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  1. I see Michael Paton has secured himself a one year deal with Queen of the South...
  2. Last season’s top was a Frankenstein’s monster of a kit that didn’t know what it wanted to be. At least this one knows it wants to be black and gold stripes.
  3. I’d be happy with the home top as an away top. Any variation on predominantly white with some black and gold on it would have done for the home kit, so long as it wasn’t a Frankenstein kit like last season’s.
  4. I would also accept this but in our colours. We may as well look stylish while getting papped out of the division.
  5. Personally I tend to get the kit these days when it’s not honking (see last year’s efforts) and view it as a way of kicking some extra money (however little) into the club as I mainly go to away games. If nothing else I need a steady rotation of tops to play 5s in.
  6. Let’s have some wild kit speculation to take our minds off the impending disaster. I can’t make my mind up if Verona’s third kit is too much like a rugby top or not. It still might be nice in our colours just as something a bit different though.
  7. A combination of my age at the time and the fact he only appears to have played 3 games may have contributed to me being unaware of this.
  8. Have we ever had a player who spent time in the lower reaches of Italian football play for us before? https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/faal-muhammadu/profil/spieler/460299
  9. Seeing as the Duffman has no signings lined up, how about some kit news? Hopefully we can at least do better than last year’s effort.
  10. Trying to look at this in a positive light, it maybe means Duffy has seen enough of some of the jobbers that have been training with us. Of course from a negative point of view that means Duffy is still scrambling around to get the right quality signed up.
  11. I wonder how many people would pay good money to be an unused sub all season?
  12. I only saw Nisbet a few times for us, but whenever he was played up top he looked useful. The only problem was nobody was close enough to him for him to be able to work anything. Aitken’s tactics only ever really worked when Nade could hold on to the ball long enough for Thomson, or Stirling to break past for Nade to play a reverse ball into. It’s no shame on any other striker that they can’t hold on to the ball as long as Nade...
  13. It’s been fascinating listening to an evening of Aitken’s platitudes. I’m hardly surprised we were so uninspiring during his time in charge given his contributions tonight.
  14. I won’t disagree with anything that you say, but we still have exactly one starting eleven which genuinely works and Duffy has managed to get results even when forced to field a different team. While yesterday was turgid, we swapped personnel and formation at the last minute and still got a result. I’m impressed that Duffy identified that Seagall could do a job in midfield (whisper it, but he’s our most versatile player since Chissy) and fundamentally I feel that if Duffy keeps us up he deserves a chance to build a team and try and get us out of this league in our preferred direction next season. More realistically, scrapping around in this division is our level. Our time in the championship was wonderful, but I’ve spent more time watching us trying to escape the bottom tier than I have watching us trying to survive in the championship...
  15. Without wanting to be too harsh on Dowie, I actually think he’s been a large part of our problems over the past couple of seasons. He’s so slow that the defence had to sit very deep, this had the effect of dragging the midfield backwards, or having a large gap between midfield and the defence. It also tended to leave our (typically) one striker very isolated. That was fine when we had Nade as he could hold the ball up until the team could get up the pitch, even when he was clearly finished. None of our other strikers could do this though. Broadly speaking, I’m cautiously optimistic that this is a good thing.
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