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  1. Christ, that makes Motson, Clive, Jonas, Dublin, Matterface, Dixon et al sound like doyens. Dreadful stuff from Moore and the Racist
  2. Cumnock 3-3 Glenafton We weren't even meant to be here. Were meant to be at Talbot v Clydebank but that was called off 30 minutes before kick off. Chic Young can go feck himself. AstroTurf pitches are the only way for teams at this level to have games on at this time of year. What a game by the way! Tremendous stuff. Fiesty East Ayrshire Derby, Cumnock fans accusing the Glens of Mutton molestation, Glenafton taking a two nil lead into half time and then chuck it away only to score again to make it 3-3. Me getting cramp in my jaw because it was so cold. Fantastic advert for the West of Scotland league. Townhead Park is smashing as well 2nd game here after the West Cup Final in June. Get yourself down if you can. Still haven't been to Beechwood [emoji1787]
  3. To be fair. I do remember Clyde drawing with Ayr in the cup and going to Barry Ferguson for the post match interview and spent it talking about Rangers! It had its moments but this season it has gone through the floor
  4. Must be a cracking night to be Portuguese. Rumping Switzerland while Spain go out to Morocco. Dancing in the streets of Benfica tonight etc
  5. Want Spain to win. Will always have a soft spot for Morocco though after they stopped that wee fud Thogden going to every game at the World Cup.
  6. For Autism anyway, going to the GP is the done thing. If you think about how you've struggled with communication, sensory processing and social interactions in the past and present evidence to them. They would then refer you to a specialist and then eventually you would see a diagnostican.
  7. Brazil are playing like Brazil again after trying to play like European teams for ages. Splendid stuff
  8. So England are beating that France team and this Brazil team apparently
  9. Good man. Welcome aboard. Here in a personal or professional capacity if you've anything you need to ask
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