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  1. That's a separate question.

    You asked what our currency would be.

    You've been repeatedly told it'll be the pound.

    You asked for a plan B and you've been repeatedly told that'll be the pound as well.

    Even Darling accepted it would be the pound tonight.

    Now you want to change the question to ask what kind of pound?

    That's fair enough but at least have the decency to acknowledge that your first question has been answered instead of trying to wrap two questions into one.

    We'll be using the pound.

    You'll have the answer to that second question after the 18 months of negotiation.

    I'm not trying to spin anything as I genuinely haven't seen where anyone from yes has clearly and unequivocally said that it would be the pound regardless. Please show me where it says that as actually that's all I'm trying to be clear on.

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