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  1. Ive heard he's good at directing things
  2. After a disastrous start to our season when we lost first 2 games and managed to score a late winner in our third league game To come back and win the league and get a fair distance in the WOS cup was probably better than we could hope for in the third /fourth week of the season
  3. I find it quite ironic that the Talbot boys ( girls) go on to threads on here and do a bit of casting hoping for a bite Then someone decides to through in a bomb and, hey presto, TB and a few others from the Cumnock suburb, start chipping back at folk Come on my friends from Botville , if you stir the pot, expect a few splashes back on your bumblebee shirts shirts
  4. Best of luck Keiran and all the best in your new venture mate Thanks for this season, will not be forgotten
  5. Thanks for your good wishes and , hopefully, Cumbernauld will be following us up next season Lovely people up there, who couldn't do enough for us and it's not a bad Wee set up either As to the goals, the 1st goal I couldn't say as I was down nearer the other end of the park. As to the others, 4th goal was OK as Downs ran in after Malone and therefore definitely not offside As to 2nd & 3rd goals, one was possibly offside or maybe level, but, the other one seemed OK as where I was standing was just about where the defenders were holding the line. Think the possible issue at one of the goals was Malone was in offside position in middle but ball went to Ronald on the wing who was onside Understand your frustration mate, but, I think we were head done by on a few instances , particularly every time your No. 9 went for a ball in the air and barged into the defender on every instance Spoken to by ref several times and no booking. He was subbed by your bench before he got booked/sent off I agree that ref was shit, the sending off of the Cumnock player was never a straight red card, probably a yellow as he was late , but not reckless/wild ( or whatever the rationale is now) Your number 3 - he was a well deserved Red, every day of the week
  6. Well done to everybody at Beith, congratulations from all at Cumnock
  7. Aw diddums, the big boys are not as good as us but they ganged up on us Suck it up ya daftie , if " the best football team in their league" hadn't thrown away stupid points at key times, then this discussion wouldn't be happening The league last 26 games not last 2 or 3
  8. "Soon " should have been "from home" - how is that predictive text !!!!!!
  9. Aye yer right mate, he has absolutely zero sense. Cumnock have the 2 biggest games of our season ( and Largs season as well) Shotts away today and Cumbernauld at home on Wednesday, so whit does he do , puts us away soon at Girvan on Monday in an Ayrshire cup tie, in between these two key games when we could have played that next Saturday as there is still loads of time to get it played The man is a tube
  10. C'mon Beith, mainly because they have never won it and I like the folk at Beith when I go down for a game Plus the fact Paul Courtney would never let me forget it if I went for Pollok
  11. Don't know where this thread kinda went of course and turned into the Kilsyth and Clydebank haters thread Kilsyth , apparently, didn't play well against Cumnock...... Why ???? It can be many reasons, players had started into holiday mode ....... Cumnock were brilliant ...... Kilsyth had no great motivation whereas Cumnock had .......Cumnock had players available on Tuesday that weren't available on Saturday etc etc etc..... Possibly all of above were reasons It happened get over it On to Clydebank..... Always have a reasonable level of support , home and away They have had problems with injuries etc ( whether that should have been a bigger factor than it was on Saturday, I'm not sure) They have played well most of the season and can possibly count themselves unlucky they didn't finish top of the league It appears that they do unfortunately have a few supporters who like to do a lot of fishing on here and like having a pop at other clubs and/or posters on here, which probably explains why folk are quick to jump on them when things are said I've always found the Bankies fans to be noisy but in the main , good humoured even when folk like me ask them if they are staging the homeless World Cup etc !!!!!!! It's just the junior scene banter and wind ups
  12. Do I detect a conspiracy theorist lurking in the shadows In those 10 games in 3 weeks did your team or any of the others try to move any of the games, probably not as that amount of games over such a short period of time is a game every 2 to 3 days, so would have been difficult to move any inside that 3 week period so would have needed to move to out with the 3 week period Did your team ask to move any - almost certainly not , so don't get on your high horse when Kilsyth and Cumnock managed to do so If you read the post's it was evident that Cumnock made 2 significant changes - changed the defence ( due to injuries) and brought in the young striker( who hasn't been available for a few weeks) so keeping things tight at the back and freshening things up at the front is possibly Cumnock getting the pay off that the good football they have played all season Think others have hit the nail on the head , Cumnock have a lot to play for where as Kilsyth's season is all but over
  13. You'll need to speak to the fixtures man about that - Tuesday seemed to suit both Cumnock and Kilsyth - end of !!!!!!
  14. Well that's me told then!!!!!!. Worse for me is that, at the moment, I have to work on Tuesday and I am unlikely to get to the game However, the folk I have to see have cancelled on me before due to unexpected shift at work, so here's hoping !!!!!
  15. Really looking forward to a warm welcome on Tuesday as we are obviously not in the same league as Largs , who are obviously really nice chaps ...... Now
  16. To be fair Dipple , that was a pish reply It was a bit of the " my daddies harder than your daddie" stuff
  17. Stop sniffing yer maws drawers and try and make it easier for everybody to try and know what the feck your on about
  18. Lets give credit where it is due, Chris Strain had a good bit of banter etc with the Cumnock bench yesterday and ,although I personally didn't see it, I am reliably informed that he shook hands with all the Cumnock players and coaching staff at the end of the game. On reflection he got involved in stuff on Wednesday by the actions of another guy who was/is in the dugout, think he may be an assistant or a player who is injured, as he was the one who started all the shit on Wednesday and was at it again yesterday by arguing with a Nock fan who is, normally, the type who likes a laugh and not prone to being nasty with other fans/players
  19. A Wee whisper - it's just the persecution complex kicking in ------- check out the Cumnock v Talbot WOS Cup semi thread
  20. Think the clue is in the time of posting Think Beenzon has had a few hours since football ended to have many drinks or other substances which induce paranoia and/or persecution complexes
  21. Better than you........ But not a hard task to be fair
  22. Not sure if you are referring to me but if so, then my crime was to shout at the referee about one of his decisions I didn't agree with, which prompted Strain to tell me to "shut the f**k up" to which I advised him if he wanted me to shut up, then he should be the one to do so As I said earlier , I have no problem with a coach having a go at folk in the crowd as I don't believe people should be able to shout at them without them being able to have a go back as if it's good to give it out then you should be ready to take it back As far as not being allowed to speak in the house, you seem to be an authority on the subject, so I will bow to your knowledge As far as being a gobshite is concerned , I am not familiar with that description as my vocabulary is slightly more extensive than yours . However , I do know what a knuckle dragger is and that seems to fit you
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