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  1. That's the point, we shouldn't be anywhere near them. If being able to spot underperformance makes me an awful supporter, I can't imagine what you'd call me when we're really shite. Anyway, I'm all for having reasoned debate on here, but until you show signs of being capable to do so, I'll leave you too it.
  2. Well, he is. We're 8th when we could comfortably be in the top 6. He'll get a bit grace this season due to how close we came to the drop in 21/22, but he's stifling us. But you obviously know better, Bino. As for today. United are garbage. You never dream you'll actually see a winner like that in person, but to actually have it today was priceless. What a complete clown. To then go off 'injured' is a complete minter. All in all, pleasing to come away with the win and maybe we can start to look bit upwards again.
  3. Booze? You'd need LSD to see any kind of exciting performance from us. Doesn't change the fact I expect us to shitehouse 3 points tomorrow and gives Davidson the justification he seeks. It's a sad state of affairs that I even say this, I'm not alone either, but I'd be happy to come on here tomorrow and be wrong if it gets him out the door.
  4. As for the game, I predicted a disastrous win for us earlier in the week. With the passing of time, this feeling has become a feverent belief that it shall occur. The manager, he's a bellend. But the players, mon lads. You're better than he's making you out to be.
  5. Let's all remember this the next time one of your lot gets upset about Alan Main.
  6. I've a horrible feeling we'll somehow win and be stuck with Davidson longer.
  7. I heard Zander knocked him out in training. So probably just going to be checked over.
  8. The players are not bad players. This squad could do okay if they weren't being coached to be so fucking negative. I've long thought he should go, but I'm. Not one to scream it from the stands. At full time today that changed, I can't continue to watch this. I don't mind losing, but to just set up like this week after week and offer nothing in an attacking sense when most of the teams in the league are beatable is just criminal. Bair does look hopeless for most part, he's never gonna get a chance to score the way we play though. Halberg playing deep when he showed last season how useful he can be further forward. You can't just hope Carey or Murphy will produce the magic, if they were capable of doing that consistently they'd not be with us. The only positives I can take so far is the defence doesn't look nearly as bad as I feared it would. Mitchell has been a fantastic signing and Considine, despite his inability to run, has been pretty solid. Can't say much about the keeper as he's not really had much to do in the 3 games that matter. And as has been mentioned above, horrible to see the scenes before the match and fear it wasn't the best outcome, but I know I'd like to go doing something I loved, so there's that small mercy.
  9. Cheers for those, it's great trying to spot yourself in some of them. Even more delighted to find the march photos, my wee bro is the kid wearing the "see you Jimmy" at the front of it. The local press ran a picture of him getting off the charter flight in the tammy as well. I'm pretty sure @soulfulsaint got a few with him in the chartered Hotel as well, it would be brilliant to get those as too.
  10. The Music at Temple Newsam, Leeds yesterday. This was the gig they had originally reformed for and I was always making the pilgrimage to see them on home soil. It was never gonna be as good as the Barras on Tuesday, however that shouldn't detract anything from what was another excellent performance and fantastic gig.
  11. I'll add further to a few hours ago at the Barras. Fucking. Hell. What a performance. That was special.
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