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  1. I'm no such thing. We can fight it out in go scrap or look at my history on P&B. Up to U bro I know what i do and love, you need me, Love YOU!
  2. Yes.. I've sent my boys to Aberdeen. Sorry
  3. Sorry dropped it down the thread. @BigDoddyKane @NotThePars I Thunk they linked. IT,
  4. https://www.scotland.police.uk/what-s-happening/missing-persons/
  5. This is for @NotThePars & @BigDoddyKane
  6. OH fucking believe in god( in don't believe in God).
  7. 2,400 people every week are called missing in Scotland, do you have problem with this?
  8. I sent you a PM, as not sure if I'm in the wrong or wrong. You can post on here for all to see. Everyone knows that I'm a crazy man.....
  9. Sure I don't care.......it's only 24,000 every year. knocking it down it 2,000 over 1 week. (give youself ! week, missing you little sissterr or bro) over 4 week, we go 230. wee still looking ffs
  10. It's not the greatest fighting P&B boys, on the missing thread....... You know fuckerers, maybe not you not SEE THAT. 24,000 missing every yeaar in the UK
  11. Here you, I never ever....you look again You need to get a fukig life. C U crapin
  12. At least you could put the fist up and call me out. As for the story sure I'm a mother lover. killer fucker, crier. What more you what for your 2 day fame
  13. Andy Roberyson?, we will take from, there
  14. I take you you don't fight with a gutty.. It ok. little ball guys like you are are to get.
  15. I just put this out the great..... @pleslie99 said about 3 month ago he was going for it I''ve reading right wig for 400 years. My mum said git fucking dun The chides(great name) are dying. @pleslie99 Monday of no FuCkDay?
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