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  1. I misread it i thought ud meant the kello keeper, cant even blame the drink lol aye leishman is a class keeper Mon the papers
  2. Love it when someone bets us 2 lose Mon the papers
  3. All 19s players done well the other night but wee martin was the standout player and my motm. Scored a superb goal when it looked like he would cross the ball only 2 fool the keeper and go for a shot 2 the near post. Clever finish and can c the boy plays with confidence. Well done all at 19s Mon the papers
  4. To many clubs scared of the dinosaur johnstone Mon the papers
  5. Dont start the darvel pi$h on here, keep that rocket darvel legend 2 the darvel thread Mon the papers
  6. Had 2 do it before someone else did. I wanna be the grass lol Mon the papers
  7. We all agreed we'd buy hunners a euromillions tickets and win it next week then take over the world, crushing every team as we play them. Lol Mon the papers
  8. He was there. He likes 2 play games and bam people up. Really no need for it. Mon the papers
  9. Looking forward to the game today ill go for a 2-0 bankies win with big hewitt getting his 1st goal. Keep the faith lol Mon the papers
  10. Glad 2 hear this. Looking forward 2 the game ill go 2-0 bankies big hewitt 2 get his 1st goal also. Mon the papers
  11. Game on? Is there an inspection? Mon the papers
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