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  1. This competition is basically a set of friendlies for us. To not realise that and to not take into account the Covid situation is wild. I stand by what I said earlier this is an encouraging performance overall. The big question is still who will score the goals for us, but we have more than enough about us to create chances even against stronger opposition.
  2. I don’t mind Muir going forwards. If he could either sit in a bit more or, ideally, get back fast when he loses the ball, that’d be nice though. He’s leaving Buchanan more than a little exposed so far.
  3. My first time watching us under Faz tonight and I’m pleasantly surprised. We’re not doing anything too fancy, just keeping it simple and largely keeping it on the deck. Duffyball this is not. Edit: sorry, my fault.
  4. If this was available for us and we didn’t pick it that’s criminal.
  5. Once more. A team of Chissies. Please.
  6. I’m really pleased with this squad building. I think we’re a top class striker and maybe another winger / wide midfielder away from having a pretty good starting eleven on paper. It’s night and day from Duffy’s recruitment.
  7. Yeah it makes me think Carswell is slated to play centre back or Geggan right back.
  8. Anyone know what formation Faz likes to play? Looks like a Geggan and Carsy double pivot, or else the third player in a 3 will need to do a lot of running.
  9. No thanks on Durnan, Robert Jones conned him into getting sent off.
  10. He’s another body with a winning mentality which is no bad thing. Hopefully we balance the age profile of the squad though, I’m not sure how many mid-30s players we can afford in a starting eleven.
  11. 11 Chizzies across the pitch. Okay maybe just the 10 and a keeper.
  12. Announce Dobbie. Let’s get the band back together.
  13. You also appear to have got Berbathom to model it for the launch. 😍 Really disappointed that the Sons weren’t in a position to offer him a deal when he was free.
  14. I’m cautiously optimistic about appointing Farrell as manager, particularly given two of the full-time teams in the division elected to appoint Sheerin and Ellis, neither of whom have a better CV on paper so far as I can see. He was involved during the more successful part of Aitken’s reign and should know the standard required at Championship and League One levels. Ultimately it will be our budget that dictates where we finish (to a greater or lesser extent) but I feel like Farrell has the ability to at least extract a bit more from our budget and likely squad than Duffy would have. Edited to add that I’d have serious reservations about Ferguson at Alloa as well. You have to say probably only Murray, Hartley, Young, and Petrie are known trusted quantities as managers in this division. At least two of those have had bad spells too.
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