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  1. Teletext Holidays Playoff @deej v @Geaky v @Perkin Flump What is the population of Kirkintilloch? Please answer this question and the main playoff question (below) in your same PM. The closest will be automatically promoted to The James Villa Holiday League, 2nd closest will contest in the playoff weekend. 3rd closest (last) can do one. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Playoff #150 tearing up your screen. Sitting in the corner this week are; Cry Me a River Playoff @The Captain P23 W8 L15 last app; 27th Jun '20 v @deej P8 W4 L4 last app; 9th May '20 or @Geaky P6 W3 L3 last app; 13th Jun '20 or @Perkin Flump P10 W4 L6 last app 1st Aug '20 Something in my Eye Playoff @Ross. P22 W12 L10 last app; 4th Jul '20 v @NJ2 P24 W13 L11 last app; 18th July '20 Question - Using the metric system. How much tears (high end) can a average human produce in one year? Your tear stained messages must be submitted no later than Monday 06:00 TT.
  2. Good morning! Times up for the first week of August league. James Villa Holidays League After a week off the top podium @WhiteRoseKilie triumphantly secures his 24th title with whooping 49 points. @CaspianChris seas out the rest with 3rd runners up spot. Have a great weekend to you both. 🥂 @Leeds Saint, @German Jag @The DA All need to get in touch with Tom English, maybe he can fight their corner. As they all slump. @The Captain has to gather the troops for one more over the top in the playoff. Teletext Holidays League Cup master and all round good guy (for a Mod and Hearts fan) @Tynierose makes it back the top, in first time asking. @peasy23, just misses out on the trophy, however enough to climb the pyramid. 3 way tie, will see @deej, @Geaky & @Perkin Flump. Playoff questions for them to see who gets automatic promotion, who's in the playoff and who is mid table mediocrity. It's been a tough week all round for many (low scoring week), look out your trunks and zinc @SlipperyP, @NotThePars & @MixuFruit you/we are heading to the beach party league. Which incidentally has a better sub-forum.😏 @Ross. has to wait a little longer to see if he is joining us. Playoff for him. Club 18-30 League It's been a long ride for the Aussie D @Eednud, he's back on the up. No surprises to have medal laden @pleslie99 & @Helpma joining him. @NJ2 (pale skinned) tries his luck to get out the sun, in the playoff he goes. @101 You posted everyday this week, even on Wednesday (in this thread). You never posted Wednesdays score. zero pointer. Wooden spoon, to catch those tears.
  3. Lot's of scores flying about over the last few days. I may have missed 1 or 2. Please submit your league scores no later than Saturday 06:00 GMT James Villa Holiday League @Rugster Fri @Silky Si McFly Thu & Fri @Adamski All week @Salvo Montalbano All week Teletext Holiday League @Perkin Flump Fri @gkneil Fri @mathematics Fri @MixuFruit Fri @NotThePars Club 18-30 League @pleslie99 Fri @BigBo10 Fri @die hard doonhamer Fri @101 Wed
  4. Sorry to tell you all that no league tables today. I'm making flowers for the local children (teachers day) to give to the teachers. I agreed to this last month, thinking they would forget.....all day doing this... I'm not a monster all the time! In between killing people and animals, I do have soft touch.
  5. I was typing in Thai and this is what happens when you don't change the language setting (top left button on the lap top) ฉันเมา
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