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  1. Craigmark deserved their victory. Can't argue. Our red card was deserved and we didn't really test them. Gutted as unlike others this cup is an important gauge and confidence booster. Anyway, onwards and upwards and well done to the lads at Craigmark
  2. Quick query, does Bathgate Thistle have a social club at the ground for our supporters, committee etc and for post match for the playing staff to have a few drinks for an hour or two? If not is there a recommended pub close by? It's a long while since we have been through! Thanks in advance
  3. The form in the ADL for promotion has always been win 16, lose 3 and draw 3. Generally anything less than that and you're not going up. Darvel, Kello and Winton are the only teams that can currently achieve this target. Maybe this year will be different but the history of the league tells you that will pretty much guarantee you're up. A very interesting run in ahead!!
  4. Can't understand why us and Hurlford have no fixture? Does anybody have an answer to that?
  5. Anytime Fabi, you and your team were a privilege to host! Some team you have there, Junior management must surely be on the cards!
  6. We should say that Ross is a great lad and it's disappointing for all concerned that things haven't worked out. He goes with our best wishes and thanks for all he's done.
  7. Ross Robertson is available for transfer, a mutual agreement between Management Team and player.
  8. Let's not forget the return of the legend that is John Redmond back to his old stomping ground!! The pitch is in great condition, even beating some senior games today! Great effort Gus and team!
  9. Ha ha, you couldn't script it! In fairness, I did order the kit in June! Still, it's a great strip and the lads seem to like it, that's the main thing!!
  10. How can it be a diddy cup with Kilbirnie, Cumnock, Beith and Talbot in the semis!?!?! 4 cracking teams right there, amongst the best in the country! Good luck to the finalists
  11. Came away with a draw from the Dam Park today, probably just about deserved! Whitletts were excellent across the board today and I especially liked the number 2, Andrew I think his second name is. Neil, Jamie and Davie have got the team playing really well, not that I'm surprised, we were gutted to lose big Neil! John Dalton and all the team were excellent and the hospitality shown towards us was first class, even Jean in the kitchen looking out for the young Troon supporters with juice and sweets! I really wish you lads all the best this season, think that's the first time I've said that in about 7 years! A credit to Junior Football and the town of Ayr! Good luck and keep it up lads. Jimmy K
  12. Well Adipure, that being the case I'm really disappointed in Gaz. He sat in the dining room in my house and the conversation was very different than you're saying. Shame that others are dragging his name into it. Given his personal situation, he's even requested in the past that he misses football to work away given the money the lads can earn. That's fact and not conjecture from random people on here. His brother Glen was employed at Gazs request so hopefully none of this nonsense distracts them from real life. People with nothing to lose on here causing trouble for their own ends. Dean Keenan, Dale Moore, Dale Shirkie and Gordon Burns all have to work away and do the night shifts, that's what the job involves. To suggest Gaz is any different no matter where he chooses to play football is quite frankly a joke. Good luck in your rantings!
  13. To be fair, he's got a lot of responsibility on his shoulders for a young guy. Probably fair enough in terms of going pro but sure Junior would still be fine.
  14. Nope, as it stands he's not. I have no idea why he would need to go and play amateur football though?
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