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  1. The point was an absolute robbery but we should have won it with the last kick of the game. Never boring watching Clyde
  2. Deary me. Already an outfield player in goal and now lost their best centre half. Going well for Comoros
  3. Good to see you look at P&B Mr Sutherland @Pm18180
  4. Good start. Just the rest of the absolute drivel that needs apologised for now
  5. Error ridden absolute diddy shite. Wouldn't take a great deal of effort to make it a good programme. Just laziness and jobs for the boys
  6. Late to the party but Barjonas signed for Kelty. He's not on loan from anyone. Poor show as usual from Sportscene
  7. How's McNiff and Granty been doing for you guys?
  8. Morgyn Neill with teeth like a gumshield there. Ugly b*****d
  9. *Barry Ferguson's Alloa* claxon
  10. Think they're being really quite disingenuous to Cove here. Half a team out. Still hope they get pumped though
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