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  1. No, is the answer you will have to wait all day until they (whoever that is, decided). Like me, I went to work at 07:00, while at work (2 hous) the bosses called everyone and I mean everyone to a meeting. About 65 folk all standing in a scum, to be told that (Brenda) has covid and can everyone leave now and get tested. Found out Brenda was not at work yesterday as that when she told them,s he had the Rona. The mind boggles. I'm all good btw.
  2. I would say as much, but your top of the league on Tuesday. Nobody tell him, that nobody in that league as posted a score yet.
  3. Got it on 2nd try for the first time.
  4. If we're talking I;m dancing (All you no dancers, ITS THE WEEKEND)
  5. Again as I thought It comes from the English leagues, Not a Scottish think until maybe late 80's Gers
  6. It's Saturday Boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! movit GIRL BTW That tune I dropped above the Chile 1979 thing (give it a listen on an UP) You'll dance the floor boards to death
  7. ThanksI've many tunes in my bag, just ask @NotThePars f**k I cant remember Not who;s the other guy on the Dance Thread? sorry BTW Alli. I've moved sims but all good too talk,
  8. I listen to all M74 or is like it. M6 (I lived in Solihull @Bully Wee Villa) Knowle, next door neighbour was Mr Racist. That tune not for me bud. here a tune. I thunk a've played before but I like it......
  9. @Cardinal Richelieu gives the Q I'll give you one of my favourite songs every @kingjoey listen and dance As the gaffer here, I think I played this befoe....
  10. What this old c**t said....He/Me have been through jobs on jobs, Do your % in the head if not PM @Jacksgranda he can do for you. He's a good guy!
  11. My 1st post on the c***s. How far do you think you can go before emploding?
  12. Which I think comes from the English lleagues? The old boys on here will know.....open forum
  13. Never listen to this.....lets go Weedgie c***s Ah 2 mins in 4 min c**t, I;m not going to post anymore ,not enough ink.
  14. Ok 2 signing? Who? Centre Half & a Left winger DEFENCE eta - You don't win fuckall without a defence (not sure who said)
  15. Picture or no. You waking up at this time MUST because of hard on fury?
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