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  1. I thought he said Nolan hadn’t trained much before the Dundee game because he took a knock in training during that week? One of us has picked it up wrong anyway
  2. This is very bizarre but, I mean, fair play to you for having the conviction to keep at it
  3. Yes, but he has a two year contract. So if he’s on £1k a week he gets £52k in a year and is liable for 40% tax on about £9k of that (for both years). if we pay him off in one go he’ll get £104k and be liable for 40% tax on £61k. So if we pay him off in one go his higher rate tax liability is about £24k, but if he gets paid monthly for two years it’s only £7k. He’d be daft to accept a pay off that will cost him £17k.
  4. Why pick a random seat then sit somewhere else? Why not just pick the seat you fancy sitting in in the first place?
  5. Can you post links to any other clubs who have put out statements regarding the availability of funds for transfers? Or indeed any statements regarding transfers (other than actual signing announcements)? I’m happy to be corrected if you can find evidence but I think you’ll find we’re the same as all other clubs, not some secretive club deliberately keeping our supporters in the dark.
  6. If ye dinnae ken Jim Foy you’ll no get a pat-doon.
  7. Christophe Berra is a human being with bills to pay and a young family. There is zero chance he has decided to give up his wage so we can bring in other players while he signs on at the dole office. He’ll have something else lined up, the story Rovers shared on Facebook from Berra’s wife about being ‘excited to start the next chapter’ or words to that effect definitely suggests he’s got a new job lined up
  8. Way too over-simplified. Do you really think he had a centre-half of the required standard lined-up ready to sign but he decided to use the funds on the midfielders instead? The problem appears to be a lack of available players at the required standard more than a lack of funds.
  9. That’s what my missus says when I get in from work.
  10. No, it’s not just you, it just so happened you were the latest one to say it. I agree that I’d much rather know who the targets are and have a warm fuzzy feeling that we’re going to bring in who we need, but football at our level has never been like that so I don’t understand the criticism of the club over a lack of updates. Unless people genuinely think it’s as easy as popping to strikers-R-us and picking one off the shelf.
  11. This statement keeps being trotted out and it’s just bizarre. What do you expect to hear? “We tried to sign the big lad but he decided to go to Partick, then we went for that wee quick guy but he wanted £700 a week and we could only offer £500. Now nobody else wants to talk to us because they know they are, at best, our third choice”. No club ever has, or ever will publicly discuss signing targets before they are signed so I’m really not sure where the complaints about ‘deafening silence’ come from or what else they expect. When you read transfer rumours in the press it’s all from the big clubs and it’ll either be made up or leaked from an agent who has an agenda to push up the price of their client. The media isn’t interested in our level of football so that’s not going to happen. Murray has said in interviews that he knows where we need to strengthen. That’s as much as can be said.
  12. Your assumption is correct. Using the attendance figures given on the Raith website our average attendance last season was 1695. In the 16 games where capacity wasn’t restricted to 500, the average was just short of 1850. If both Pars games had been on a Saturday with no crowd restrictions I think we’d have got around 4K for each. And the Arbroath game would have got 1600+ instead of 500. Those three games would have added about 6k to the gate between them so average over the season would be around the 2k mark.
  13. A proper photo of the Raith home top rather than the video above. Best one we’ve had in a good few years I think, would be happy if we never see another half and half like last years one again.
  14. Exactly this. People these days seem to feel they should be in the loop with everything. The fact there are far fewer rumours this season than there have been in the past suggests that someone who has left the club (be that management team, board member or player) was the one with the loose lips. For anyone to think that a lack of rumours means that the man who is paid to manage the football team is not aware of the teams weaknesses and/or is not actively trying to address them is just madness. Of course that doesn’t mean we will actually end up signing anyone of the required quality but of course there will be lots of work going on in the background at the moment.
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