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  1. If the question was just our three best players the answer would be different, but I think the intention was for the three players that would integrate into and improve the current team. For me the area where we lack the most is goal scorers. So I’d go for; Craig Brewster Gordon Dalziel And I’d add Colin Cameron as he’d be a worthy replacement for Hendry in the centre of the park. With those three slotted into our current team we’d win the league at a canter.
  2. We’re on 17 now, same as Killie but we’re in 2nd on goals scored. 17 in the first quarter is a fantastic haul and, as SJM pointed out a couple of weeks back, is more than we managed in any quarter (third) last season.
  3. Genuinely torn here. On the one hand I’m pissing myself laughing at the absolute rip-roaring c*nt your board have been making of themselves since the minute they appointed that buffoon, and that they’re still managing to find ways of making things worse. And I’d find it quite amusing if you spent a couple of seasons in league one with Falkirk. But on the other, the memories of Locke and Drysdale are still quite fresh and the similarities are striking. Most of you lot are just the same as most of us- supporting your local team instead of taking the easy option. I feel for you cos I know how shite it is when the board blame the fans to cover their own incompetencies. On balance I’m probably on the ‘point and laugh’ side of the fence but hopefully you get the poison out of your club before you start to lose the younger supporters coming through.
  4. Starting to get worried now, Dunfermline definitely been the better team in the 2nd half, we haven’t really looked dangerous.
  5. The boy up front from Motherwell is a bit of a.........
  6. League cup bans certainly used to be carried over to the league. That’s how Scott Thomson was able to play in the final in ‘94 despite being sent off in the semi.
  7. Are you guys confident that a competent manager could get a tune out of your current squad? Or is it imperative that a new man has at least the remainder of the loan window to work with?
  8. Yeah we kind of look like we’re going through the motions of what a team ‘should’ do when going forward but we don’t look like we’ve got much imagination or that we’re ever likely to do anything that the queens defence are not expecting.
  9. Lack of cutting edge sums it up nicely. Zanatta looking lively as usual, Fotheringham looking impressive too but we haven’t looked properly dangerous yet. Still plenty of time to go on and win this though.
  10. I’ve just bought it no problem. Are you in England? Or are you using 4G/5G rather than WiFi? The site says that sometimes those show as being in England and the new rules mean you can’t purchase if you’re in England.
  11. Only just discovered this thread. I am a massive FRabbit fan. Was lucky enough to see them live 9 times, including the TMOF 10 gigs in Edinburgh and Glasgow in 2018. Also saw Scott do three solo shows- his Owl John show at the caves in Edinburgh and his headline performance at Stowed out Festival (2016? It was basically a village fete) were probably the two best gigs of my life. I have never before and never will again mourn a celebrity. But on the morning it was announced he had been found I couldn’t stay in the house. I went for a run- put the midnight organ fight on full blast and cried and sang as I ran. I cried more for Scott than I did when my own dad passed away. Truly strange but he had that effect on lots of people it seemed. I met him a few times- at the Stowed Out festival I mentioned, me and my mate were standing to the side of the tent chatting to an older couple throughout the support acts. Just before Scott came on, this girl (who we recognised as his girlfriend from Instagram stalking) came out from backstage and stood next to the older couple. Turns out they were his parents. We chatted all through his set- what struck me was how often his dad said that he didn’t know or believe how good he was. After the gig his mum Marion grabbed me and my mate and said “come on, I’ll introduce you to Scott”. His girlfriend took some pics of us together. He did another solo show in kirkcaldy the following December, his mum spotted us and remembered us and took us to speak to scott again. I only wish I’d played it more cool rather than stuttering some fanboy pish. I’m gutted we’ll never get to see another live gig, but at least now he doesn’t have to suffer. Here’s a video I keep watching- musically it’s not their finest hour but it’s peak Scott banter and that’s what FRabbit live were about. http:// Enjoy, I’m off to watch all the videos already posted on this thread!
  12. No, more like Sim assumed McGlynn wouldn’t want to sell, so said as much. But then after speaking to McGlynn, actually McGlynn had a different opinion. Really excellent statement I thought, explains the timings and thought process- not sure how any of us could realistically say that they should have done things differently.
