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  1. We went to Extra time in the Super Cup @WhiteRoseKillie No Score v @Eednud 30,000 What is the capacity of Club Atlético Pantoja (Dominic Republic) stadium? 27,000 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atlético_Pantoja
  2. The booze ban is back, yeeeha! As from tomorrow you can only drink alcohol in your house or garden, apart from 8 touristy provinces. However, you can only drink until 9pm in a restaurant in these provinces. So I can have a pissup party in my house with loads of people but not allowed to sit at a restaurant and have a drink! Good news for @dirty dingus (good luck with your test, as you dirty tourists are getting all the blame for bringing this new variant from the test & go scheme) deadline for entry is now 15th Jan, with no future date as when people will be able to enter again under the test and go. So for all those holidaying in Thailand your first 2 weeks will be in quarantine no matter if you have covid or not. And the big one. People from African nations as from 11th Jan are now allowed to come to Thailand. Work from home if you can until the end of the month. This all comes 10 days after our supreme leader said that we all just need to live with covid and we had hit our vaccine 70% (1 dose) of the population for herd immunity.
  3. Weekly Cup handouts @WhiteRoseKillie (43) @Salvo Montalbano (32) @Eednud (10) We go to Extra time in the Super Cup @WhiteRoseKillie v @Eednud Please answer the question below within 24 hr deadline 05:20 Sunday TT What is the capacity of Club Atlético Pantoja (Dominic Republic) stadium?
  4. You can all put it down in your notepads, that they don't change over here in Thailand. When she cooks (she is a great cook) the kitchen looks like a wedding party for 300 has just been served. Needless to say I do all the washing up (I'm a great washer upper). Ying and Yang
  5. @hk blues I just read that unvaccinated are not allowed to leave the house or they will be arrested. Is this true? ETA - and only 50% of the population have been vaccinated.
  6. If it makes you feel any better, I've finished for the day and now watching the P&B quiz thread Friday vidiprinter, playing some music and having a wee game of CM01. Oh and just opened a cool one. ETA - If anyone is interested (I know you all are). I started at Browns in Argentina and was sacked on my 3rd season (no money). Got a job in Norway with Tromso and won the first Div (1st season) then the Prem in (1st season). Moved to Linfield and won the Prem 1st season with about 5 games to go. So, looked for a new job and got Clydebank. Pre-season just now, no money and my best player has just left. Finished 6th in the 3rd Div, only had a few games. It's a rebuild job.
  7. See when folk are saying they 'used to like a pint of Velvet'. What do you actually mean? Is it not available anymore? Please be gentle if your answer is going to negative.
  8. Thailand back to Level 4 Schools have been closed (my son got 1 week in the last 10 months). Some good news. if you test positive and are not ill, you can isolate in your own home, rather than sitting in a field hospital for 14 days. @Jacksgranda your step-son came to Thailand during the test & go which started on 1st Nov. Test on arrival, stay one night in a hotel, if your negative you are clear to travel anywhere. @dirty dingus will have to stay 10 or 14 days in a quarantine getting tested every few days even if he is negative if he test positive at anytime he stays longer and longer (bring your BIG money bag). The only place that still has the test and go will be Phuket, but you will not be allowed to travel out of Phuket as from today.
  9. Midweek tables are brought to by Flying Pickets - Only You Pfizer WannaBe @Rugster Last Chance @The Captain @NJ2
  10. Playoff #221 New Year to you, really? Downing the beer this yesterday were; Pfizer Premiership Runners-up Playoff @alang1993 1933 v @Helpma No Score v @Moomintroll 1964 v @Salvo Montalbano No score Get Me Another Beer Playoff @peasy23 P22 W14 L8 - last app 9th Jan '21 1971 v @Snobot P17 W6 L11 - last app 30th Nov '21 1975 I'm Never Going to Drink Again Playoff @Kima Greggs Making his debut. No Score v @pleslie99 P22 W14 L8 - last app 1st Aug '21 1976 Question - Happy New Year to you, however in what year did Thailand start to celebrate New Year as 1st Jan? 1941 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Year#Adoptions_of_January_1 It's a runners-up spot and Champions Cup entry for @alang1993 @Moomintroll plays in the Europa Cup @Helpma & @Salvo Montalbano gave no answers. Coin toss and @Salvo Montalbano won. Europa Cup for him, while the Mugs Cup awaits @Helpma It was a close encounter, but, @peasy23 stays in the premiership. @Snobot dreams are shattered. @pleslie99 is promoted as @Kima Greggs shat it on his debut. Be good, stay safe.
  11. It's a draw between @Eednud 10,000 v @Moomintroll 17,889 for the Madwullie Super Cup What is the capacity of FC Dikhil (Dijbouti) stadium? 20,000 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FC_Dikhil/SGDT
  12. @kingjoey Tell this is not good... I personally know your music now . But this good.... Can you groove (what man has been doing) to years? Enjoy Bro....Lets dance# This is only in my under 20 squad @NotThePars
  13. So you were wankering youself to death for the last week? Good to get back to work for some bank details! Then go again?
  14. Him and Goddie destroying the young defences of the lower leagues? Questions will asked. Can he do it?
  15. We have to do it now, it's been leaked........thanks to the press they are now excluded. Player of the Year Awards Best Newcomer Award This was a tight affair. No shitting @Duszek The vote was tight, but I think he came through with is explanation of each day, living in a Fresh Fries bedsit. The boy did good. Most Promising Quizzer It don't add... @mathematics He's been climbing the tables he's on drugs. No rule against this, well deserved. Player of the Year Nobody voted to anyone else @WhiteRoseKillie What could I say, never mind you! Thanks man you make my day. 10. LIfe Time Player No NO No @Jacksgranda This guy, took the dive and what a dive it was. AVR couldn't see (we don't do AVR). What a champion of people/family. No gifs No fireworks No Shite Enjoy your DAY
  16. Me in my frock....my best frock. No That's a bit harsh Q1 @tynie cock @ Bully Wee Nae stones & @Cardinal love kids What would it take me to get banned?
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