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  1. From what i heard the boy thats coming on loan apparently is Jack Mckay Leeds Utd under21. Dont know much of him but i think hes scottish.
  2. As an Airdrie supporter i would be interested to hear your views on Daniel Boateng? Played with you a few seasons back. Signed for us today and never heard of him if im honest, thanks!
  3. To be fair, There is a footballer inside Mcaleer when he can be bothered. Most of the time he cant so whats why he was rotten last year. Full time might do him the world of a good!
  4. What was the script with the boy Kevin Schmidt that played for Stranraer last season? Did he not get a chance? Signed for us tonight. Us being Airdrie
  5. Gow was still registered for Falkirk before they coughed up the cash for him. No doubt it will go to tribunal in which we"ll get pennies for. On to tonight, its hard not to like wotherspoons plans. He emphasised how much he wants Airdrie to play "fitbaw",He talks a good game. Kevin Mcbride came across well also as he was talking about this season being all about attack. They were saying every player they sign will be championship quality. Boy that scored two against us at annan... Kevin Schmidt? is expected to sign. He is very aware we need a centre back. Regarding ian king he simply said it was to cut out the middle man, the relationship between both had run course.pretty much sums up the night
  6. Loudon got a head knock in the closed door game against Morton so i would say thats the more likely reason for him not playing in the friendlies. Nothing to do with ability
  7. I always thought getting rid of O'neil strange. As it was clear to see he was our best home grown talent we had. Best right back we had at Airdrie, Weatherspoon made a point of bringing through home grown talent and this season we have saw O'neil, Watt, Cadden and even Bain leave. Strange to say the least. Mcintosh looks certain to make a break through this year though
  8. Mcintosh and Higgins certainly were standouts last week and have been tipped to be in the team. Mcintosh especially thought he looked really good on the ball
  9. I would rather top myself than watch him every week. Last game of the season proved he is never a footballer!
  10. The trialist we had has signed and waiting international clearance so im led to believe. He looked quite good on the ball and a very attacking minded midfielder which is pleasing. thought the young lad mcintosh? Looked the real deal but you cant take much from these friendlies as we were up against a poor gala team
  11. Yeah, James Daly! Played together with Gorman at Drogheda in Ireland. Didnt play many games by the looks of it with them as he broke his leg in training thats about all i could see.
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