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  1. but how much money is it worth? Obviously for micro clubs like Hamilton it matters but for Aberdeen, Hibs type clubs, is it a meaningful difference?
  2. so you hate Celtic because you hate catholics? oddly.... your comment is completely out of sync with the other comments in thread at that time.
  3. Aberdeen, winners of 2 European trophies in my lifetime are diddies?
  4. angry little man, you need some love in your life.
  5. absolutely gutted that he was onside after all. gutted i say.
  6. he's picking up a weegie accent as well. Pleasing!
  7. they had a lot of half chances, Morelos was swinging at everything.
  8. Morgan played there in previous games (including one in the Europa League) and did fine. You can't really blame Lennon for expecting more from him today. there's a big difference between playing in a front 3 to playing up top on your own. 4231 only works when you have a player capable of taking and keeping the ball under pressure up front. Morgan isn't a bad player, but his first touch isn't one of his best assets and TBH i don't know how Lenny can't see that.
  9. can't be "absolute shite" if one of our players was "outstanding". defensively we were good, only moment of really bad defending was when we gave the penalty away but the wee man will learn from that I am sure
  10. I wonder Vicky, do most members realise the clown act is an act. I agree with your post above however the average fan wont. They will think that Gerry was unlucky cause Rangers compressed Celtic narrowly into their own third and press forced them to play long balls and that with all the "chances" created Rangers should have won.... totally forgetting that only one long ball has to stick with Rangers midfield being too far forward. Rangers didn't know when working tactics that Morgan would be the CF and struggle with direct balls and that the Rangers chances created, although numerous were not absolute stick ons. If a fit French Eddy started it would have been more than 1-0 Missing the penalty and his all round behaviour probably cost Rangers and Alfredo big for the upcoming transfer window. I think Lenny fucked up today as well.... not in playing Morgan, but in going back to 3 players behind a striker. Morgan works well in a front 3, but alone he just doesn't function playing up front alone. Mikey has the exact same problem.
  11. if the 2nd best team suddenly go into admin and a fire sale kicks off, they wont be 2nd best anymore.
  12. IMhO a cup final is a cup final and most fans will be interested anyway.
  13. looks like Putin pumped Elton John and that was the baby
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