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  1. I would hope so. Not a shot on target so far. Or off target for that matter
  2. Yeh Man City have got off to a terrible start
  3. Reguilon is a cracking signing as well. Spurs actually might not be as bad as I was expecting this season. Still need a backup striker though. And someone to replace Dier. He is mince.
  4. Can't be arsed looking for it, but at his peak on this thread, GD was a poor mans Todd is God. At one point he projected that Scotland would have 3million deaths within 2 weeks. Hands down the best post I have ever read on P&B.
  5. Arsenal fans disagree you mean. OK then
  6. He was OK nothing special. But Robertson for me was MOM today. His crossing was sensational the whole game.
  7. With Hearts out of the picture , Livi and Motherwell struggling, I see no reason why you guys can't get top 5 this season. Look pretty solid defensively so far.
  8. I think the real tragic part is that you email St Johnstone with transfer targets you have identified. Please talk me through that one.
  9. You admitted in the past you are. If we are debating who is the biggest sad case on this forum you win hands down - even your own fans say so. Just you continue to stink out this thread though. As you do with all threads. All day long. Go out and get your hole ffs
  10. You keep on using this joke - I don't get it? Also you have about 5 accounts on here - and at least one the dark blues forum you fruitcake!
  11. Because he is a fucking weirdo who posts stats and diagrams of formations all day long. When he is not doing that he is emailing his club with transfer targets he has identified. If he isn't still a virgin living with his mum I would be gob smacked.
  12. Saintees defo robbed today. Sign a creative player and a goal scorer then top 6 is possible
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