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  1. Just watched the unplugged and it's absolutely amazing. Obviously the sound engineering going on is helping him sound as good as he does. But it's sooo magnificent. Finally he nails an unplugged, whilst Bonehead nails his second. The Xfm gig he did on his birthday is on YouTube as well, and it's a belter.
  2. The season we got relegated saw us missing loads of penalties. I remember one particular shocker from the saviour John Paul McBride at the ormond end against someone. That's Stevie back in the game now tho, onwards and upwards.
  3. You've called that spot on, Jamma my man. It is soooo like driving south. 56 days till Aberdeen....
  4. 350+ appearances for Tayside's top team. That's all you need to know.
  5. Bombscare Joe and Ragin Ricky? With two young, sexy as f**k CBs and Sexy Scott at LB, we'll be fine.
  6. Probably the best post made in here this week.
  7. I'm fairly certain that Steve, and Geoff before him, would happily walk away if a suitable bidder came in for the club. It might be on the "Season To Renember" video, but I'm sure Geoff has basically said as much. If we could actually turn the football side into a fraction of our off field success, we'd be a highly attractive business opportunity. Geoff was the custodian, Steve had the chance to take us forward. Sadly he fucked it.
  8. The Championship isn't a seaside league, you utter pleb. Infact, given you spent a couple seasons down there far more recently than us, I'd have thought you'd have known that.
  9. The MTV unplugged is simply outstanding. If you disagree, it's for one of two reasons... Or both. 1. You just go out your way to hate on the King. 2. You haven't listened to it.
  10. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] We'll have fun, in division 1 (championship)
  11. Shame that this brilliant idea will never be considered
  12. Hemmings will be announced before the weekend.
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