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  1. I think I might just take up stamp collecting tbh.
  2. It's almost worth getting relegated for the memes alone tbh.
  3. I hope you've all got the plates of confidence looked out for this one.
  4. I saw loads of plates being stacked in the home dressing room, not sure if that has anything to do with it....
  5. It was a really really generous price tbh, I expected Inverness to be slightly odds on when the book opened. Safe to say I've placed a sizeable wager.
  6. Inverness been backed in from 7/4 to below Evens, wouldn't surprise me if that was even lower before tomorrow. Hard to turn down PHREE MONEH
  7. You're getting sacked in the Morning Fiscal Year, You're getting sacked in the Morning Fiscal Year, etc etc
  8. Would rather Crawfords dog 'manage' us than Brian Rice tbh.
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