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  1. I try to never criticise the team. They are mostly young guys doing a part time job for our entertainment, fair play to them. However, that yesterday was one of the worst Clyde performances I have ever seen. That reminded me of a Stuart Millar team never mind Jim Chapman. Danny's recruitment has been woeful, it's probably a combination of depleted budget and really poor judgement of a player. Is Docherty better than McNiff? Is Jones better than Norway? Tactics also, playing long balls against Dumbarton is always going to end in disaster. Playing Goodwillie anywhere but number 9 is scandalous. If you must play Jones play two upfront. It's obvious to me that the standard of club at the bottom of League Two will be better in ten years than it is now, clubs know this too and some have panicked to avoid relegation, Queen's Park have gone full Gretna to avoid it after all. We have the safety net of being in League one of course but what happens if this season is as disastrous as it looks like it might be? We'll be back in League Two needing to take on debt to get back out again. To me, the board are incapable, or unwilling, or build a proper structure and always use Broadwood as an excuse, we have had plenty opportunity to leave. I see this as a steady slide into the Lowland League being replaced by several clubs with ambition. Club is rotten and have pissed away all the benefits of getting promoted. Covid has affected everyone it's no excuse.
  2. After not conceding a point in their opening two games Fiji make GB look very ordinary. Big reality check for them
  3. What a fantastic performance from Flora Duffy in the triathlon to win Bermuda's first ever gold!
  4. Just catching up with the diving after work. Used to be the sport for @The Naitch @Sooky and me to slever over but Tom Daley winning gold as probably the most visible out male athlete means so much. His speech was amazing, representation matters.
  5. Commentator just said the England captain there
  6. Are triathlon courses usually in laps? I thought it was usually one big course. Could be talking pish though
  7. Turned on the last 23 seconds of France v USA basketball. Still watching it, we've only had six seconds. Is it always like this?
  8. Never heard of Jagger Eaton half an hour ago but I just cheered wildly when he fell on his erse. First impressions and all that
  9. If you'd have said to me I'd have witnessed several fakey back lips this evening I wouldn't have believed you
  10. This skateboarding is fantastically mental
  11. Mon the Skate Boarding. Goofy stances and silly names
  12. Anyone else been watching the Eurosport streams? Great to have all the other sports the BBC wouldn't lower itself to show but the sound is pretty poor and sometimes uses the wrong streams sound (I'd volleyball sound over a handball game last night) anyone else find that?
  13. The Geography Knowledge on this opening ceremony is leaving a lot to be desired
  14. Disappointing lack of Crimea on the Ukrainian kits there
  15. I was unaware of this magnificence. Life saver
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