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  1. Broughty Ferry isn't a town my west coast friend. It's in Dundee.
  2. Another match thread ruined by Dele's absolute drivel
  3. The annoying thing is this is exactly how we should have played in the previous games. If you match Utd for effort they have f**k all else. Us pretending to be a good passing team has been the death of us so far. Just shitfest it like everyone else then hope for that wee bit of Dorrans magic. Thats all you need at this level.
  4. Put simply, Utd are just a better team than us this season. I will be very surprised if it isn't a simple victory for them tonight by at least 2 goals. Their fans are mostly middle aged woman from Angus though which is the biggest minter of all.
  5. More fool you. I would ask your wife but she has been in a nursing home for 20 years.
  6. Doubt he could cope with a decent budget and crowds above 2000 tbh
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