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  1. There is absolutely no reason or excuse for a country with the natural resources of Scotland(And indeed the UK) to have to have food banks in the first place. There has been massive mismanagement of the UK economy and there needs to be massive change to start fixing things. A yes vote is the only realistic way to have any kind of meaningful influence on things.

    I respect that view but it's probably where we differ. I think we can progress just as well as part of the UK.

  2. Not that it's any of your business, but I have contributed to local foodbanks on many, many occasions.

    An awful lot of No voters with the word "blue" in their usernames. Funny that.

    What's that got to do with it? I have blue in my username cause I'm a rangers fan.

    The correlation with this and how I will vote is lost on me. You were doing fine until you resorted to 12 year old debating as is too often prevalent on here these days.

  3. That's where our opinions differ. 1 in 5 kids in poverty, foodbanks, austerity, 4th most unequal country in the developed world and the biggest rich/ poor divide in Europe would seem to suggest otherwise.

    As the audience member put it last night, if we're Better Together, why aren't we already?

    And all these things will magically disappear in an independent country?

  4. To give clarity would mean announcing plan B, only an idiot does that in negotiations.

    And I understand that - but a lot of the electorate would like to know lots of whom are undecideds. At least you seem able to concede that he hasn't been clear on what plan B is as opposed to others who are so blinkered they think they heard something that they didn't last night.

  5. FFS. You are deliberately on the wind up.

    You are deliberately mixing two questions.

    I'm absolutely not. For me to be convinced it is clear he would have needed to say something like "we will be using the pound, I believe it is best that we do so in a currency union and that is what I will be arguing for. If the rest of the UK are silly enough to block it then we will use the pound out with a union. This means I have no plans to create a new currency or joint the euro "

    That would be clear enough for me to know exactly what to expect but I still can't find anyone on here that is able to show me where he has been completely clear on this.

  6. Were you even watching? I think it was pretty clear when he said "Nobody can stop us using the pound".

    No, they haven't. There has been no vote on the matter, all we have is rhetoric from the relevant leaders which is an unsustainable position in a post yes world though as it would cost rUK.

    Of course I was watching. No one can stop us using the pound is old news and is completely different from we will use the pound regardless. I suspect you know that but it doesn't suit to admit it.

    Re your second point - what vote is required ? Both labour and conservative have said it's not happening and as far as I can see they have the power to do this.

  7. He has, he's said the pound, it's either pegged to the pound sterling or it's part of the currency union.

    That is a contradiction. You expect implicitness from one side yet accept absolute refusal to discuss the matter on the other. That is unrealistic.

    When did he say it would be the pound full stop?

    Westminster have discussed it - they say there will be no currency union.

  8. Salmond explained pretty clearly what his position was. If he nominated a Plan B then Plan A would be vetoed, simple as that. Then he turned the question on Darling and he fucked it royally.

    No argument in the second part. Really surprised Darling wasn't prepared to be asked the question in reverse.

    Re the first point his plan A already has been vetoed so all folks like me are asking is to be clear what the currency will be and having watched it I really didn't see where he was clear.

  9. Does it? I'm guessing that you flittered in and out of conciousness and missed the point where he outlined other possibilities. Were you expecting him to say, "here is 3 different options #1, #2 and #3, and out of them we'd go with #2"? If so I think you are being unrealistic. The Westminster government has point blankly refused to discuss this matter in the slightest. No Plan B, but Plan A or any plan, they specifically won't enter into debate.

    Exactly my point. I think it is incumbent upon him to tell us which of the alternatives he would choose cause of he does not get a currency union which ever of those three is his next choice is precisely what we would get. How on earth is it unrealistic to ask what that is. As far as I can see westminster's only place would be to discuss a currency union and they seem to have been crystal clear in saying there won't be one. What else do they have to discuss on this matter ?

  10. Exactly. If orlandoblue wants definitive answers on the currency, he might as well be directing questions towards Better Together and their utter inability to explain their position, as representatives of Westminster, towards currency negotiation in the event of a Yes vote. It's not the Scottish government who are skipping round the issue any more, it's BT. And as well they might, because they got utterly humiliated tonight and that nasty little "mah baw and your no playin'" line of defence collapsed further than Darling's arse did.

    No, all I want him to do is tell me what his plans for the currency would be. I'll provide an example of what he 'might' say that would provide me all the answers I need.

    "I want us to use the pound in a currency union with the rest of the UK. The better together parties have rules this out which I think is ludicrous as they would burden their citizens with all the UK debt. If however they are so stupid as to do this then I will not be able to force a currency union and I would favour using the pound unilaterally or using the euro or a new Scottish currency" To me it is important that he is clear which one of these alternatives would be his choice as that would have the most chance of being our currency. As yet I haven't ever heard him prioritise any of these options.

  11. We will be using the pound. It's our pound just as much as it's the rUK.

    What part of that did you miss?

    I missed all of that. I heard AS saying that he would be arguing for what he thinks is best for Scotland ie the pound in a currency union. I didn't hear him say what his choice would be if that couldn't happen. The reason that is relevant is because the others involved in a currency union have ruled it out.

    If he categorically said that if he can't have a currency union we would use the pound unilaterally then yes, I completely missed him saying that.

  12. That's a separate question.

    You asked what our currency would be.

    You've been repeatedly told it'll be the pound.

    You asked for a plan B and you've been repeatedly told that'll be the pound as well.

    Even Darling accepted it would be the pound tonight.

    Now you want to change the question to ask what kind of pound?

    That's fair enough but at least have the decency to acknowledge that your first question has been answered instead of trying to wrap two questions into one.

    We'll be using the pound.

    You'll have the answer to that second question after the 18 months of negotiation.

    I'm not trying to spin anything as I genuinely haven't seen where anyone from yes has clearly and unequivocally said that it would be the pound regardless. Please show me where it says that as actually that's all I'm trying to be clear on.

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