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  1. Like yer patter it was left in the -90's If this what you listen to now (i'v no reason to think of this 3 bar pish, young girl thinking she is sad pishe). I'll give you a fucking lesson. 1. Can you arm wrestle If you win we shall move on do kissing.....(good luck lipped wrist)
  2. As I said I stand out Sunday, this is crazy & why do you think it's the English master of the south east, that has posted this cry for help?
  3. Classic tactics. Start of slow get the pack to think their in with a chance, then hale Mary, Champ... BTW here is the top 2PoTm, Champions League place is all but gone......race is on for Europa cup entries. PS this post was brought to by U.S.U.R.A. - Open Your Mind
  4. I'm not reading the last 3 pages (Sunday) as I have bettsr thing to do, one being listening to this love turn........now as @NotThePars knows< i don't release the good stuff very often, but since it monday.....enjoy moftherfuckers. I like you all......keep up the good work.
  5. 3 years ago to the month I was sailing my swanlike boat off the coast of Lopburi Zoo pond with my 5 yo son as my captains mate. We were attacked from the right flank from an unknown and unsigned vessel. Their "skipper" proceeded to talk in a foreign language at high decibel volume, something to do with "water in his boat and needs help". I didn't have my phrase book handy at that precise time of need. Therefore, peddled as fast a my wee legs to go....safe to say I can tell the story, unlike the unfortunate skipper and young child.... Question is, why did I take 4 life jackets on board while this sad c**t had zero.......
  6. It's getting drawn on Monday at 09:56 by Rod Stewart (let's hope he sober), it won't be television, so everyone will have to listen to their wireless. What ball number are you?
  7. The playoff has ended #161 Thank you all involved for your quick response this weekend Big Title Playoff @MSU no idea about the playoff question, which I guess is the point, so I'm going to guess a super early 500 AD. v @WhiteRoseKilie This question has me scratching the old noggin, but I'm fairly sure it's an old school ailment - ancient Greek/Roman style. I'll go for 255 b.c.e. Please answer the playoff question below In the operating room this weekend are; Uncomplicated Procedure Playoff @Geaky P8 W5 L3 last app - 17th Oct '20 Porphyria was first described in 1632. v @Eednud P16 W11 L5 last app - 5th Oct '20 Think this is something to do the skin so it would have been a long time ago. 1066 sounds as good as any year. Really Dr, I slipped and it just stuck Playoff @101 P4 W2 L2 last app - 12th Sept '20 Not sure about this one will go 1885 v @mathematics P13 W7 L6 last app - 10th Oct '20 I’ve no idea what this is. However, given that you’ve asked it, and as it looks a bit Greek, I reckon we might be talking Ancient Greeks here. So I’ll guess 250BCE. Question - Medicine, Porphyria. In what year was it first described? 370 BC by Hippocrates. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Porphyria @WhiteRoseKilie gets his name scratched on another trophy, his 30th big league title. @MSU took him the full length, but comes up short. Well played both. Have the rest of the day off. In the playoffs @Eednud battles his way to the top league, leave @Geaky scratching his head wondering where it all went wrong. In the other playoff @mathematics left his Pi at home and smashed @101 into the sea..... See you all next weekend. PS Thanks for the point yesterday @Rugster mutch appreciated .🤣
  8. Correct, we had a night curfew for about a month in April, also zero alcohol sales. Bangkok post were reporting that 1000 people broke the curfew each night, that's out of 69 milllion. Why? If you got caught you got a fine and a truncheon to the face.....
  9. Keep it the same, as I now need to set my alarm at 02:30 to watch shite Scottish fitba during the week.
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