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  1. Rise of Astro Pitches

    Wonder how many 'grass' pitches get random, unannounced spot checks
  2. Livingston v Dundee

    Always thought Tony Macaroni tasted a bit off.
  3. Rise of Astro Pitches

    I always ask the same question when I see people talking about the massive advantage they give home teams.
  4. Rise of Astro Pitches

    Why does it matter what they prefer playing on? No one's saying all plastic pitches are better than all grass pitches. Should we ban every pitch not as good as Liverpool's*? I'd imagine most players would prefer playing on that surface than Motherwell or St Johnstone's. Our grass pitch could be in perfect condition at the start of the season but was always a tatty field by December, much better having a plastic pitch knowing it's going to be fine to play on no matter what the weather's been like through the week. Nothing wrong with plastic pitches, just an easy excuse for managers/players to hide behind after getting pumped. *Disclaimer: no idea how decent Liverpool's pitch is, but you get the point.
  5. Rise of Astro Pitches

    "The union did not ask players at Hamilton, Kilmarnock and Livingston to participate as it thought it would ruin the agenda." Before the edit IMO.
  6. Yep, but I'd put that mainly down to him not being much of a defender and Aberdeen exploiting that and sending every attack down that side. I think if he's played as more of an attacker, with some defensive cover behind him, he'd do well enough (for someone in the bottom half anyway).
  7. Was LWB when he played, generally to be more attacking than defensive. Didn't necessarily struggle, just difficult to break into our team tbh. FWIW I think he looked half decent whenever I saw him.
  8. The Hibernian Thread

    Replying to your own posts to whinge about dots on the internet
  9. Imagine he'd be in the reserves if that was the case, at least give clubs a chance to have a look at him.
  10. Think Lawless and Miller are up at the end of the season as well as Robinson but we have an option to extend his.
  11. Sportscene Watch 18/19

    The same on Sky. I always get excited thinking there's been a Saturday night Sportscene when I'm flicking through my planner late Saturday or early Sunday. Every week without fail.
  12. Updated Livi squad, with ins and outs from winter (or since the last time I updated it). Goalkeepers #1: Liam Kelly (22) - May 2020 #20: Gary Maley (35) - May 2019 #21: Ross Stewart (23) - May 2020 Defenders #5: Ciaron Brown (20) - May 2019 (On loan from Cardiff City) #28: Cameron Clark (17) - May 2019 #31: Declan Gallagher (27) - May 2019 #26: Craig Halkett (23) - May 2019 #3: Ricki Lamie (25) - May 2020 #4: Alan Lithgow (30) - May 2020 #14: Hakeem Odoffin (20) - May 2021 Midfielders #24: Cameron Blues (20) - May 2020 #6: Shaun Byrne (25) - May 2020 #23: Raffaele De Vita (30) - May 2020 #7: Keaghan Jacobs (28) - May 2020 #15: Steven Lawless (28) - May 2019 #33: Steve Lawson (23) - May 2020 #8: Scott Pittman (25) - May 2020 #17: Scott Robinson (26) - May 2019 #10: Craig Sibbald (22) - May 2020 #39: Gregg Wylde (27) - May 2020 Attackers #19: Chris Erskine (31) - May 2020 #9: Ryan Hardie (21) - May 2019 (On loan from Rangers) #45: Dolly Menga (25) - May 2020 #18: Lee Miller (35) - May 2019 #22: Scott Tiffoney (19) - May 2020 In: Cameron Blues - Brechin City (End of loan) Ciaron Brown - Cardiff City (Loan) Lyndon Dykes - Queen of the South Chris Erskine - Partick Thistle Hakeem Odoffin - Northampton Town Scott Tiffoney - Greenock Morton (End of loan) Gregg Wylde - Plymouth Argyle Out: Bobby Burns - Hearts (End of loan) Nicky Cadden - Ayr United (Loan) Lyndon Dykes - Queen of the South (Loan) Jack Hamilton - Alloa Athletic (Loan) Egli Kaja - AFC Wimbledon (End of loan) Matthew Knox - Berwick Rangers (Loan) Jack McMillan - Partick Thistle (Loan) Steven Saunders - Partick Thistle Henk van Schaik - Dumbarton (Loan) Ages as of 31/05/18
  13. Killie v Cowdenbeaths conquerors

    Didn't Defoe say something about how he never dives? He isn't even good at it
  14. Hearts v Livi

    I've missed this.