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  1. Delighted with that. Hopefully him signing a two year deal is a sign that Duffy fancies staying around.
  2. A hard no from me. I’ve seen him for Thistle a few times and he has no positional discipline anymore and goes searching for the ball when the team is struggling. Delighted with Wardrop, if he’s anywhere near as good as his first spell it’s a great bit of business.
  3. I think the appropriate phrase is: don’t let the b*****ds grind you down.
  4. I know you can't pick and choose, but if you take out the 6 goals from the Falkirk game we compare pretty well with those around us in the table. It's clear though that we'll have to continue scoring a decent number or we'll be in real trouble.
  5. I think it may be one of those situations where he faces an outsized number of shots. I suspect his save percentage would be fairly low. Also, I assume it counts as a save when he palms one out straight to an opposition striker.
  6. I was somehow unaware that big Isaac wasn't signed up for the whole season. I wouldn't have credited this thought during pre-season, but that could have left us in a really bad way.
  7. The best two strikers across the two days are currently losing. I loved Prunty, but come on...
  8. Credit to both teams there. Raith had that wee bit of extra quality, Elgin took what few chances came their way well.
  9. For me he’s thrown himself in with no hope of winning the ball. Sure he made a half hearted attempt to pull out, but his own reaction tells you he knows it could be given as a red.
  10. This Raith performance absolutely sums up most teams in League One this season. Capable going forward, suspect at the back.
  11. It was reckless, so it’s a red and will have been at any point in at least the last decade.
  12. Of the keepers that made the final Grindlay is easily the worst from a pure ability point of view. As has been said though I’m not exactly surprised he won, particularly as Martin and Rogers are fairly evenly matched so probably split the vote of those voting based purely on ability. For what it’s worth I think Martin was the best all round keeper. Rogers could be outstanding (I always felt he’d save a penalty) but also had the odd horror show in him, I still have nightmares about him pumping the ball high into the wind in a 4-0 defeat to Queen of The South. For all the talk of a goalkeeper debate at the time, Jazza saw Grindlay off with ease in the end. Edit: Just wanted to say it was a fantastic segment on A View From The Terrace last night. The Young Sons did themselves proud and everybody else really shone the club in a good light.
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