  13. Absolutely agree with you about this statement- would love it for us to be so transparent. However, if our board released that exact statement they would get absolute pelters from a lot of folk on here. It contains the phrase "couldn't stand in his way" twice. I don't think our board can win now- say nothing and they get slaughtered for not keeping us informed, put out a statement like the St Johnstone one and they'd get slaughtered too. What the St Johnstone statement does do well is make you take a step back and remember these players are human beings, not just assets of the football club. It's a mans career we're talking about- a human being who wants to earn as much money as he can in what is a short career. There are lots of other factors around the player too- does he want to move to a particular area etc etc. We tend to look at it in black and white from the perspective of only what's best for the football club. But this isn't football manager, this is real life and it's not as simple as doing what the football club wants and nothing else.
  14. I’m going to disagree with you and agree with you all in one go. You’re right, we are what we are- a development/selling club. But where I’ll disagree with you is that it’s not about our lack of financial backing. Young guys generally don’t dream about trying help Raith Rovers get promoted to the Scottish premier. If a team comes in for them who can offer them the chance to play in front of 15-20k fans every week in a team established at a good level then any young guy with ambition will jump at that chance. And without spending an unsustainable amount of money on wages we’ll never be able to compete with that. That’s maybe a bit ‘canny stand in the lads way’ but it’s the sad reality and the best we can do is make sure we wring as much as we can out of the deal when it happens.
  15. Oh I’m well aware of that. And it’s not the fault of Raith TV guys either I’m sure- as has been said most other club TV channels are the same. But it would be nice to hear answers to the questions we all want to ask at times like this.
  16. If you're reading Niall, the pre-match interview tomorrow would be a good chance to ask McGlynn some probing questions....... Will we be getting anyone else as part of the deal? Did he get a say in allowing Dylan to leave? Does he have replacements in mind? Did we try and fail to strengthen the squad leading up the window closing? Will he be getting the transfer fee added to his playing budget? I'm sure others will chip in with some other things they would like to know.
  17. Losing Tait for such a relatively small fee would be hard to take in isolation. Then add the fact we lost Hendry in the summer. Then add the fact Spencer is out for a while yet. Then add the fact Vaughan won’t kick a ball for us this season (if ever). Then add the fact it’s happened right at the end of the window leaving no time to replace him. Unnecessarily weakening an area of the team which has already been decimated by previous player sales and injury since the end of last season is utter madness.
  18. Does anyone think for a second that the club simply haven’t bothered to put out a statement on a done deal? There must be some sort of hold-up or hitch which means the deal isn’t done and dusted one way or another.
  19. I wonder if it's due to COVID restrictions easing....... A lot of roles within the club are carried out by volunteers. Maybe during last season those volunteers were on furlough or able to work from home and could prepare statements/upload content/come up with ideas for new content quickly. Maybe the reason we are seeing content suffering now is because they are back at work full-time? I don't know this, I'm just speculating, but it would make sense. Obviously it doesn't excuse basic things like releasing ticket prices etc either.
  20. Hopefully in the form of some sort of insurance policy rather than a simple release clause. I wouldn’t like to see us simply drop Lewis, and to be honest I doubt we would. I think both parties have enough history and affection for the other that neither would do the dirty. Both sides would have known the risks when a long contract was signed, I’m sure both sides will be content with what happens now.
  21. Not much to add in terms of how gutted I am for a lad who seems like one of the nicest guys in football. On the positive side for Lewis, he knows what it takes to come back from this injury and he knows he can come back from a second injury in the same knee. He also has the financial security of knowing that he’s contracted for another year so he doesn’t have to worry about the club letting him go at the end of the season. From a Raith Rovers point of view…. Last season we had a squad full of good players and two absolutely outstanding ones. We have now lost both of the outstanding players for this season. If we manage to match the achievements of last season it’ll be an incredible effort from all involved.
  22. Shows how big an impact Keatings has made that he’s essentially a ready-made replacement for Vaughan (position-wise) and I forgot he even existed.
  23. Maybe both teams prefer the Tuesday as they’ll then have an extra day to recover before their championship games on the Saturday. Ayr don’t play in the cup this weekend but it means Raith have 2 days recovery after what should be an easier game against lower league opposition and then 3 days recovery between two tougher championship games rather than vice versa. Granted it’s not a huge difference but from a purely selfish point of view I bet that’s the way McGlynn would chose to have it.
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