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  1. Its an amazing place and well worth a visit particularly if you can go outside school holidays. There's a supermarket in the village centre but best to get some stuff and take it with you as eating out every meal will cost you. Bikes are a must IMO as it easily allows you to see the whole site.

    Craig Brown was there one of the times I was.

  2. Letting himself down now IMO by claiming the voters have been tricked. How is that so?

    Also, according to this board only 180,000 people made their mind up in the last week after the vow was made which would have had no impact on the final result.

  3. Do you remember the 1997 referendum?

    There were man y companies came out and predicted doom then too. They lied - for political reasons.

    f**k them.

    Edited to ask - did you vote in that referendum? I've met two folk on here that would get rid of the parliament even today...

    Yes I remember it and yes I voted

  4. They are entitled to say what they like just as I am entitled to choose whether to use them or not.

    Absolutely but my guess is that you would stop using them cause you either think they lied or were opposing your view ?

  5. Ah, the 2 Month Boycott Thread.

    That said, what are the actual laws regarding folk checking your TV licence? I'm sure I saw a thread on it ages ago with folk saying "they can't do f*** all unless you invite them in" but trusting word of mouth / finger? on a football forum isn't a confidence filler. Any solid evidence?

    Type in BBC license goons to youtube and you'll see.

  6. The pathetic thing is that companies tried to influence the vote using various threats. The fact that I can choose not to use them is, as I said, cathartic.

    Why should they not have made statements on what they thought ?

    Would companies saying independence would be good for them have been wrong to do so ?

  7. Our democratic right to choose to use whatever services we want. I hope every single no voter is by some twist of fate hit harder with the impending cuts than yes voters.

    Yes, but you are exercising that right based on how a particular service opined on the referendum. That too me seems rather churlish.

  8. Am I reading this correctly? Democracy was in action on Thursday and those that didn't win are actively trying to injure those on the other side?

    Pathetic. Grow up, continue the debate (which has been captivating) and lay out the arguments better next time.

  9. This IMO was a big thing and the lack of clarity was what put a lot of people off.

    To me it was as simple as him saying if there was no currency union would he have then favoured using the pound unilaterally, adopting the euro or having our own currency. Which ever of these three it was would then have been pretty much what we would have got in the event there was no currency union. The public would then have been able to form a view on whether they liked that option or not. He had the ability to narrow it down to two options but left us wondering about four.

  10. For me, the reason No won is for a few reasons.

    We have one section of No voters who may have loosely looked into the facts and decided to vote No. IMO, they didn't look into the facts deeply enough.

    Then we have the shiters. Scared into a No vote by the MSM.

    Finally, we have the section of No voters who made their minds up, did not engage and would not have entertained any information regardless of how good the arguement was. In this group you'll find English people (not all but a sizeable majority who, for good or ill thought they'd be betraying their homeland), the elderly and Therangers fans.

    Can't help yourself ????. I know several bears who voted yes.

  11. I'm still very much of the opinion that there is a clear divide between Yes and No voters.

    Yes voters investigate FULLY all of the facts. Not just what the MSM or the BBC told them. They attended events, watched videos, read up fully information from both sides and then made a choice. And the second difference is that, by and large, Yes voters didn't vote for personal gain. For the main, a Yes vote was one for Scotland as a whole and for the betterment of the country.

    From what I've seen a No vote has been a vote of self preservation. And there's nothing wrong with that to an extent, but it was a vote swayed by the scare stories of the MSM and the British establishment. A quick google could have confirmed that pensions would have been safe in an iScotland, that shopping at Tesco would not have been dearer in an iScotland and that RBS did not, in fact, plan to move jobs down south in the event of an iScotland. It all boils down to whether you want to inform and empower yourself or whether you're happy to have others drip feed information to you.

    That, IN MY OPINION, of course, is the difference between Yes and No.


    Zero facts to back this opinion up

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