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  1. Clydebank F.C. 2018/19

    Phase 1 is the pitch, floodlights and secure the ground with a fence. Dunno plans after that Mon the papers
  2. Another year, another Cumnock manager

    What was the attendance today? Mon the papers
  3. Todays scores 12/1

    What happened there? Mon the papers
  4. Todays scores 12/1

    Hes always had a cracking left peg on him. Mon the papers
  5. pollok 1v0 glenafton 5.1.19

    100% linos call there. Refs get far 2 much stick on here and also on my club website but when ur lino has a clear view of it and not that far away ud expect him 2 help ye out. Mon the papers
  6. Player

    Phone steven gerrard lol
  7. The Albion Rovers Thread

    How is wee john cunningham getting on at use? Ive noticed hea not been playing much lately is he injuried? Wouldnt mind him at us(clydebank)
  8. Todays Scores 5/1

    a wins a win so move onto next week a very hard game v kilwinning. Mon the papers
  9. Today’s games

    Weve been poor for a few weeks tbh. Recharge batteries n get players back from injury and we'll be good 2 go in 2019 Mon the papers
  10. Hurlford v Talbot

    About what? Ive nothing but praise for talbot on and off the pitch.i would love my club 2 be as successful as talbot on the pitch and have a ground like beechwood. Why did u decide 2 stop supporting hurlford and now support talbot? What happens if talbot dont win the league do u then support the team who wins it? Mon the papers
  11. Hurlford v Talbot

    What a doing hurlford took today did u celebrate or cry? Wasnt that long ago u were filming and supporting hurlford. Mon the papers
  12. Today's Scores

    Shocking the game started
  13. Scores 8/12

    There was none v us either what am saying is whenever theres talk of segregation then glenaftons name aint far behind. There has been segregation at games v kilbirinie before tho. Mon the papers
  14. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    I was thinking the same there lol hope darvel never get promoted lol Mon the papers
  15. Auchinleck Talbot v Ayr United televised

    I watched cove a few weeks v banks of dee and wasnt impressed with them at all and said if talbot keep megginson quiet theyll win.i jumped on the 7/1 the bookies where offering. He scored in both games Mon the papers