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  1. He has always played off the front or up front against us ! Decent signing ! Always thought he was a thorn against us . Decent decent player
  2. I get it very much and it isn’t a conversation, it was a point I raised about how I wasn’t impressed with your management team just like your first point. That was your opinion and this is mine. Nobody said he wasn’t in the wrong and will no doubt get punished by whatever means he gets punished, I’m simply raising my view that people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Dont throw about statements when your management team are also doing the exact same thing but at the opposition dugout and then take the defensive when someone also makes the same statement about yours ! Have a great day !
  3. Not deflecting anything, if you read post it said wasn’t impressed. From what I hear at least their management team never booted dressing room doors in and caused damage in the dressing room !
  4. Ask yourself why your management team were “annoyed” and got involved at an incident that was to do with the opposition coach and the linesman, had absolutely f-all to do with them whatsoever, at the same time get your one way specs off. From your view point they just stood with a face in them, I think you are having a laugh if you see something different Ban ?!?! He should have been charged !
  5. Not impressed by your management team goading him and others at the time also or did you miss that, especially the wee Gollum looking one that was in need a bowl of soup. Why did they need to get involved ?? The good thing however is that this time none of them tried to deck someone and run away after it, short memories.
  6. I’m sorry, these two wee lads are your responsibility, they come on the team bus and got in with officials so they are your responsibility. Your sugar daddy Matty was a disgrace conducting himself on the equaliser and fully deserved to get the same barrage back on the winner. (Glass houses and all that )
  7. This isn’t anything new. The senior team has done this for about the last 3 or 4 years
  8. How would most Bo'ness Supporters hate Scotland????
  9. Bonnyrigg musselburgh dalkeith easthouses lily tranent haddington blackburn edinburgh utd camelon dunipace croasgates inverkeithing hill field swifts hillof beath dunbar and this looks any better ????
  10. It isn't a new thing, it's been there for many a year. If you buy a memebership you go to an agm and have a say, vote on committee or vote off committee that's the whole point. Everybody is entitled to an opinion, but what I have read over the last few weeks is nothing short of a joke on how people slang off committees. I'm sure that every one of these guys and I do know some and not others, are actually BU supporters, they are from the town. These guys are not business men or this isn't there full time jobs, they do it for the love of the club. I'm sure they won't make decisions to harm the club. Im not complaining people are expressing an opinion or a view but what I totally don't understand is the name calling and slanging off when the people slanging them off isn't prepared to either take up the post themselves, or even interested in paying a £5 and having a say, or bringing the opinions to the table for all to discuss. Ive been on a committee, a few years ago now right enough, but it's a thankless task so I have sympathy, holding a job, family, and getting constantly barraged for trying to do something for the club, that they not doubt support just as much as you do.
  11. Was that not the point of the meeting last night to explain ???? I'm led to believe it's not the committees decision and it's the members, might be wrong but that's what I'm reading. What I can see that there is a lot of keyboard warriors on here calling everybody for everything but none are members and not interested in being members and voice their opinion at a meeting called by any club to voice opinions. Whats the point at shouting on a forum and not actually putting your concerns at a meeting that was called by either of the clubs??? Or even better join the committee ? Observation
  12. And what was your thoughts if you were there Aggy Doo ?
  13. Just a question. Are you guys not members ??
  14. Players certainly earn their wages at this time of year. Every player not just boness players to play 3 games a week after working all week must be a kilker! Fair play for both sets for putting on a decent game in difficult conditions
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