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  1. Would like 2 think there was a meeting tonight or 1st thing tomorrow with glenafton awarded 3 points n Blantyre deducted 3 points next season. Cmon wosl committee we r a professional league now Mon the papers
  2. So it wasnt because of the cup final? Some supporters had been told this. Cheers for answering [emoji106] Mon the papers
  3. Lets get 11 players on the pitch 1st for Blantyre lol Mon the papers
  4. Do why was pollok v clydebank moved from tomorrow to monday night? Mon the papers
  5. Its an embarrassment and no wonder everyone outwith scotland thinks theres only 2 teams. Sort it out Mon the papers
  6. Well if u know u must be hard of hearing or really stupid. Mon the papers
  7. The ground is in clydebank. Think now auchinleck has its true village idiot. Well done u. Ur probably no even from auchinleck just support them cos there the best in ur area. Mon the papers
  8. Stealing bridges patter fae 10 year ago. Its a football forum people like talking about other clubs. Sometimes its good n fun then other times theres plamfs like u Mon the papers
  9. Thats the thing about auchinleck theres no just 1 village idiot there loads of use doon there lol Mon the papers
  10. Tbh i couldnt give a f### but i hope use get pumped now and also hope yoker beat use in fake cup final Mon the papers
  11. If teams arent getting punished then theyll keep doing it. Mon the papers
  12. Theres ur problem there. Its not junior football anymore Mon the papers
  13. And rightly so. This is a professional league it shouldnt be happening. Start the west juniors again and teams like Blantyre can play there. Mon the papers
  14. They really need 2 win the LL in 1 season cos the money john gall is gonnie spunk into them to win the league, hes getting no return back from away fans or lack of them when they visit darvel. Mon the papers
  15. No there away 2 seville 2 watch there big time. Why u not away? Mon the papers
  16. Well its a known fact the glens have a lot of fans that also follow rangers n it was just a wee joke asking how many rangers tops where in the 80 man crowd. Mon the papers
  17. Lol someones still upset at last nights result in seville. Mon the papers
  18. How many rangers tops wwas there tho??? Lol Mon the papers
  19. Was there many rangers tops at the glenafton game tonight? Mon the papers
  20. Or if they go up the leagues n become the new gretna? Mon the papers
  21. Might take a wee bus or 5 trip 2 darvel for this match lol Mon the papers
  22. Newlandsfield is a brilliant ground with some slight improvements needed but nothing that cant be done over time. Mon the papers
  23. Cup final talbot fans u mean. Lol Mon the papers
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