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  1. Does anyone know exactly how this will work on Thursday night / Friday morning ?

    Will each local authority declare and we'll have a running total as we go or do they all declare to one place who then announce the over all result ?

    If the former the last are to declare could be pretty tense ????

  2. Martin Gilbert also told BBC Radio 5live that RBS plans to move to London in the event of a Yes vote "can't be a major surprise".

    "It is 82% owned by the UK government so it can't be a major surprise to anyone that it will relocate, but symbolically it's not a great thing," he added.

    "I've always said I'm not telling anyone the way I'm going to vote but what I have said is that I think Scotland will prosper either way the vote goes."

    What did he say about Standard life ?

  3. Why would anyone from either side that is relevant in Scottish politics debate with George Galloway?! He's an MP of Bradford and lives in England. Should Alistair Darling debate with Tommy Sheridan? Absolute nonsense that the attention seeker Galloway is trying to force his way into this referendum when he's a complete and utter irrelevance.

    I agree re his place on it but it is certainly amusing how such an 'irrelevance' has got them in a tizzy.

    I think the poster above is correct. Regardless of what you think of him he would be a potential banana skin for anyone debating him.

  4. Flip side is that the five live news said earlier that the CEO of Aberdeen Asset Management had said Scotland would prosper after a yes vote.

    What they didn't include was that they had just interviewed the man 5 minutes before and he said the country would prosper either way.

    Somehow this was filtered to just a yes vote for the news

  5. I've watched a few different news channels today and the coverage has not been as bad as I would have thought. It's generally been portrayed as a panic measure. That won't help the NO campaign.

    Which is credit to the yes campaign as they have pretty much dictated what line the media have went down reporting this. They branded it campaign panic and it's stuck.

  6. No, no elected tories ever. thats the point.

    The current UK Gov managed a whopping 3rd and 4th place finish in Scotland at the last General Election. Tories not even good enough for a bronze medal

    Surely that's incorrect. Lib Dems were second were they not ?

  7. Ok let's run through the options then shall we.

    Conservatives - Have laid out their stall for continued austerity and have no specific policies to address the points I raised.

    Labour - They plan to continue Tory austerity and similarly, have no desire to address foodbanks or poverty.

    Er, that's it...

    But there's every chance of a labour government in an independent Scotland

  8. Which Westminster party do you see progressing us in this fashion? Genuine question.

    Sigh. As many of my fellow intelligent Yes voters have alluded to, as leader of the SNP and therefore leader of the SG, Alex Salmond will lead a cross-party negotiation team.

    Well they would all lay claim to be doing their bit for social justice and each government will have stats to back that up. The current coalition will tell you all the good they have done for the country (cutting income tax for 25 million as an example). Problem is these things are always lost when compared with the negatives such as the ill thought out bedroom tax. This is only the current government though and as you are aware there is a general election just round the corner. Remember a yes is for independence but that doesn't mean you won't have a labour government or coalition in Scotland who may adopt similar policies to rUk

  9. Biggest mistake from AD last night in my view was allowing the first

    Minister to promulgate the story about No eventually conceding that they can't stop yes using the pound. This has never been in doubt but it is being spun today as if it is a new revalation and don't worry about the currency cause even the no camp are now telling us it's fine.

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