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  1. 1. Celtic 2. Rangers 3. Motherwell 4. Hibernian 5. Aberdeen 6. Livingston 7. St Johnstone 8. Kilmarnock 9. St Mirren 10. Dundee United 11. Hamilton Accies 12. Ross County
  2. The sooner grass pitches are banned the better.
  3. Well would you look at that, playing a shite formation to cram in some defenders instead of playing to your strengths doesn't work. Shocker.
  4. Whichever muppet is commentating the St Mirren v Livi game keeps Scott Robertson instead of Scott Robinson, done enough research to know he was the youngest Hearts debutant, so f**k knows how he keeps getting it wrong. We've also apparently got Dom Thomas refereeing rather than Don Robertson.
  5. Not even watching it, but get one of the CBs off and bring on Souda or Tiffoney. We're much better playing 4-2-3-1.
  6. Almost an hour and no one's chimed in with something along the lines of "no Livi fans watch any other game"? Disappointing. You'd think they'd just say it's not available rather than waiting until the last minute to announce you can get access on the day. Who do they think they are? Livingston?
  7. I'll be surprised if this isn't a score draw.
  8. If Rangers are getting ~£20m for Morelos, I'd fully expect them to be trying to tempt Steven Fletcher with a decent wage. I can't see them wanting Dykes as first choice, even if they stump up the cash they'd be playing Defoe ahead of him (when fit) and probably bringing in someone else too. Hopefully Dykes considers his playing time with any potential move, seen too many good/young players go to the OF and just rot in the reserves, then end up on loan to someone like Scunthorpe.
  9. This, feel like Forrest would be wasted playing out of position. Think the 4-2-3-1 really suited us last season, giving Pittman a more attacking role and having 2 wingers and 2 full backs to put in crosses worked really well.
  10. Lyndon Dykes is only worth 23 points, Matej Poplatnik gets us 31 so at least we've signed a good replacement if he does go. Maksymilian Stryjek is a whopping 43, some very good business from Livi this summer.
  11. If they want to pretend they're still Rangers then who am I to argue? I don't make the rules here.
  12. I use FlashScores but usually disable it when I'm watching a stream of the game. Watching Livi on the attack, hearing the buzz for a goal, getting excited, watching the other team immediately get the ball up the other end and score. It's not worth the disappointment.
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