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  1. is that trial offer serious? im game...love all the houses boys
  2. my comment was merely an opinion, i am no longer a Leith player so matters not a jot to me houses 10. ps enjoy polishing that empty trophy cabinet, as Mourinho once said "specialists in failure" comes to mind!! Rap Baget
  3. Been a while since I've posted a FACT but this is most definitely the right time for one. THE EOS AND ITS BOARD IS AN ABSOLUTE FARCE...FACT!!
  4. http://www.leithathleticfc.com/index.php/news/623-1st-team-season-summary-17-05-15/
  5. Sincerist apologies to easthouses yesterday for the result and lack of run we gave you yesterday, I can assure you we all tried our best and just weren't good enough on the day. As regards complaints about team selection etc, all il say is you played your strongest 11 against them with everything to play for and got beat 5-0, I rest my case your honour! Ps keep refreshing my mcbookie account but nothing is happening, has any other leith players had this problem? ???? Rap baget(retired gambling syndicate chairman)
  6. "He's saying all the right things to make me bite like feck. Toiling like, lol. It does make you think what their thinking is. Just frustrating there's nothing we can do. If we lose the league I can deal with it, it's all just how they go about it. Let's just see what side he puts out first. If they get pumped more than 5 then that's where I'll kick off." The thoughts of Easthouses legend Gavin Tainsh who accidentally emailed wrong person, cant wait to see their faces when we're 4-0 down at half time Rap Baget(international fraudster at work and now chairman of this weekends gambling syndicate on Lothian at 5/4)
  7. having been ruled out of the title race today the Leith boys are now free to go on their end of season trip to Benidorm next week. They have a few 20's players that can play but if anyone could help out please contact Tam Currie on 07575848655 or PM me on here. Thanks in advance. Oh and good luck to both Easthouses and Lothian next week. Rap Baget
  8. Well done Easthouses today...deserved victory! Get well soon dad of 3 x
  9. Not at all, my posts are only for a laugh and to wind up Gav T who is actually a good friend of mine and has been for many years. If I was genuinely being derogatory towards Easthouses I would use one of my other 14 alias' What Easthouses have achieved is exceptional and i'm full of respect for them...FACT!! They do however take it too far with the referees and I can see why so many of them buckle under the pressure because it is an intense pressure and scrutiny on every decision the ref makes. However that's what works for them so I say carry on and do whatever gives you the best chance of winning! Rap Baget(I love you too Gav but stay off the Smirnoff Ice's )
  10. Your right I was fortune, just instrumental in both goals and on the winning team! Now I'm no one for posting FACTS but that's 3 times leith have played hooses and they've no lost yet...FACT!! Rap baget(does anyone know I'm euan Campbell, I thought it was a secret ????) #hidingbehindmykeyboard
  11. I would just like to put on record that everything said about Easthouses Lily recently is not true, they are nothing but a credit to their small village and the brand of football they play is a joy to watch for all neutrals. I'd strongly recommend getting along to watch them sometime if you haven't already. Rap Baget(Easthouses number 1 fan, I hope the feeling is mutual )
  12. Another defeat for the hooses on Tuesday and yet another late goal conceded, hardly surprising considering the squads average weight is 16stone and that includes the bulimic 6 stone Gavin tainsh!! The leagues over lads, just get back on the morellis diet Rap baget(chairman of the leith fat club)
  13. Is that the same Euan Campbell that has 4 Alex Jack winners medals, 3 promotions and is Leiths all time record goalscorer??? He must be shite!! The Leith jealousy must stop now...FACT!! I'm sure there will be a lot of people out there hoping we fail this season but regardless how many trophies we win we have achieved something most people never thought possible..., we've got Riddel a bird Rap Baget(EOS legend, P&B legend and official conqueror of Cheltenham Day 1)
  14. Now that Gavin Tainsh has single handedly cost his team the title by missing a couple of sitters on Saturday and Easthouses indiscipline has FINALLY caught up with them, is it now a 2 horse race for the premier division title? Lothian are still favourites having 7 of their last 8 games at home but think it will go down to the last day of the season with Leith and Lothian playing each other. Rap Baget
  15. You know its bad when everyone is talking about how they would hate for Easthouses Lily to be representing the EOS as league champions. Without their bullying of referees and underhand tactics they wouldnt be where they are today #naetalent #gang #wouldratherplayforhawick Rap baget(good read gav )
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