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  1. I quite liked the alternate timeline stuff but it was all a bit pointless. Not too bad an episode in the end, enjoyed this season so far.
  2. 42 team league, play everyone twice, sack the league cup and challenge cup, have a summer break and play it over a calendar year. Just think of the scenes when the likes of Hearts, St Mirren, and Kilmarnock end up having to battle their way out of League 1 the season after.
  3. I don't think Celtic would win the title if the season played to an end. Far too many points to play for to just hand it to them.
  4. Not surprising considering who posted it then.
  5. 4-2-3-1 please. I don't mind if we have to drop Ambrose or Brown, we should be playing our best/most effective formation. Against teams who are more likely to pump us that's 3 at the back, against everyone else it's not. Would go with this on Sunday, assuming everyone's available: Schofield Devlin - Guthrie - Ambrose - ATS Bartley - Sibbald Lawless - Pittman - Souda Dykes Menga to come off the bench and send the entire Hearts team on their arse and pass the ball in the net. Again.
  6. Good episode. Sorry, forgot that's not allowed on P&B. Awful, filler, never watching again etc etc
  7. I like it. Will look lovely as Robertson holds the European Championship trophy above his head.
  8. Alan Lithgow's season is over. https://livingstonfc.co.uk/alan-lithgow-injury-update/
  9. Edinburgh City haven't played against any of those teams this season, so I'm not sure why this is relevant. They also play in the diddiest of the diddy leagues. Delete this. Anyway, onto the real football teams, 7-5 Livi. Halkett with all the goals.
  10. I think you're supposed to say 'nan'.
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