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  1. Sure thing anonymous internet person. How much would you recommend I invest into the Go Fund Me account you set up by yourself with no official club involvement?
  2. It was probably up there with some of my favourite moments as a Brechin fan. Darren Dods had just taken over as manager and was given about a fortnight to assemble a squad after Ray McKinnon had left for Raith. Our season started as horribly and as predicted we found ourselves bottom of the league. We were looking doomed but we galvanised. It all started with a 4-0 home win against Forfar and it sent us on a run like we had not seen before. We won 8 of our last 10 games (the games we lost were against a rampant Dunfermline and away at Cowden, but we could well have won that). It just seemed like at that time we were not going down, we fought for everything and the fans got right behind it. The season culminated with us beating an already relegated Forfar, and we all enjoyed singing along with Wagner. Hopefully we can pull off similar again!
  3. Cheers. I was wondering this as it was happening but I suppose the advantage rule makes sense.
  4. What about if Man City had scored? Does the goal stand or is it taken back for the penalty?
  5. You went quite radge on my family and you were very wrong to do so. I would like a full apology. At least 50 words. Go.
  6. Well that’s a bit of a half arsed apology.
  7. Here is a pic of me and my wee boy having a kick about at half time. Still awaiting your apology
  8. This is clearly aimed at me, but I think it is you who should “find out the facts”. I was at the game with my 2 year old son and was most definitely not involved in anything. I await your apology.
  9. Hoddle with an absolute word salad there.
  10. It's not diving if your English. It's going down too easily...
  11. I hadn't even noticed the colour not being properly red until someone pointed it out at the game today. The shirt doesn't seem to match the trim on the shorts and socks. The short sleeve version looks better though. And yes, the hedge is immaculate!
  12. I didn't think we had played since we were in the third division either and had totally forgotten about that cup game. Looks like it was more memorable for O'Neill than anyone else. Aye, the other games were friendlies.
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