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  1. Irvine medda did in the 1st round. Mon the papers
  2. Both clubs agreed to the monday night kick off time. Mon the papers
  3. he was a decent signing always gave 110% but alot of fans didnt rate him but i thought on his day he was really good player and could play either wing. His problem is hes inconsistent as most wingers r. Mon the papers
  4. R they not section A now haha Mon the papers
  5. Only 1 way 2 prove thats not true. Mon the papers
  6. Because am a straight forward guy and if ive got anything 2 say u only need 2 ask anyone whos played for us or support us that i dont hold back. I dont hide behind a username or have multiple usernames. Wit team do u support? Just out of interest Mon the papers
  7. Anybody who follows clydebank knows am passbackdave. People making up accounts just 2 slag and name people r f##king low in my book. Ive even private messaged the guy but no reply. Wits that tell ye? Keyboard warrior Mon the papers
  8. Sizeable horrible element hahahahaha. Who r u and why r u hiding behind a sh##ey username? Mon the papers
  9. Yeah anno about the 89 game but impossible for carbon rod 2 remember that game. Mon the papers
  10. U sure the celtic game wasnt at firhill? Mon the papers
  11. Embarrassing for darvel when hurlford is only 7 miles away and there game was on. What use is changing rooms better than Wembley if ur pitch cant handle a wee bit of rain lol Mon the papers
  12. Why was darvel game postponed? Mon the papers
  13. Thats me up all excited for the big game today lol we need 2 get back 2 winning ways after Wednesday nights defeat to hurlford. Am sure moff n the boys wouldve been as disappointed and shocked at our play and finishing in final 3rd. Its gonnie be a hard game as always v buffs but ill take a 1-0 win with an own goal lol good luck buffs just no today Mon the papers
  14. Haggis and cheese toastie sounds good. Mon the papers
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