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  1. The mess is onky created because of the divide in the direction of some clubs. What really shouldve happened is when us and the buffs were pushing for the wosl it shouldve been 1st 16 only or ambitious clubs who wanna go up the pyramid but whats happen is when ronney started his nonsense people started 2 believe him 1 minute they were all against it the next the whole west juniors jumped across. Now a year later they want it back. Couldnt make it up. As for darvel lol a pantomime club going back 2 junior club but pulled out this seasons west club lol get them 2 f#ck. Rant over sober aswell grafting tomorrow Mon the papers
  2. OMG and use all thought i was a rocket??? Lol aye lets all rejoin the juniors hahaha Mon the papers
  3. Yes the scottish junior cup was massive and every team including my own wanted 2 win it but all west clubs moved away from the juniors and a couple of baws n £££ and clubs r crawling back. Its embarrassing Mon the papers
  4. Decent player aswell just terrible commitment. Mon the papers
  5. Well we all cant be perfect can we now?if u dont like me then block me. Mon the papers
  6. Yes we will and we'll make sure we go for a sh#te before we goto bed. Mon the papers
  7. Mick kennedy is a decent guy who ive always liked reading his posts(dunno if he says same about me lol) but why have they entered the sjc? Doesnt make sense aye people r saying its cos there kicked out the west but after last season when they ran out of steam ud think theyd wanna just considerate on the league and winning promotion? Dont tell me they done a talbot in shat the bed? Ive noticed micks no been on for a while maybe john gal has banned him as i know john gal aint my biggest fan. Hi john Mon the papers
  8. Good experience there. Need legs round about him tho id imagine Mon the papers
  9. Thanks Wikipedia. I didnt say he was a great goalscorer just that hes a good player. Mon the papers
  10. Aye am auld. Why would my kids read my posts? There children they go out n play in the park no read online football forums. I hope u dont make ur kids do that.yes ive no friends thanks for pointing that out. If u dont like my post block me ya tadger. As for own fans no liking me i couldnt give a flying f#ck Mon the papers
  11. Maybe suits use but use really shouldnt be allowed 2 play in it as we all left the juniors behind but the shambles that is wosl committee is letting teams play in it and giving it preference 2 other games when it should never be happening. Mon the papers
  12. Cannie let go of the juniors. Embarrassing Mon the papers
  13. Dont slag the talbot they dont like it lol. Mon the papers
  14. Just needs a sign saying holm park community stadium. Mon the papers
  15. No u again. If u dont like wit ive got 2 say then block me Mon the papers
  16. Not seething 1 bit if i was id a mashed my phone up lol i can clearly c am upsetting a few people tho. Mo the papers
  17. Welcome to the bankies larry, kyle and josh Mon the papers
  18. Do u say that 2 yourself? U moan when i talk about talbots football and u moan when i dont. Cannie win way use cants. Mon the papers
  19. Sounds 2 me like the boy is mugging both teams off Mon the papers
  20. So basically this guy could sign for borh medda n cumnock n make himself a few bob with the signing on fee??? Mon the papers
  21. What annoys u the most the fact ur sister is ur wife or that we know u play the banjo? Lol Mon the papers
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