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  1. Thought our fitness levels and quality of our subs was the difference between the teams that day. Mon the papers
  2. Wits everyones views on tonights match? I think the boys will bounce back from the poor performance v rossvale and win this match 4-0. Mon the papers
  3. Very true but use where quick 2 change venue for the game today but didnt seem that interested a few week ago 2 play us. Mon the papers
  4. Am still gutted use werent as keen 2 get the bankies game as use were today. Mon the papers
  5. Stookie worked hard on our grass pitch in i thought it was 1 of the best in the league considering 2 teams played on it. The grass pitch at the vale is lovely tbh Mon the papers.
  6. Aye just looked back in realised ive made a noel hunt of the joke lol ma bad Brilliant joke when told correctly lol Mon the papers
  7. Ye never know lol i didnt even know where darvel was 2 year ago now there in top league. Loads of cash spent there Mon the papers
  8. Someone mentioned £20-£30k spent on it aswell. Surely not Mon the papers
  9. Well done on getting the game played but they couldve done the same v us but did they sh#te it fae the bankies? Mon the papers
  10. Aye cos use play great football on grass lol use aint the great passing tommy bryce side anymore Mon the papers
  11. How have pollok convinced there whole squad 2 sign new extended contracts at start of this season when there not playing? Correct me if am wrong but christie n forde r only 2 who wanna play and r out on loan? Whats the rest of the squad upto? Mon the papers
  12. Moff done a great job at them and built a good squad and gormley seems 2 be continuing this. I admire the way they run the club there like the hamilton of the spl lol in a good way Mon the papers
  13. We werent our best or anywhere near it on sat but credit rossvale they had a gameplan 2 stop us playing and it worked if only they had a bit more belief and attacked more they couldve won the game, as for us the unbeaten run continues keep it going lads and hope we improve for next game v cumbernauld. Have a great christmas all my fellow bankies fans, players, coaches n everyone whos reads this. Wee joke for use before i go : Who does nicola strugeon and seeweed have in common? No even the tide would take her out Mon the papers
  14. Haha ive never been called that before, is that a good thing haha. Mon the papers
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