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  1. Hahaha why u no celebrating ur win today? Instead of sitting on the internet lol Mon the papers
  2. Give them a break theyve only just got channel 5 lol Mon the papers
  3. Terrible attitude from the player and am glad he didnt sign for us now. Mon the papers
  4. Well dont talbot on ur victory today. Its a great achievement 2 beat the LL champs and show everyone the wosl is a stronger n better league than LL. Enjoy ur night Mon the papers
  5. I get ur point but but we all decided 2 leave the juniors and join a more professional set up. When it starts i dont know. Why did glenafton say no 2 a date change anyway? Mon the papers
  6. Moved 2 when? Whenever rangers arent playing? We play in a professional league now. If ur 2 schedule the season around the old firm then 2 me this stinks of the juniors Mon the papers
  7. We all know glenafton shouldve been awarded a 3-0 victory and the 3 points while Blantyre should face points deduction for next season as this is only way 2 stop teams doing this. This whole thing stinks of the juniors Mon the papers
  8. Totally agree and am starting 2 think darvel only signed him to stop him from signing for us and making us better for next season cos they probably thought its talbot league plus they signed truesdale fae rob roy aswell after he agreed 2 sign for us. Mon the papers.
  9. Sounds like we won a watch with mcgowan going 2 darvel 2 sit on bench. Mon the papers
  10. N who needs enemies when ur own fans can act like this. I loved my time in the juniors as much as i did watching my team play in the now championship (highest ive seen us play) we got fucked over by administrators and yes some fans have chips on there shoulders its not because of the juniors. We move on from west juniors as 1 and clubs need 2 either step up and dont do a Blantyre (if u r then the wosl is not for u) Mon the papers
  11. Would like 2 think there was a meeting tonight or 1st thing tomorrow with glenafton awarded 3 points n Blantyre deducted 3 points next season. Cmon wosl committee we r a professional league now Mon the papers
  12. So it wasnt because of the cup final? Some supporters had been told this. Cheers for answering [emoji106] Mon the papers
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