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  1. Those kind of aren't the rules of football. A professional foul involves a defender fouling an attacking player in order to prevent them from scoring, or a handball offence that denied an obvious goal-scoring opportunity.
  2. every deliberate foul should be a red card? is that really what you are saying here? as you seriously suggesting Son's trip was a deserved red card? 😂
  3. How many deliberate fouls are made with no attempt to play the ball in an average game? the injury is horrendous but nothing to do with the initial challenge. His studs weren't up and there was no attempt to injure the player. It was never a red card foul. The ref gave him a yellow for the challenge. When he saw the injury he produced a red for some bizarre reason even though the contact for the actual injury was nothing to do with Son.
  4. What utter fucking drivel. He has done nothing more than trip his opponent. You see those types of fouls several times in every game. What happened afterwards was a horrible accidental collision. The red will undoubtedly be rescinded.
  5. Fair enough. Just find it hilarious how Ayr fans always jump to Shanklands defence though. As if he really give two fucks about your diddy mob
  6. Morton 1 shot on target tonight. 13 fouls though so that will keep these weegie knuckle draggers happy. Definitely an even game 😂
  7. What is it with Ayr fans still getting upset about anyone saying anything negative about one of their ex players? sad c***s 😂
  8. Not me but when I get to that age I will probably do it regularly as well
  9. If you can't beat Alloa do you deserve promotion? no you fucking don't
  10. First or second post in here for weeks! Just to congratulate you lads. Will be your only win for the next 168 days 😂
  11. This really is a bizarre league. Arbroath offered absolutely nothing against us at Dens a few week ago. They were shite. Partick looked half decent second half against us last week. I expected a home win in this one no bother. I honestly don't know if Partick will be pushing for play-offs or relegation - same for Arbroath!
  12. angry enough to reply. good enough for me sweetcheeks
  13. First league victory in 168 days and only against dugshite Hamilton. Also only 2000 at the game. Surely the question is - what is the point in your existence?
  14. Dorrans and Gowser controlled the game first 30 mins or so and it was all Dundee. Cancel them out and leave Forster on the ball at the back - that's when you are fucked. You have to give credit to McCall as he made 2 changes at half time. McPake doesn't have a plan B.
  15. This is a big problem for me. Teams know we have good players on the ball in midfield like Dorrans and McGowan so are happy to let diddies like Forster and Meekings fanny about on the ball all day. How many times did Forster have the ball at his feet in fairly advanced areas and waste it? I will tell you - a fucking lot! We are crying out for a centre back that is comfortable on the ball and can link with our midfield.
  16. Early days guys. I still think you will be OK
  17. Didn't agree with the McPake appointment in the first place and I now think we need to shift him before it's too late. A half decent experienced manager in charge of this squad can win the league. Oh and Forster can get to f**k. Murder.
  18. We hit the post, but apart from that we never looked scoring. A pretty boring game tbh and once we went behind couldn't really see a way back for us. Dundee were pretty average as well. Dundee were indeed average but Arbroath were nowhere near as good as that.
  19. They wont be sitting in the bobby cox.... I realise that. It was that stupid Lichtie c**t that caused the confusion
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