and that was a disaster, when we brought Holt in he talked about not changing what the players were good at (Miller tried to change the formation/system that worked a treat) and wanted us to get back to basics, so I don't think Martindale runs the show as much as people think. He just keeps us afloat with his drug money legally obtained income. Second bit not really relevant to Dundee obviously, but if it came down to it then I think Hopkin would be a superb appointment for you, and I think he'd be interested as well tbh.
  3. Turns out what I thought was an excellent challenge by Halkett was actually an excellent touch by Lyons. Fair fucks to Willie Collum - that's not something I thought I'd ever say Would echo what Holt said about it though, more concerned about why he needed to make that challenge. We always come back from these breaks looking sluggish and yesterday was no different, plenty misplaced passes and just generally not up to our usual constant closing down. Some strike from Danny Mullen for the winner, only surprise was he didn't take his celebrations to the Livi fans Think St Mirren will be fine if they can put in more performances like their second half yesterday. Obviously easier to look good against 10 men but they showed a good amount of fight IMO, can't see Dundee catching them and would expect them to do enough over 2 legs against a Championship side. Then again I've expected us to be on the wrong end of a relegation scrap for the last 2 seasons so what the f**k do I know.
  4. Excellent challenge by Halkett - red card Still conceding a minute later. St Mirren
  5. Game of Thrones

    Not entirely true. Also a chance you could just be thick.
  6. A View From The Terrace.

    Think you could be onto a new segment for the show here, similar to the Boyata index but rating players' faces. Many P&Bers rate Craig Telfer as a 10, where would Stephen O'Donnell be on the Telfer index?
  7. Alex McLeish Is Sacked.

    Charlie Nicholas saying he'd 'love' the SFA to consider Malky Mackay, saying he would be the best choice and supporters should back him - few of his sentences made it sound like he's already been given the job. That'll be all the convincing the SFA need anyway.
  8. Tbf articles about Livi in the Daily Record (and Edinburgh Evening News while we're at it) can be safely ignored and put in the bin.
  9. What does some city in Zambia have to do with this game?
  10. Moving forward

    The SPL isn't a thing anymore. Just like Rangers.
  11. Game of Thrones

  12. It's what just about everyone was saying for the last few weeks of the season though tbf, even when we went to Firhill with a goal advantage it was still being talked down.
  13. Massone IMO. SACK THE BOARD
  14. Teams not even left the pitch yet and they're already talking about Celtic