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  1. Correct mate 3 points first and foremost
  2. Just like last week didn’t stick away as much chances as we should we march on
  3. Either way you’ve made a twat of yourself slagging us last few weeks now a desperate call for the grammar police Wee bit respect [emoji1417]
  4. Nothing compares to that alcy and his crew behind the goals right classy bunch
  5. Not suite quite the goal fest at Berwick but a good result for the cuiky all the same
  6. This ain’t Brendan William . I’m just asking a question was it Penicuik for you
  7. That’ll look an even better 3 points later in the Season for me delighted we’ve got the Berwick away out the road they’ll get better with games for me was always going to be a difficult game fully expected a response from Berwick after the league cup going into there first lowland league fixture and that proved so but our boys used there experience soaked up the pressure and took a deserved win.
  8. Bo’ness be a better run out I’m sure Bo’ness be happy with a decent run out against us too
  9. https://www.bonnyriggrosefc.co.uk/teams/118321/player/k-mcclung-2327230/51482 Not that hard to find out too
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