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  1. Any signing news or rumours for the Rose yet? Not heard much!
  2. Mr Tee


    A team that wins things or signs good players immediately everyone else in amateur football starts with allegations of cash being involved or “backers”. [emoji42][emoji42][emoji42]
  3. Mr Tee


    Someone have the full LEAFA divisional set up for next season they can post?
  4. Has there been official SFA press release or comment on this whole licensing/promotion fiasco?
  5. Any truth in the rumour that there might be further announcement this coming week (Thursday) and that Rose may well go up? Might be rubbish before I get shot down!
  6. Mr Tee


    Restructured from top to bottom I believe e
  7. Mr Tee


    Exactly right, loads of options for players. Many would rather go and sit on the bench for Arniston or Easthouses rather than play amateur every week so they can feel better about themselves and pretend they have made it down George Street on Saturday nights.
  8. If ever a situation summed up the absolute shite standard of management and governance in the game in this country this is it. And absolute fucking shambles. Disgraceful.
  9. High feet, and foul to the Rose surely!?
  10. I feared that as well, and also the handball against McGachie on the half way line, I wondered if he would give a second yellow for that. I thought he was a very poor official. Btw - McGachie picking the ball up and punting it clean into the Forrest was comedy gold. I hope it’s on the highlights. Credit to the management for the changes - the front two that came on changed the game completely. Until then Broxburn won every header and cleared their lines every time, two subs changed that and started winning free kicks, corners and headers and held the ball up, they really unsettled the Broxburn defence especially McGachie. Completely changed the game. Horne could hardly walk for a long time and deserved a medal for getting through that game. Lewis Turner ran through 4 or 5 challenges late in the game from the right back area right into Broxburn half, absolutely brilliant determination. And then went from his own 18 yard box to the opposite box to score the third in injury time, incredible. That completely sums up the 2nd half from Bonnyrigg yesterday and as a team overall. Leaders all over the park. If you were asked to show an example of team spirit, desire, never say die attitude or winning against all odds yesterday was the best example you will ever see. Well done to them all [emoji257][emoji257][emoji257]
  11. Mr Tee


    Can Tranent realistically win it?
  12. I read it and thought maybe Ryan had maybe had a wee festive beverage! But I heard some guys chatting at the Roses game on Saturday who seemed to think it may end up with lawyers involved. Strange!
  13. What’s the score with the guy sending about 200 tweets to Musselburgh regarding an accusation of theft?!
  14. Good win today, was down watching with the wee man. First half missed a penalty, were really passive and a bit laboured but never troubled. Second half was men against boys and could have been more! Couple of the goals were top class build up and finishes. Stand outs for me were Kerr Young who strolls through games, Brett was class and McGachie who was unplayable 2nd half... but the boy Horne is like a Rolls Royce and everything he done was to a standard above everything on the park - class.
  15. The young laddie Doodey from Lauriston destroyed us a couple of weeks ago. Really good wee player.
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