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  1. St Mirren v Sellick

    that's what i meant
  2. i can't see the jambos folding until ibrox
  3. St Mirren v Sellick

    clear red card and the ref gave him benefit of the doubt when he jersey pulled earlier. No complaints about the decision. Ref got many decisions incorrect after that which seemed to mainly favour St. Mirren - but there were no major calls to be made so zero complaints. The ref didn't make it a shitfest, it was the 2 managers that done that. I think we'd talk about Dallas a lot less if his dad wasn't the supreme ***. Would the red card be challenged so much if any other referee?
  4. St Mirren v Sellick

    if teams knew they were up against 10 men, then i'd imagine most would win or draw using their best players at retaining the ball.
  5. St Mirren v Sellick

    He should have been sent off before that if the referee booked for the jersey pull earlier which was clear Think the ref was pretty shit aside from that, but there were no real major calls he got wrong and we weren't robbed
  6. Uefa plans third European club competition from 2021

    in Europa League's current form, with any teams from the top nations involvement - it's the 3rd place drop ins that make it interesting
  7. The Correct punishment ??

    Laws of the game are pretty clear on this. Red card is the correct decision.
  8. Dentist

    my old dentist got arrested for frauding the NHS... doing home visits apparently =)))))))))))
  9. Dentist

    i'll phone yer maw n da, they'll drag u
  10. Dentist

    da f**k.... u need to go now
  11. Dentist

    got a new dentist, seen him last week.... he's a Keto Bro.... says i have inflamation from too many carbs and sugar free energy drinks. I was borderline vegan for a while so maybe he has a point.
  12. Sectarianism

    If it "never happened" then it would be very different