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  1. Tx Rover appears literate. Has reasonable opinions. Is capable of a bit of reasoned debate. Not Frank.
  2. The Fife are a decent side this term. Draw against you next time in Methil and two wins at San Starko and I’d be delighted. Would be fucking gutted to finish the season below you though, you’re no that gid [emoji12]
  3. Yep, no disrespect to Airdrie, they will be tough opponents, but if we want to mount a serious title threat we need to be winning games like this way from home. The only teams in this league where I'd say a draw away from home is a decent result are Falkirk and East Fife. If we have title ambitions we need to be looking to win against all the other teams.
  4. Cheers, you’ve done us all a favour. Hopefully you used strong rope and a good gag.
  5. Excellent. It's been a while since we've had a player that opposition fans hate. You know, an Owen Coyle or a Gerry Britton type w****r. You give them all the "horses arse" chants because they're actually bloody good and you'd be delighted if they signed for you...
  6. You've not seen Raith trying to defend this season or last have you?
  7. It is a bit but loads of clubs do it. Means you only need to have one operator dealing with the cash is the main (only?) benefit I can see.
  8. I hope we all realise that any slim chance of a change in defensive pairing for the next game went up in smoke when Matthews bust his face. Millar to midfield, McKay to right back. As you were.
  9. Don’t think results elsewhere could have gone any better for us. Pleasing.
  10. It’s that fucking yellow strip. How many decent performances have we put in while wearing it? Get it tae f**k!
  11. But the same keeper was there when Bene came back in and we started leaking goals again...... For some reason the Bene/Davo combination just doesn’t work and the only people who can’t see it are Barry Smith and John McGlynn [emoji849]
  12. This is the only centre back pairing that hasn't looked like an absolute bomb-scare in the last two years.
  13. This statement could just as easily have come from a Raith fan.
  14. Cheers Zen. Not sure if it was the Sept 99 or Oct 2000 game I was at. One of the two though. So looking at the link Zen posted, Raith have; Lost the last 12 games against ICT. Lost 16 out of the last 17 against ICT. Not won in the last 18 games against ICT. A grim record indeed!
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