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  1. It's been over an hour, no show...my testosterone level is easing, I need to give the wee one a shower, and brush her hair. Times have changed Adam, I would be the one out looking....we live a better life and a (yin dee) calm heart.
  2. Had a great weekend, drove to the beach (which was not expected), sorry quiz thread. To arrive at 06:00 today for a full day "father day". Got a cake and all... then walked up the little pub/house. Sat down, and guy starts waving a blade about..... not nice. He was drunk as f**k. Now I don't like blades and have been stabs twice, so didn't like his show off and told him to sit the f**k down (I know, I fucking know). As soon as I said he was on me. I don't do extra questions and fucked him with my bottle of beer......problem was my instinct kicked it and I leathered him. I'm now in the house waiting on his friends....Awww fuckk
  3. I scared to post anything. This is our biggest game ever.....then there will be next week. Take care Loons. 'i mean the fans'
  4. I don't have Spotify (do have to pay) as I don't think they have my music niche (maybe wrong), however YouTube does, and as you say leave the boy on for a few hours with my profile and it fucked..... Got YouTube Kids on my phone for the wee one, or it would be Yim Yam TV (don't)
  5. Kids are in at the weekend building trenches.
  6. Merry Christmas friend, and I just add. and I WILL speak for all on the Quiz thread posters 'great to have you here Kincy, because all over the other threads you're a wee rascal, but we like it' Take care bud
  7. Here, the school has been told to quieting down and install sound reducing wall installations. WTF
  8. Guy in Bangkok the other day fired 18 shots into a school as it was making too much noise. (nobody was hurt) He lives next door...and had complained aggressively a few month/weeks before (with a gun) and nothing was done at the time.
  9. Bump Anyone thinking about moving? Brexit has now got it teeth set & the independence of Scotland looks bleak.. Time to read this thread and jump ship? or hand on in there?
  10. THE DIDDYS ARE OUT - BIG BOY TIME Todays players/team - added to Monday score @Ronaldo Jeremy - Netherlands v @gkneil - United States @ArmadaleKillie - Argentina v @mathematics & @Salvo Montalbano - Australia
  11. FRIDAY POINTS @Jacksgranda - Ghana 0v @Bully Wee Villa - Uruguay 2 @Duszek - South Korea 2 v @101 - Portugal 1 @Leeds Saint - Cameroon 1 v @Tynie Bagstock - Brazil 0 @scottsdad - Serbia 2 v @TxRover & @German Jag - Switzerland 3 The groups stage is over, who got what?
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