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  1. in this match everyone should be.
  2. I suppose it's like I hate the tories, kanye west and ben shapiro but i'm interested in what shite they're coming up out with next.
  3. not much chat about the actual game. at least this thread isn't full of young celtic fans with huntitlement syndrome bending the rules (of?) to claim McGregor was onside, or even that Beaton is some Celtic hater just because he's a ref.
  4. Dundee vs. Sevco - 9/12/18

    Even Accies fans would raise more than the **** did to save their club despite having a pathetic sized fanbase. The **** walked away and let their club die. i miss rangers a wee bit, there was a better standard of *** in those days i miss dunfermline and Sammy the Tammy more though.
  5. Aberdeen v Livi

    I don't think Aberdeen can achieve another treble of 2nd place finishes this season.
  6. Dundee vs. Sevco - 9/12/18

    happiest I've ever seen him.
  7. European Super League - Cartel

    Football Manager 2019 editor forum for this pish
  8. Probably because they know that the morons that make up the Green Brigade and thousands of other plastic paddys would throw their toys out the pram and cause all sorts of bother for them. were you not a Celtic fan last month? personally, i couldn't give a f**k if you wear a poppy or "stick it up your arse" - people wearing it as some sort of national pride thing are scumbags as the people boo during a minutes silence for the poor conscripts that died for absolutely nothing are every bit as bad if not worse.
  9. Who Else ‘Has It Coming’.

    close, McIntyre def in top 10 1. Simon Cowell
  10. Who Else ‘Has It Coming’.

    he'd be the 2nd person sent to the camps if i was in charge
  11. Who Else ‘Has It Coming’.

    he's a Celtic fan from before he was a player.
  12. Who Else ‘Has It Coming’.

    i never knew Conor was rapey thanks Bo