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  1. Scottie Scheffler, Luke Humphries or any other robot
  2. Viktoria Berlin 1-3 Union Berlin First ever game of German football for me. Effectively FC Edinburgh [emoji2961] v Hearts apart from if they didn't knock down Old Meadowbank and an East German designed it. Also played the Union song before the game which was a bit minteriffic. Union did play there for a season though so that might have been why. Seats were colourful but made the benches in the old stand at Cowdenbeath seem plush. Union a far better team and deserved winmers. Good evening out even if people being able to drink and smoke takes a bit of getting used to.
  3. I'd suggest it is probably somewhere like Colraine as the crow flies!
  4. Boab's raging. Who's the money on?
  5. Forth 0-6 East Kilbride. Delay for half an hour due to waiting on an Ambulance for the Kilby goalkeeper who appears to have a neck injury. Forth keeper was already injured and Kilby's sub had taken over. He was ready to play the 2nd half for EK with Forth's coach taking over in goal. EK clearly the better and fitter side and raced away with it in the second half Should add, no concerns for the keeper's safety just can't move him without paramedics
  6. Lesser spotted Martin Laird doing well at the Traveller's Championship the now. Two back after Rory's snowman
  7. Fort deserve everything they got of their chairman acts like that tbh
  8. Anyone been? Looking to go in October and looking for recommendations
  9. Newmains 4-4 Gartcairn After a nine day close season back at it again for 22/23. What a game to start with. First visit to Victoria Park and while basic I was quite impressed. Brilliant game, tremendous that entry was a donation. Lovely folk. Glad to see Newmains seem to be on an even keel after years of batterings in the old Juniors
  10. A massive GIRFUY to Lee Westwood incidentally
  11. Looked like he was getting his Grandad or something. Only his mum and brother were in the Ropes
  12. Pat my shants there. Tremendous stuff Matty
  13. Nae offence Will but gonnie miss
  14. Shot of his life! Outstanding
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