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  1. @Ludo*1 I think its time for the thread
  2. He needs some kind of clearance to come through I think but his hearing isn't for another few weeks, so I wouldn't be surprised if he's interim manager until whenever that is. That was before Holt, he hasn't explicitly said one way or the way the other this time around AFAIK.
  3. Not feeling good about this really, no idea if I want a load of changes and give some new guys a chance or try and field (Martindale's idea of) our strongest team and hope something clicks. Stryjek Devlin - Ambrose - Guthrie - Serrano Lawson - Sibbald Mullin - Pittman - Forrest Tiffoney or, if we're trying something else: Stryjek Lawson - Fitzwater - Ambrose - McMillan Mullin - Sibbald - Pittman - Forrest JET - Tiffoney I can have more fun putting together some lineups than I do actually watching our games. Stryjek Ambrose - Guthrie - ATS Devlin - Holt - Sibbald - Serrano Mullin - Tiffoney - Forrest ... is there a game on? 2-1 Ayr.
  4. Going to assume you're not aware they've already appointed their new manager. Hint: it wasn't Holt
  5. Does it though? They're looking for a manager and a half decent one has just unexpectedly become available.
  6. Alloa 0-2 Hearts Arbroath 1-1 Dunfermline Athletic (Dunfermline win on penalties) Celtic 3-0 Ross County Falkirk 0-4 Rangers Hibs 2-0 Dundee Livingston 1-2 Ayr Motherwell 1-0 St Johnstone St Mirren 0-2 Aberdeen
  7. Darren Fletcher Or Daniel Stendel If its anyone else I'll no be back
  8. I don't see any reason that Livi couldn't end up with Tommy Wright. You'd expect that the board would at least ask him the question rather than settling for some jobber like Hughes or Mcintyre. Even if he's allowed to bring in his own assistant, Martindale is still "Head of football operations", would Wright be happy working under a DoF? Also think he has pick of any club in the top flight outside a few. Our only chance would be if he's happy with a DoF and only signing until the end of the season I think. Would absolutely want the club doing anything they could (within reason) to bring him in but I just don't see it happening, will be delighted if I'm wrong.
  9. Anyway, let's end our time in the Premiership where we started it. Kenny Miller, welcome home.
  10. Buzzing for the deluded Livi fans shouting for Tommy Wright among other unrealistic shouts. Hope Holt can go on to decent things, done brilliant and just didn't click this season, deserves a lot of respect for the way he's gone about it too.
  11. FWIW if Gary Holt left we'd be more likely to end up with Neil McCann than get Tommy Wright. I don't think he should go though, still reckon he could turn it around for us. Regardless I think a lot is being made when all he's really doing is share the blame instead of publicly having a go at all of (or certain) players. Bottom half was always going to be tight this season (we could possibly jump up to 7th with a win in our next game), but you really need to be winning against the teams below you and we're not doing that. The frustrating thing is you could put together a few different teams that look really good with the squad we have, but something's just not clicking. I don't think JET should be starting atm, I've not lost all hope for him as he seems decent with his feet and I think confidence is playing a big part in his lack of goals, but he looks knackered before he's really done anything so maybe a better idea to bring him on later in the game when everyone else is a bit tired and he can rough defenders up and put himself about; I think he probably needs another striker alongside him as well to play off him, especially if we're playing long balls up to him. Stryjek McMillan - Guthrie - Ambrose - Serrano Mullin - Lawson - Sibbald - Forrest Poplatnik - Tiffoney If Tiffoney is available I'd be tempted to give that a go, Holt talked a lot about getting back to basics when he first joined or when we're in a bad patch; 4-4-2 is about as basic as it gets. Actually starting Mullin and Forrest would be a good start anyway. On the off chance Holt did walk away (or the highly unlikely scenario he gets sacked) I'd like to see Martindale take a step back, let him have his Head of Football Operations role, let him do a bit of coaching etc, but if we end up with a new manager coming in I'd like to see them given a chance to bring their own people in. Stability in the backroom staff got us far, but maybe some small changes would do the world of good. All irrelevant though, we're getting Europe this season and winning the league next season. NAP.
  12. Proper Football Manager stuff from Holt/Martindale there. Stopped even checking the updates at half time. Null and void the season now before it's too late.
  13. I love the idea that there are "thousands" of people outraged for the difference of £5* Just find a stream and stop fucking moaning *Then again, St Mirren fans seem to actively find reasons to be outraged, so not very surprising
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