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  1. Beadling at right midfield, Kiltie upfront McCann on the left? Honestly clueless
  2. Recently was on Jury Duty for an Assault. Was the same finger pointing with use of CCTV that clearly could ID the defendants, nor once thoroughly questioned did the witnesses. Will have to see how this goes though and judge him based on that
  3. Not felt this sort of apathy towards the team since Kenny. The Killie fans did warn us about Jim
  4. I've had a couple posts deleted today and in recent weeks... Any idea which admin it is?
  5. Looked to have clearly gotten the ball from the Norrie.
  6. Won't be back till at least early February I think
  7. Agreed, we were utterly howfing in both away legs. Not one player could say they had a good game after either. Potts was probably our best defender in the away Alloa leg anyway, with Young and Millen gifting them goals from all over the shop. Potts might be slow and a bit lightweight, but he is an intelligent player
  8. Might just get one if the badge and Joma sigils are embroidered this year rather than stuck on
  9. Have 2 Fri-Sun Camping TITP Tickets, looking for £180 each, preferably sold as a pair (PM if interested)
  10. If that statement is correct then shit is about to hit the fan
  11. .net has been pretty embarrassing for years now but these past few weeks...good god, what did Honk get banned for ffs?
  12. Just found out about all this 10mins ago. Ryan and Paul have acted like a pair of fannies, end of. They shouldn't be sacked like some hyperbolic individuals think. Fine them, Ryan get's whatever he gets, and move on with them severely warned.
  13. Rob, I've always wanted us to look for the future, but there's that, then there's being completely inept in the transfer window and signing no centre halfs
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