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  1. Trainers

    I could probably get away with the 8.5, but I'll hold off a bit. They'll be available for less on a month or two I'm sure. Thanks the shout tho! If you love the stripes and you're on twitter, give man_savings a follow. Ive got most of my modest collection from sales he's posted. My winter Stockholms are the current choice, goretex trainers, f**k yeah!
  2. Trainers

    Those Broomfields are really smert. They're on my wish list as well as the mallisons. Keep missing them in my size. Did get the blue Munchen Spezials though, which are excellent. Green ones next I think.
  3. St Johnstone FC Thread

    It's imperative we make sure that when he does go, there's a clause in it that we get something more when he's earned caps. It's the only way we're ever going to benefit from a call up.
  4. St Johnstone FC Thread

    Ive seen it on twitter as well, but just what do they base the claim that the Australian league is superior to ours on? "The Australian league is no joke"
  5. St Johnstone FC Thread

    Aye, he'll be gutted when he retires and thinks to himself "if only I'd signed for a big club like Dundee, imagine the medals I'd have won". Must be terrible for him, only having a Scottish Cup winners medal and a Diddy one or two from his time at newco. Still, he'll be able to comfort himself in knowing that he gave Dundee their biggest day in decades. 3/4/19 O'Halloran to relegate the Dee.
  6. St Johnstone FC Thread

    The war chest is never ending by the looks of it. What an absolouty outrageous signing.
  7. St Johnstone FC Thread

    Was that the same game where Tommy Burns went clean through, lobbed Rhodes, but it then bounced over the bar? If so, I remember Killie bringing a huge support for that, which was even more impressive as it was a midweek.
  8. All things Dundee FC

    Nah, they were admin number one. Number two was Melvile. Three won't be too far away at this rate though.
  9. This thread needs Captain Sensible.
  10. St Johnstone FC Thread

    I'm surprised we're now hitting the highest wages in our history. Infact I'm highly sceptical. In the SPL days I'd have had us shelling out more than now. We paid £125k for JP McBride for gods sake.
  11. Meal Deals

    I'll echo a few points here. Lack of morrisons stores in Central areas is baws, because their deal is outrageous on the value And quality fronts. Why is a Mexican baguette deal, 10p more expensive than any other? I usually go ham and cheese, latte and throw in a sausage roll for £3.95. Was £3.90 till the other week when the rolls went up 5p. Anyway, that's not the point, I clearly need to try one of these Mexican delights. As for tesco, no way. Never.
  12. St Johnstone FC Thread

    Unsure what you mean, so I'll answer both.... 'Mad about' meaning interested in = Streaming games, Pro Evo being the current fave I think. 'Mad about' meaning raging = Probably some wee kid gubbing him at Pro Evo. Either way, computer games.
  13. Meal Deals

    Sainsburys used to have their finest sandwiches in deal, they were the Kings at the time. Fucking idiots changing it. As for the Boots one, it's been a while since I had one, but the wee Mars bar crispy cake they do is sensational. It made the rather bland sandwiches well worth it. You can make decent savings on their fancy juices too. The only deal I reguraly use now is Greggs, simply so I can get lunch and a coffee without spending a fortune everyday. Baguette, coffee £3. Morrisons is pretty good too, their finer sandwiches are Dece and as mentioned above, 'salad boxes'.
  14. St Johnstone FC Thread

    Post it or PM it. You can't do this to us!