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  1. Hows the pitch looking? Is there a pitch inspection? No wanting use 2 do a talbot n have the game called off less than a hour before ko and i was in auchinleck when they switched floodlights off lol Mon the papers
  2. But will use win the play off???? Bedshitters Mon the papers
  3. Lie 1-2 darvel Bankies 5-0 lang Drum 3-0 bonny Ants 1-1 forth Mains 0-1 kello House 0-2 st p Mon the papers
  4. Probably away 2 another stag do lol. Mick did u enjoy the bankies game on sat? Mon rhe papers
  5. Lie 0-2 lok Medda 2-1 nock Glens 3-1 twood Frew 2-1 wishy Girvan 0-1 albert Eglinton 0-4 h row Mon the papers
  6. Aye i was about 2 walk into the away end and lights were still on in stadium. The 3pm ref needs a kick in the baws Mon the papers
  7. Beith 3-0 sba Gartcairn 1-0 Blantyre Troon 2-0 ashfield Buffs 2-1 thorn Yoker 2-0 rossvale Talbot 4-0 johnstone Mon the papers
  8. Peasy 0-2 rob roy Bankies 3-0 buffs Bonnyton 0-2 neilston Greenock 3-1 glasgow united Finnart 1-1 vol West park 4-1 campbelltown Mon the papers
  9. Makes sense with him being an ex player Mon the papers
  10. Rob roy 2-1 ford Pollok 4-0 peasy Twood 1-3 bens Wishaw 2-3 craigmark Albert 1-2 dalry St peters 2-1 thorn Mon the papers
  11. Alright jim am all good just been busy with stuff no had chance 2 do my predictor ill be back in this week Mon the papers
  12. Why would gall want 2 busload of fans gone? Mon the papers
  13. Thats what must have happened with chris mackie all thise years ago lol if only we knew this Mon the papers
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