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  1. Bills like the wages the players r on. U dont get players going 2 darvel from senior clubs unless there wages r upped. Aye ok mick probably talks a good game and can get players on board but good wages is what players r playing for these days. I dont have a problem with darvel or there moneyman. I honestly think 2 get out of tier 6 u need a really top side(dont think my club is there yet). Talbot r the team 2 beat but use maybe pollok n buffs could make it a hard season for them. Looking forward 2 my trip doon darvel when wee archie rattles in a hat trick n we win 3-0 lol Mon the papers
  2. Where have these people been? Ive only took notice of darvel the last few years because DL and his up his own arse attitude. all this over spending cant be sustained and how long will before moneyman or men walk away and leave them with massive bills? The dressing room tweet is class its got them noticed and alot of people r talking about them. Fair play and good luck to them Mon the papers
  3. Is wee bubba still at use? Cracking player on his day. Mon the papers
  4. Use have some good players in ur team just need 2 c how they play for mcanespie. His time at us was very hot and cold. Good thing for nauld fans is hes over other side so use wont hear the pish that comes out his mouth lol. Mon the papers
  5. Good luck jordan and stig. Stig is 1 of the good guys in the game. Mon the papers
  6. The drum aswell splashing the cash ive heard. Wont last with both clubs as it wont with darvel as it didnt with kilwinning maryhill medda hurlford etc.... Mon the papers
  7. Manager raiding his old club aint uncommon. Moff must think there better players so we have 2 trust moff. Mon the papers
  8. Both kevin and callum good players as is heppy but dont ask him 2 play or train when rangers r playing. Mon the papers
  9. Very strange that 1 unless hes no wanted at kilbrinie Mon the papers
  10. Ask limmy lol Mon the papers
  11. Heard they have 15 new players. Basically full new team. Good luck 2 them always enjoy my trips 2 barrhead Mon the papers
  12. Dunno u tell us. Its u saying more pics coming. Much u been paid? Lol Mon the papers
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