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  1. Central 1st Division 2017-18

    More to do with the interesting fixture list and cup games, rather than the pitches i'd suggest
  2. Central 1st Division 2017-18

    Still teh Saturday on the fixture list on the SJFA site Tam!
  3. St Roch's F.C. 2017-2018

    Whilst ultimately the players will get the majority of the credit, and rightly so....i believe, the Port Glasgow game aside, their run in form has been amazing, especially considering the squad was at its minimum at time. However, the manager deserves every bit of credit. I remembering hearing when he got the gig, and despite sitting second bottom of the whole pile, i felt it was an great appointment on and off the park...and i'm delighted to have been proven correct. Improved the league position EVERY season he has been at the club. Twice he has rebuilt a team at this club and twice he has then led that team to promotion....and its not always been easy times at James McGrory Park. As i said, the players will rightly receive the plaudits, the committee will shake hands and pat backs, and the supporters will live it up...but for me, right now...here's to Andy.
  4. St Roch's F.C. 2017-2018

    Absolutely amazing work as always Davie. Thanks for posting once again.
  5. Central 1st Division 2017-18

    The middle of the pitch is in fantastic nick for this time of the season.
  6. St Roch's F.C. 2017-2018

  7. St Roch's F.C. 2017-2018

    Wishaw on Monday the 14th May is d-day for us. Wishaw looking like team in form, 15 goals in 3 games. Huge task now but we can do it.
  8. St Roch's F.C. 2017-2018

    Now its been confirmed to me, as it stands goal difference is NOT a concern for St Roch's now, with regards a potential league winner....so 1-0 suits.
  9. St Roch's F.C. 2017-2018

    Just get it done tonight....would be nice to think that goal difference will matter (personally i dont think it will, Rossvale wont falter vs Port Glasgow imo), so lets keep the eye on the prize. Promotion is the achievable target for us...but tonight we're almost going up again the unknown as i'd wager a large minority of their squad will be members of the Trialist family. Forget Rossvale and forget Wishaw (for now)....work hard, play for each other and keep positive. 3 points!
  10. Central 1st Division 2017-18

    Royal Wedding day....good shout boss
  11. Central 1st Division 2017-18

    Benburb getting their game put off tonight and then their next 2 league fixtures being the Saturday should help. I presume the winner of the League Cup tie on the 7th will end up playing them on the Wednesday or will be played on the Saturday with the rest and the Lesmahagow fixture penciled in just now for the 12th, will be re-scheduled again. i had heard they cancelled their match with Blantyre due to lack of players. That cant be the case.
  12. St Roch's F.C. 2017-2018

    Wasn't at the match last night for marragerial reasons...i'm pretty certain thats not a word, but ultimately...the mrs wouldn't let me. However, through modern technology, we still managed to inform the masses about a great St Roch's victory. Saturday was a major disappointment. A tremendous Candy faithful turn out and a fantastic setting of sun, flat pitch and a few wee beverages....following on from the Neilston win. We were in high spirits (not as much as our missing midfield talisman however). We stank it out, defensively weaker than we have been. Midfield looked to badly miss their midfield general, whilst the forwards huffed and puffed but couldn't create on their own. All that said, it was hard to point a long leering finger at the lads. Imo they have burst their holes recently, so to be in the positon we are (an looking at the other teams dropping points in a hard schedule) of course we arent going to be on the ball every week. Last nights result was the perfect remedy. Wednesday again, is huge...and then a weekend off, despite it being a pain in the arse considering we have the Monday/Wednesday again, may work out in our benefit going into the afore mentioned week fixtures. Despite their league placing, they pushed Rossvale to a slender victory, so they are still fighting. We havent had it easy there the past few seasons...im happy for a dire performance as long as we get the 3 points. 4 to go!
  13. St Roch's F.C. 2017-2018

    I was perusing the league connotations this morning and came to this conclusion also...however, didn't want to seem foolish an never posted it. However, just for the inclusion of "paradisiacal" alone, im glad you did.
  14. Rutherglen Glencairn 2017-18

    Thank you!
  15. Rutherglen Glencairn 2017-18

    How did Josh get on? 2 games in 2 days