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  1. Rob roy 2-1 cumnock Pollok 1-2 talbot Neilston 3-0 gartcairn Glasgow 2-0 united wishaw Voc 3-1 larkhall Rossvale academy 2-0 easterhouse Mon the papers
  2. Medda 2-1 largs Pollok 1-2 bankies Johnstone 1-3 cumbernauld Glasgow united 0-2 yoker Carluke 2-1 royal albert Threave 2-2 Kilsyth Mon the papers
  3. Beith 4-1 krr Arthurlie 2-0 cambuslang Blantyre 1-2 neilston Kilsyth 4-0 glasgow united Girvan2-3 lanark Glendale 3-1 thorn Mon the papers
  4. 4 ive only ever used 2 n didnt think there was more but 900 for use is kick in baws cos ud get more v huntly and possibly us n talbot Mon the papers
  5. 2 think use can get 1600 with 1 gate yet pollok has 2 and capacity is 900 seems very strange. Mon the papers
  6. 4 out 5 correct scores well played beith19. Uve set a marker lol Pollok 1-2 clydebank Arthurlie 1-1 medda Bens 1-2 glens Rossvale 2-0 irvine vics Murkirk 0-3 greenock Dalry 2-0 finnart Mon the papers
  7. Rob roy 3-1 glenafton Hurlford 2-1 Troon Kilbrinie 1-0 gartcairn Maryhill 0-1 wishaw Saltcoats 1-0 royal albert Kilsyth athletic 3-2 west park Mon the papers
  8. What have they had done? 1 of my favourite away grounds Mon the papers
  9. Good chance use will be on the telly the friday night. Decent wee earner for use Mon the papers
  10. Just answer the question or is it 2 hard for u? Do u need a wee drawing included? Mon the papers
  11. Do u honestly think players r leaving league 1 and 2 to come 2 the tiny ayrshire villege team called darvel who there manager is ex amateur (no disrespect there to mk) and there coming cos the manager speaks well and sells the club? Or that someone within the club is throwing cash at it ? Mon the papers
  12. Uve got confused there i wasnt meaning i know anything. What i shouldve said was u dont know wit i know (if theres anything 2 know) lol Mon the papers
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