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  1. Forres Mechanics 4-3 Rothes Wee sojourn to the north for the weekend sees a smashing game of football. I have been at Mosset Park previously after a game to Ross County was postponed at 2:30, but this was the first 90 minutes I'd seen here and what a stoater it was. Early penalty set the tone and then the goals kept coming! Unfortunately it quietened down second half and our 9 goal record is safe for now. I enjoyed the hark back to the Pie and Bovril trope circa 2011, if you know you know. Howfin strip apart, I cannot praise Forres enough. A brilliant ground, brilliant folk and food to die for. Potentially the most passed ground in Scotland without being visited due to its position next to the A96? If you haven't been I highly recommend it.
  2. BBC Scotland and STV should be all over this imo. Lots of documentaries and old matches on please
  3. Don't know if there are any teams with a better record than us but we've done rather well out of it. Tremendous stuff
  4. Glad you had a pal @The Naitch when were all patting our shan... enjoying the Scotland game. Some of these Pizzas sound superb
  5. One day an Irishman will give a Scottish Sporting team a compliment. Even by accident
  6. They are three of the best results a Scotland team has ever ground out. Sensational stuff
  7. Can just guarantee if we wore the 1967 shirt when we played at Wembley we'd be accused of all sorts but England wearing red at home to Germany will be "banter"
  8. I know that Turkey team is far from the 2002 World Cup Semi finalists and the Faroes are a lot better than they once were but that's a stoating result
  9. Must say, I'm really enjoying Wales being absolutely shite again. What's the odds on Iran and USA to be the two to qualify from that word cup group?
  10. Another one here for Paisley today. I was there before not long after it opened but haven't been since. Decent ground, not the character (or steepness of Love Street). Good way for Mr Nilpferd to tick off St Mirren without playing £25. Some players there you could see playing for the Senior squad, some will be stinking out the lower Leagues before long
  11. Fleur East is the jammiest bugger alive spending 12 hours a day with that magnificent creature. Oh. My. God. Think that's Gorka relegated (just like England )
  12. Tony Adams still thinks he's playing Millwall away. Quite fun though
  13. I want Carlos's trousers. The person inside them would be nice tae
  14. Liked that from Jimbo. Like Amy unless she's with a flag shagger as well
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