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  1. [emoji122][emoji122][emoji122][emoji122][emoji122][emoji122] Mon the papers
  2. Drinking on a monday night is life that bad down auchinleck? Get the banjo out and sing a song for ur wife/sister and everything will be alright...... Mon the papers
  3. What would happen if a player signs for 2 clubs over the summer??? Mon the papers
  4. Where do yoker play now? Weve defo for auchinleck idiot anyway[emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787] Mon the papers
  5. Cumnock fan claiming hes no going 2 medda even tho hes pictured in medda top after signing. Honestly dont know wits true Mon the papers
  6. Thats because i had 2 search the internet cos like ive said i wasnt alive back in 1916(u seem 2 know about it grandad) Mon the papers
  7. Didnt get it off wiki tbh but i did get it online. I dunno how many teams folded back then i wasnt born. Wit age were u if u remember??? Financial reasons use folded for. Using the war as an excuse hahahahahahahaha Mon the papers
  8. Shouldnt use be called 2nd time lucky auchinleck talbot???? As use folded in 1916 but came back 4 years later. Haha people in glass houses........ Mon the papers
  9. Ur asking the wrong guy ud need 2 ask the guy who does the website. Mon the papers
  10. There is 2 many cups dont u think so? I do and i also think a 38 game league is fine i really enjoyed it tbh. Use aint junior anymore so why u playing in there cup? I post about it cos its in the wosl forum where my club is. Mon the papers
  11. If u know the history then ull knkw ur talking shi#e Mon the papers
  12. Clydebank fc always has been always will be. Mon the papers
  13. Dont cry am really no worth it am a pr#ck(well thats her name for me) Mon the papers
  14. Been there plenty of times watching clydebank m8. U just turn up for sjc final dont worry about us Mon the papers
  15. U post anywhere u want troll. Am not saying he cant post in here just find it strange a killie fan posts in here but hes now explained he comes and watches the wosl which explains why he comments on it. Mon the papers
  16. 1)anno my team dont play in the sjc and neither should urs. 2) 3 cups is plenty 3) 38 games is fine for teams who have lights and can fit games in all year round. Mon the papers
  17. No gonnie slag my own team. Just sit back n let use rugby park talbot fans do that lol Mon the papers
  18. Well for a start all the teams moved away from the juniors they should all pull out the junior scottish cup. For me keep the west and the challenge cup. The rest can go tbh Mon the papers
  19. Was waiting for u or andy 2 hit out with this 1. Lol what can i say i love fishing and ill always get a catch in the talbot forum lol Mon the papers
  20. My team was in the comp plus its in the wosl forum which my club is also. All i asked why ur posting in a forum where u dont support anybof the clubs??? If u were 2 turn around in say i like the buffs n go watch them sometimes then fine id get it but u say u support killie which i find strange u post on wosl forum. Thats all Mon the papers
  21. Do u go into forums which u dont support any of the teams??? Mon the papers
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