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  1. They have short memories. It was only a couple of years ago you beat them at Tannadice.
  2. If you boys beat us tonight, this thread will have more Dabs than a sale at Dobbies
  3. So none of it is his fault? Did you actually watch the game on Sunday? Do you genuinely believe he would be a starter for a top 4 team this season?
  4. Yes and then they got a decent manager who has binned them. That's why they finished top 4. McTominay continues to play and Man Utd are getting worse. You seem to be missing the point entirely.
  5. Exactly this. Those players mentioned have all been deemed not good enough for Spurs. A Spurs team who finished 13 points ahead of Man Utd. McTominay would not be a starter for any of the teams that finished top 5 last season.
  6. Going to Everton means he will probably be involved in another relegation scrap unfortunately. Ideally, he would get a move to a top half epl team but sadly he is not at that level yet.
  7. I am happy to hear that. But trust me, you are way wide of the mark.
  8. Yeh they seem to have everything in place now to push on. Great manager, loads of cash to spend, champions league, cracking stadium etc.
  9. Skipp wasn't at Norwich last season. He was in Spurs first team. Lots of competition in that area now. Winks will be first out the door along with the players you mentioned.
  10. Well it's certainly getting you all excited over multiple threads
  11. But historically we are better than Denmark. That is the main thing here. It all goes in cycles apparently.
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