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  1. The P&B Ryder to the Stars and Back Team Quiz 2021 The captains have stepped forward @pleslie99 Rest of the World, who has 4 cups to his name. @The Hologram Scotland, who has 1 cup to his name, but is a frequent winner of the weekly cups. Reminder of their duties. Picking the pairing & order for each session 1 to 4. By PM only Picking the order of the singles in session 5. By PM only Motivating their team. Expected write up after each session. Taking all the glory if you win. Being hounded if you lose Reminder of the teams RotW Scotland First session will be Foursomes - 11 ties, split into pairs for each team. The better score for that pair will be counted. Best pair will receive 1 point. Captains please send your 11 pairings and order, by PM only. We can then set the ball rolling. Good luck everyone.
  2. Weight watchers yearly subscription. First 3 months are free. They love a bargain.
  3. Reminder the the Scottish team that I still need a captain, I can't do it myself as I am playing in the cup. @101 @alang1993 @Arch Stanton @ArmadaleKillie @BigBo10 @Blootoon87 @Cardinal Richelieu @Culter Away @gkneil @JamesP_81 @JustOneCornetto @mathematics @Namond Brice @peasy23 @Ronaldo Jeremy @Rugster @Salvo Montalbano @scottsdad @Silky Si McFly @Snobot @The DA @The Hologram Cup can't go ahead until one of you 'take 'back control'.
  4. The air pumps at my local garage are free and they have a guy to do it for you.
  5. Yes, we will horse Formantine., like we did earlier in the season.
  6. Thanks you for volunteering. You are now the Captain of the Rest of the World team. C'mon Scotland, we need someone from your team to step up to the mark, you bunch of shitebags.
  7. Long answer NO What we call tourist at the moment is expats coming home..... Or Chinese businessmen ripping the shite oout the situation, why, our left back plays for their team.
  8. Again P&B(BBC) thread. Ranging Red, while cool, collective, we tell the Scottish people, how to prepare concrete in the shoes. I'm all for It
  9. Just want to thank you for these stats. I'm sure there is many others who would also post the same, however, won't post on this shambles of a thread anymore including myself. Butthen (that should be word), after a little Dutch courage I'm free like a bird. Cheers mate. Little crazy again in Thailand. The last few weeks Thailand has been jagging between 800,00 & 600,000 per day 7 days a week. On Thursday last week the Pm came out and told everyone we will vaccinate over 1 million people on Friday in respect of the late King (don't know his name) from 1900. Cool. On Friday they jagged 1.3m people 1st, 2nd & 3rd doses (3rd dose is for the poor soles that got 2 shots of Sinovac, they now get booster of AZ or Pfizer). Saturday, we jagged 67,000 Sunday we jagged 32,000. Still, he got the publicity on TV. c**t
  10. Yes, I'll link what quiz for each session. Good that your getting some practise rounds in. Seeing the lay of the course and all that.....Some of us, like your good self should be familiar with the quiz, reason we are playing at home. However, when looking at the teams and the players league ranking, I think Scotland should be favourites. No pressure like. ETA - Just had a morning round myself and scored 8/10 - helped that some of the photos had the answer & 6/10 for the afternoon. Going for a few beers now.
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