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  1. Finished Love Victor tonight. Great to see more from the Simon verse. Good to see LGBT representation. Cannie wait for series two.
  2. Liking us in all white btw. Only ever seem to wear it at Firhill
  3. Poor 20 year old Tam. Birthday wish from Thistle TV and be told you've an old man's name
  4. Had to check myself. Didn't think he'd played for loads of clubs. Still better commentators than East Fife tbf
  5. Thistle fans always a bit too keen to let everyone know they don't care...
  6. Didn't realise it was now a huge building until Butch pointed it out. Yet another "tradition" that we're meant to love
  7. Y.E. Yang won the 2009 PGA Ewan... First Japanese winner though. Great for Japan and Matsuyama though.
  8. Well done Matsuyama 🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵
  9. What a dick. Should still make 5 but oopsies
  10. Did anything every come of the Chinese amateur that was about 14 a few years ago btw?
  11. Top 12 at the Masters, wins the Open and 5 points at the Ryder Cup for Boab. Heard it here first
  12. I'm thinking Icelandic commentator euro 2016 levels tbh
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