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  1. Sons v Loons

    Watching the highlights brings back memories when we have grass patch to be proud of. Great first goal. Second was a bit of trundler, keeper seems slow to get across. Great result, let's push on. All the best Son's, your manager looked a broken man in the interview, didn't come across well. Blaming a team for now motivation is rock bottom. It his job FFS.
  2. The P+B Quiz League and occasional Cup

    This league is not competitive enough for @Cardinal Richelieu soon he will be off. The quicker the better. Which would be a shame. Anyway, to the more important things of life, the play offs How many stokes from all players combined at this years Open at Carnoustie. Big Boys @German JagA stab in the dark at 23000. v @Eednud No idea so 34,567 Wee p***ks @JamesP_81 Rough mental arithmetic whilst away camping and a few beers to the good gives me an answer of 35,000. I may be a factor of 10 out in either direction due to the strength of innis and gunn. v @CaspianChris This is going to have to rely on guess work, but the number of combined strokes by all players at the Carnoustie Open is 6,500. The correct answer is 32570 Congratulation to @Eednud & @JamesP_81 See Y'all next weekend.
  3. The P+B Quiz League and occasional Cup

    Thank you @Cardinal Richelieu as always a pleasure to work with you, even now you're a Champion not just in your mothers eyes. Today Play Off Question..... How many stokes from all players comined at this years Open at Carnoustie. Big Boys @German Jag v @Eednud Wee p***ks @JamesP_81 v @CaspianChris Answers by PM only. To be handed in no later that 06:00 Monday Thai Time. Good Luck!
  4. Tinder

    She not even got a bottle of lucozade. Will not pump.
  5. Magnificent names archive

    Had dealing with a German lad on Wednesday. Eric Bohner
  6. Sons v Loons

    I was thinking of putting Son's on the last man standing. Have a nice weekend everyone!