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  1. I think you seem to forget that all officials at any club at this level are supporters that want to get involved with their local club, and do it voluntary! How else would you advertise a position that requires done and bettered ???! Any organisation would advertise this way, so desperation is a clueless word. I think it’s a great idea that would possibly appeal to a person with that skill set and desire to do this that is a local person and would love to get involved trolling and hidden agendas spring to mind in your last two posts
  2. Should that not read treasurer get us over the line 🤔🤣🤣
  3. Must have been a double giro week this week in Tranent 🤣
  4. Hope the treasurer has his phone charged up and fingers are okay the day 😉🤣
  5. Sounds like a bit of jealousy sprouting right out you here. Still hurting max wanted to go to a bigger club I see, and boasting about a virtual cup win wire in, let’s just hope we don’t see you next year ! So refreshing you seem to know everyone else’s business, or guess it I should say. and everyone knows the Tranent sugar daddy, his fingers must be knackered the day
  6. Fairness in sport ?? So Boness gets the same outcome as newtongrange for example ?? Or Liverpool gets what Norwich city get? That’s fairness ?!? why wouldn’t they get money back null and void means exactly that null and void, it never happened ! Sponsors give money to get their business in the limelight for all home games, season ticket holders are due money back, fines need to be given back to clubs from leagues, players need to give goal bonuses back or clean sheet bonuses, your opening up a big can of worms and that’s a legal matter certainly more for pro clubs. Prize money ?!? How do you pay clubs ? Sky sports money ?!? Clubs rely on that, can’t be paid tho because who gets the biggest slice ?? and all clubs are run as business these days so yes you would!
  7. Yes So all the fines for players / clubs are to be paid back, all season tickets to be refunded, all sponsors to get their money back etc etc..... do you not think clubs would all be in financial ruin? there will be very little clubs left
  8. I think if no promotion happens in the lowland/Eos leagues it’s a total mockery of the pyramid system, teams entered into this and have to get licences to be part of the SFA to get into lowland so why should the whole system be promotions in the top leagues and not in the lower leagues. surely there must be a same across the board situation or surely the pyramid system and SFA Licence system is flawed and unworkable. mad for the lowland league and EOS leagues not being together on this again is totally puzzling, isn’t there member of each organisation on each other’s boards ?? it’s like having 6 children and only giving Xmas presents to 4 of them !
  9. So your not happy to shorten this season, but your happy to shorten next season ?? I don’t think anyone, throughout the whole world will play catch up later, it’s happening all over the world and UEFA will sanction it next. promotion and relegation is another conversation for a few weeks time but I personally think finish this one now. There’s a whole lot of subjects to be raised if null and voided that’s for sure and it all involves money which involves legality and no club will want to be part of, who are struggling at the moment with no games and income, not to mention players contracts etc !
  10. Are you living on planet mars !! We have schools closing till sept, we have high street multi million pound businesses going out of business with 100,000’s of jobs going, we have thousands dying and you want to finish a season. when ?? ??
  11. So your saying Liverpool should not win the title, Celtic shouldn’t win the title, Dundee Utd shouldn’t win the title and so on and so on! All these teams would never have been caught you can’t just null and void a season, you crazy?? What about sponsors/tv companies wanting monies back and then voiding contracts with associations, what about player and clubs fines being refunded to clubs, what about prize monies can’t be divided up, my point is a whole lot of clubs would go bust and out the game as well as a lot of associations if null and voided. Any the above is only a percentage of a list of other things that would come into question , season tickets, qualification for future cups etc etc ! Deluded man !
  12. And of course your biased view would nothing to do with your main rivals being top and you not. I think you would have a different view if you were in the BU position right now.
  13. You can’t just void a season. ! It’s as simple as that ! Either it’s played to a finish and the delaying or scrapping of next season but you can’t just scrap a season with a couple of months to go and throw it away! So many different issues with that being sponsors /season tickets/budgets/ contracts prepaid sponsors /licensing etc etc and the list goes on. Nothing of this is done for next season so the scrapping of that or delaying there is no issue. Either that promote who’s at top and no relegation. Means that the best team so far gets promoted and make leagues bigger with more to go down from leagues next season. Scrapping isn’t an option
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