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  1. Why would we be allowed to postpone? Haven’t clubs in the premiership who have experienced outbreaks simply had to forfeit the game? Are there different circumstances between us and some of those premier teams? Are there teams who have already had a postponement agreed?
  2. Ah, I hadn’t seen that update, thanks. Disappointing but not surprising that clubs could not agree on a plan for something which seemed so inevitable.
  3. Eh? The point was that everybody knew there was a good chance this season wouldn’t be completed before it even started. It would have been sensible for the SPFL to have contingency plans that said, for example, if X games have been completed when we end the season then we null and void, if Y games have been competed we can give out prize money based on positions but no promotion/ relegation, if Z games have been played we have promotion and relegation. I think we can assume that this did not happen since we’ve not heard a whisper about it. This is/was monumentally stupid.
  4. Not sure why everyone is worrying. Before the season started it was obvious to everyone that there was a decent chance we wouldn’t be able to complete the season. There’s no way the powers-that-be will have been negligent enough to allow the season to start without clearly defined contingencies for what to do if the season was stopped at various points. Is there. Is there? What?
  5. Just imagine: Our home game on a pitch relatively unlikely to be affected by cold conditions is postponed to allow us to play a cup game away at Stirling. The pitch at Stirling is still unplayable. We could have played our scheduled league game but instead we have no game. That would be wonderful.
  6. A Dundionian dishing out the “your town is a shithole” patter. f**k me [emoji849]
  7. Yeah just watched that interview, I thought it was said earlier that his isolation period expired on the 2nd but I was obviously mistaken. Sounds like we had a few players nursing issues though so even if we don’t have massively different personnel, the personnel we have may be stronger in the rearranged fixture.
  8. His isolation period was up but he wouldn’t have been able to train with the squad before the game. Not sure if that would have been an issue or not. Like most, I’m disappointed not to have a game to watch but this definitely suits us more- I feared a real mauling. If we get back to full strength we have nothing to fear. Annoying to now have two games in hand versus most of the league though.
  9. Steady. It’s not “our club” refusing to accept it, it’s one poster. I think most people accept that it’s not unreasonable for the home club to deny the away club the opportunity to take away some of its revenue.
  10. So...... you guys going to try 0-4 next week and see if you can still come away with the score draw?
  11. To be fair to Tex, he spent all of last season telling us Tait should be playing. Turns out he was right.....
  12. Agree, we can’t say the contract he signed was a mistake when the alternative would have been him not signing a new contract with us.
  13. Can’t disagree with this. Don’t think the Rovers board have done much wrong in the last 2 or 3 years. They’ve dropped a clanger here. Will still buy it but would probably think twice if the Pars had acted in the same way.
  14. Would expect nothing less. I’m partial to blurting out a “fucking boooooo!” as I drive past East End. Or maybe just a “booooo!” If the kids are in the car. I find it quite cathartic.
  15. The same team that included Matthäus, Papin, Kahn and Klinsmann? The one that went on to win the UEFA cup that year? Ok neebs. On another note, we really need to stop going on about the cup game. We were absolutely honking that day up until we got the penalty. It was a brilliant result but let’s not kid ourselves that we would have beaten them without the sending off and penalty to get us started.
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