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  1. Calling Cards of Morons

    I shout man on while watching my illegal stream which 5 mins behind
  2. Wed 6/10. As someone else said his the bus on the cup quiz. I want full SP on who got what points as stated on the OP.
  3. Cup score has been submitted, I'm very sorry for calling the Chief a c**t I'm sure we all he is worser
  4. Once again no messing about from the lads... The guys in pressure are; Jobs for the boys @German Jag No idea, a stab in the dark at 50g. v @The_Kincardine Not a clue. 150 grammes. & Boys given jobs @JamesP_81 150g v @blackislekillie 128g. Wildly inaccurate no doubt. Question - Last year someone found the largest gold nugget in the UK for over 500 years. How heavy was the nugget in grams. 85.7g Congratulations to @German Jag & @blackislekillie Enjoy work everyone
  5. Thank you @Cardinal Richelieu, you have le grand weekend. Welcome folks to this weeks playoff The guys in pressure are; Jobs for the boys @German Jag v @The_Kincardine & Boys given jobs @JamesP_81 v @blackislekillie Question - Last year someone found the largest gold nugget in the UK for over 500 years. How heavy was the nugget in grams. Answers by PM only, time up on Monday 07:00 TT Good luck everyone!
  6. Things you want to share with P&B

    Left the hotel at around 8am, have a full american, it was shite. New flip flops on and off I went... My first encounter with the Tuk Tuk, took for a fool tour of Bangkok, included a great guy that wanted to sell light shades. Next, I was buying drugs of very low quality from a shifty Angolan, how the f**k did that happen. Anyway the evening was sorted, so I thought. Back at the hotel, I necked 2 on 1 go, I'm an experience drug taker, In fact I'm always the ginnie ,( I thought this as a great thing, but now know , as someone ssid. " If you die Slippery, nobody will cry" only dip your pockets and take half"). I was lucky, they hit like a horses kick to the puss, only put me on the floor for about 1 hour, unfortunately I was standing in KOasoan Road at the time, This was full on. I was picked up by Tia, she was Cambodian, told me to get off the street, the cops will get you. I still had 3 hit in my pocket, I offered her 1, love happed on the spot. We cobbed together, within 2 minuted we were off to disco on the roof (Thai only and Cambos), Music was big bass (my type) and everyone (Thai) seemed to be on the same as me, Unfortunately on the wy to the bog, I noticed a pool table (American) . Like a red to bull situation. I can play, I'm lucky (haha) had 4 years playing for free at the good old institution. First win, was easy second not much, third, they said you need to leave, but I was power of eccy and spoke myself to play to win for all. I then neck the 4th. Next day woke up.
  7. Oliver Burke

    No, at the moment he can rip a new arsehole in teams like St Mirren, thats for all to see. Last night showed he is out his depth at high level. I was more concerned that Rodgers played him as the sole striker, as his first, second, third touch is not good, showed on numerate times, can this be taught. Who knows. I'd take for Forfar, if he could become better finisher.
  8. Premier League 2018-19

    Tony Cascarino didn't even qualify for any reason
  9. A Photographic History Of Scottish Football

    Knew a Dens boy would have them stored away. Hahaha