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  1. That group of Hamilton neds were trying to start trouble with the Saints fans Scum
  2. Not been on for a while - nice (!) to see that 101 having been banned from WAP is spouting his pish on here (hates all Saints managers) Strange selection from Tommy in selecting Sutton - the days of immobile centre forwards who can win the occasional header are gone - much rather have the running power of Kane. Still think we'll finish above Hearts though...
  3. Love to know Tommie's thinking when making the substitutions?? Surely should have been McLean for Kane and Wotherspoon for Mr Tumble... Still a flat win and still a chance of another european trip. Shit atmosphere too, why were the Dundee fans so quiet??
  4. Ok it's was a draw, 1 half each. Why has 'The Derry' got that run-off area at the front? Just asking for trouble that - when the coags scored the wee neds running forward pushed over a steward, could have been fatal. Need to fence it off..
  5. Lucern fans were tremendous - that is how to support your team. Probably helps that they were all young lads - not old buggers women or kids.
  6. Decided to get all my Saints scraves out of the attic for display before Cup Final - collected 23 over the years! First one - hand knitted by my Granny is a bit yellow now. Would have been 24 but big bully took one from me at Tynecastle when I was 14
  7. http://www.uefa.com/uefaeuropaleague/news/newsid=2114295.html No return to Eskeshir....boo
  8. Great being in Europe again and having the euro wheel of fortune to spin on June 23rd (day after my birthday) can't wait. No pressies - only cash please.
  9. Jees we,ve suddenly got 14,000 fans - is this good or bad, Im not sure?? Just hope Im not sitting behind two biddies wondering which team which. Hope I enjoy the day but Im doubtful....
  10. A Night to Remember Caught this on BBC 2 this afternoon - exactly the same as Cameron's Titanic without the DeCaprio and Winslett characters slowing the story. Love these old classic black and white films : Drama-documentary based on the events of April 14, 1912. Luxury liner Titanic is five days to sea. Its staterooms crowded with the rich, talented and fashionable of Europe and America, the ship is the pride of Second Officer Herbert Lightoller and Thomas Andrews, its designer. Yet when a giant iceberg looms, the 'unsinkable' ship is doomed, and Andrews knows it 10 out of 10
  11. For - it's a start then we could work towards an independent Perth and send the Weegies home.
  12. 1. Hi de hi 2. Dukes of Hazard 3. A Team 4. You Rang M'Lud 5. Big Brother
  13. Climbed the Bernia (sp) on the Costa Blanca in Spain last week - great climb - climb being the word in parts. Also a cave you have to crawl through but great views and echo's. Highly recommended but not on a hot day.
  14. War of the Worlds - no great story but great special effects : 6 out of 10.
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