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  1. I agree that it seems inevitable, but you never know. It didn't make much sense to me as an outsider for Burntisland Shipyard to be the only Fife team in the EoS for years and years when there were umpteen Junior teams on their doorstep. It could have been to keep their Scottish Cup entry, but Girvan were always a precedent in having membership of SFA and SJFA at the same time, so I'm not sure it was that. Anyway, it would be an interesting, if odd, mirror image situation if one of the Fife Juniors refused to move even while everyone else left.
  2. I counted 42 at Arbroath Vics-Lochee Harp yesterday.
  3. 38 at Nairn St. Ninian - Montrose Roselea in the first half
  4. I counted 154 at Pumpherston - Armadale at the start of the second half this afternoon.
  5. Very late I know, but I did a headcount of 114 at the Dundonald-Whitehill game on 26 October.
  6. I thought you guys were going to change your name to Ayr Whitletts Victoria for this season - has that plan been abandoned?
  7. Now that the structure of the remaining East Juniors has been agreed for next season, does anyone know how many league games are planned for each division? 2x each other team? 3x? The 8-team Premier North might even manage 4x.
  8. That sounds an excellent idea to make the best of what they are left with. Much too imaginative, I fear, though. I suspect making sure that all the first round of fixtures are completed before the split will be too difficult, although it shouldn't be if they use the league cup as a buffer between the two halves of the season.
  9. Did either of the Potts or Tweedie cups run this season just finished (2018-19)?
  10. Your best bet is probably Traveline Scotland , I think.
  11. Cheers! Arbroath Vics and Forfar Albion are playing next week (6 Apr), so they are surely in the last group with Brechin. That leaves: Coupar Angus, Scone, Lochee Harp, Dundee Violet, Luncarty and Dundee NE in the last two groups, in some configuration or other.
  12. Thanks very much, that's very helpful indeed. Do you know the make-up of the other groups (in either cup)?
  13. Does anyone know whether the format of the East Region League Cups (aka the Thorntons East Region League Cup and the Consolation League Cup) has been announced anywhere? All 36 clubs left in the East Region after the mass defection were divided into twelve sections of three clubs at the beginning of the season: teams played the other teams in the section twice, giving four matches for each team. This stage has recently finished, with the 12 group winners continuing to the next round, and the 24 other teams being punted into the Consolation Cup. So far so good, but now things get a bit murkier. I thought I had seen that the League Cup was going into a second group stage, but can't find any details on the East Region website (4 groups of 3 teams? Teams playing each other once or twice?) What is the makeup of the groups? Presumably then the four winners of this stage would go into semi-finals? I haven't found anything about the Consolation Cup, except that a couple of fixtures have been announced for 6 April (Arbroath Vics - Forfar Albion and Bathgate-Whitburn). Are these 24 teams playing in another group stage as well? If so, how many groups (4 x 6 teams, 8 x 3 teams?) and who is in them? How many subsequent rounds are there (quarters? straight to semis?) Or is the consolation cup a knockout with 8 ties and 8 byes? Whatever it is, there are going to be a lot of games to cram into May and June to get these cups finished!
  14. Very happy to see that 54 people saw Vale of Leithen beat Edusport 5-4! :-)
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