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  1. 60% for the cup few guesses but also a few dropped balls, so happy with that. Go Queens btw I think I have been placed in the wrong induvial cup. I'm in with the big hitters ffs while @Bully Wee Villa is in with the diddies. Mods rule eh!!!!
  2. We had a 3 way tie for the Super Cup with everyone scoring 9'z. We went to penalties @WhiteRoseKillie NO SCORE @MSU 5000 @Salvo Montalbano NO SCORE What is the capacity of Attackers FC (Anguilla) Stadium? 3000 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Attackers_FC
  3. The final league tables are brought to you by DJ Linus - Who Stole The Soul Pfizer Premiership @WhiteRoseKillie hitting us all for double threes as he smashes his 33rd title. @MSU got the closest and lands his 17th runners up spot. @The Hologram and friend @Tynierose are in the Europa Cup While @Geaky and @Salvo Montalbano fight it out in the Mugs Cup. in the dungeon @scottmcleanscontacts obviously too busy reading to give a damn. @Leeds Saint sins away and @Arabdownunder plummets. @Rugster goes to the playoff. Wanna be Championship @peasy23 pisses to his 8th second tier title. The @Bully Wee Villa and @The DA both promoted, however both are in a playoff for their weekly cup entries. @German Jag Jigs in the playoff. Dirty underwear section has @Snobot sliding @pleslie99 suffering & @101 counting. As they all are humiliated to the Last Chance Saloon. @SlipperyP somehow manages to get in the playoff. Last Chance Saloon Shootout @NotThePars comes from nowhere, well actually from the politics forum to claim his 5th Diddy title. @Ross. on the up along with @Genuine Hibs Fan favourite. @ArmadaleKillie has his work cut out in the playoff. He was tied top on Tuesday, he shat it. His words. Well he got a doze of the diarrheas as he shitstorm scores kept on coming.... @BigBo10 goin clean yourself up. Your getting presented with the wooden spoon soon. I will now hand you over to this weeks playoff guest announcer @Tynierose. The floor is yours. Take it away big man.
  4. Unfortunately the Thais do whatever the doctors says, no questions, zero. For example (I may have posted this before). About 8 years ago, I had a mosquito bite on my left ankle which became infected and was quite swollen. I went to the village (private) doctor in the evening. I explained to him what it was and asked for some antibiotics. He examined me and said he thinks my ankle is broken and I should get an x-ray (more money). I told him to bold and stood up and limped out his practice, my wife was black affronted and went over to the doctor to apologise to him for my behaviour.....I went to the chemist and bought the drugs over the counter. Cleared up within a week. They do this to everyone and they just go along with it....They don't have a clue what any of the medication they are taking, they just take it. You just get a clear pouch with pills(no markings), a sticker with the doctor writes when to take them. If you have more than one different pill to take, they make sure they are different coloured pills, so you don't get mixed up. You can ask for medication of your choice, but they don't like you doing that, as they know best. Plus everyone get paracetamol with every prescription (I'm allergic) and they still give it to me.
  5. Just waiting on @scottmcleanscontacts so we can rap things up. I will also need a volunteer to do the playoff question, as I'm in the playoff, just a heads up. Thanks
  6. We have a 3 way tie in the Super Cup with everyone scoring 9'z. We go to penalties @WhiteRoseKillie @MSU @Salvo Montalbano Please answer the question below within 24hrs 01:40 Sun TT What is the capacity of Attackers FC (Anguilla) Stadium?
  7. Ok, fun and games are over, get your scores done by 12:00 GMT Saturday @Arch Stanton Fri @scottmcleanscontacts All week @MixuFruit Fri @NotThePars Fri @gkneil Fri @BigBo10 Fri @Gaz Wed, Thu & Fri @Genuine Hibs Fan All week
  8. Didn't know you were in contact with the North Koreas youth development agencies. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sim_Hyon-jin
  9. That's for the weekly cup ties that go to penalties.....playoff you will need the Big Bumper Book of SlipperyP's imagination.
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